Home? (Chapter 9)

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Chapter 9

Home? (Chapter 9)

"What is it?" His superior looks at him while the individual bends down to determine the cause of his disruption. I'm silent, and my body, knowingly of the situation, begins to sweat intensively to the point where a puddle is almost forming. While my hands are shaking, I switch positions so that it becomes even harder for them to spot me. I then notice his helmet which is beside him. While both men are distracted with a banal conversation about what could have hit his foot, I grab the helmet quickly and place it facing the chair, so that when they look down, the first object they are able to see is said headpiece.

"It was just my helmet." The invigilator picks it up and shakes it, as though he's expecting something to be inside of it. Nothing happens so he shrugs and forces a laugh to ease his chief from the fact that he has wasted a few unnecessary minutes of his time. His superior though does not sound pleased. They begin to talk about some strange "projects" and it soon seems that the sole reason for their meeting is a plan which appears to be taking place soon.

"Right... so I talked to Lieutenant 7855 and she said it must follow immediate action. We cannot let them counteract us."

"I agree with her. You should also mention that we need to eliminate those who plan to establish some form of order. It completely breaks the whole purpose of the plan. The guardians are important but no so less than the original project." The chief pauses and in a somewhat quieter tone adds, "We've allowed them to live and look what they do in return. Shatter everything we've worked for into pieces." I can almost see him bringing his hand onto his forehead in dismay. I wonder what they are referring to.

"I've looked at the plans, my general. It's tough to get in there and a little bit risky. The best way to reach our objective is through here." It seems as though he is pointing some direction on a map. I do not hear any more words been spoken but I can feel the older man nodding in approval.

"Good job, soldier," he says after a long pause. "Now, get back to that idiot. What's his name?"


"No! I mean his actual name."

"It's Max, or so he said."

My attention is suddenly stronger than ever before. I lean forward to hear better and not miss any important detail. After some silence is reintroduced into the room, the younger one breaks it, adding:

"He's being deployed."


The soldier grabs his helmet without pausing too much when looking below him. It's fortunate he has not noticed me. He then leaves the room and salutes his general with great respect. As he is about to leave the room he turns around, with a wide smile that is more uneasy than calming and says:

"I forgot to mention... where should I take my guest?"

The man then bends down and draws an even bigger smile than his counterpart.

"Oh, yes. Take her to deployment. I know she was meant to be there right now".

I scream and I see some strong, virile hands stretching towards me. That's the last thing I remember before I wake up in a room filled with young adults, all into strange cylinders. I instantly remember Max and our exploring, just a few weeks ago. I want to ask the question out loud, even if there is no one around to answer me but I cannot form a single word. I can barely blink since my eyes keep closing, as if they do not wish to retain any images relating to this dangerous and strange place. I feel someone approaching my inanimate body and a few seconds later, a short yet thin woman is standing next to me with a large syringe. I can only stare into her grey, cold eyes, watching me as the pointed edge of the needle is introduced into my arm, the liquid rushing through my veins causing me to fall asleep. She does not speak and the last thing I hear is my heartbeat slowing down, almost drawing onto a halt, falling into a deep sleep...

I open my eyes again and this time I'm alert. I'm still in the same place, inside the same room. One of the cylinders however is open, ready to devour me. Its blue light is almost a warning. "Get out!" I can move, yet I'm tied up to my stretcher, unable to move. I want to scream and call attention to my tense and nervous self, though that wouldn't be a good idea. I look around, trying to find a weapon to defend myself with or to free my body from this torture, yet I'm in chains. Only a key can save me. Will they take them off me once they insert me inside? If so, it could be my sole escape. I patiently wait, quiet, unsettled and in complete unease. When will they come? My question is soon answered, as some pounding from a far away hall renders me back into reality and warns me that somebody will soon be coming here. I hear screams which personify absolute despair. They soon seize and a man walks in, followed by the same cold-blooded gaze of the nurse. They both speak somewhat quietly, afraid to wake me up before it's scheduled. That's when I realise that the sedative has not worked well on my body and I begin to wonder why. When am I meant to wake up? I don't know and so I lay there, with my eyes closed for a long while, until I notice their impatience is rising, meaning it is time for me to put my plan into action. I slowly open my eyelids again, leaving my blue iris to scan the room once more. I see them move towards me and the lady grabs my head pointing at it with a small flashlight.

"She's ready." Her voice is as stiff as her body. Her face represents no emotions or signs of guilt. I wonder how they train them so efficiently to alienate themselves from everyone else's emotions.

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