Hole on the Moon

There's a mystery you don't know.

Hole on the Moon

There are many unsolved mysteries in human history—the formation and rupture of prehistoric civilization, the occurrence of floods, the simultaneous rise of 10 suns, and the disappearance of the Sun are all related to the Moon.

About 15,000 years ago, an alien spaceship from the depths of the universe, the Moon spaceship, suddenly turned a corner, sailed into the solar system, and landed in near-Earth orbit, suspended over Northwest China. It's so low that you can touch it with paving the toes. The legendary "God" came to the Earth.

There is an old legend in the Yao nationality area of Southwest China. In ancient times, there were only the Sun and stars in the sky, but the Moon could not be seen. When night came, the Earth was shrouded in fear. One night, something like a hot, angular mountain suddenly appeared in the sky, it is neither round nor square, like a huge stone, radiating a poisonous heat. The legend of the Yao people tells us the origin of the Moon. The Moon suddenly appeared over the Earth one day. At that time, there were already human beings.

The Moon Mining Base, 2099 A.D.

In those days, humans had invented efficient ways to use helium-3 energy on the Moon. Lunar Union Mining Corporation, responsible for excavating and transporting Helium-3 mine from the Moon to Earth. The mining area was busy, with huge mine trucks laden with ore, one by one, running back and forth in the pits and transportation center. The mine truck was flat and wide, and the two track wheels were wide and long, with huge nails on the track, go deep into the ground of the Moon. Because the mining area is on the back of the Moon, so the mine trucks are on the headlights. From a distance, there are two bright long dragons between the pit and the base, which are very spectacular.

In the mine pit, dozens of mine drilling rigs are in busy operation. These drills are scattered over the cliffs and bottom of the pit, they use drills to break up ores, then the crushed ore is sucked into a specially designed conveyor pipe by a huge suction device mounted on the top of the drill bit. The other end of these conveyor pipes is connected to the sealed carriage of the mine truck parked at the top of the pit. When the car is full of ore, the drilling rig stops working, the transmission pipe is detached from the mine truck, then connected to the next empty car, and then continues drilling, Once and again. The suction device on the drill bit is actually a gas thrust box. The drill bit is wrapped in a spherical collector to ensure that the ore fragments do not fly outside. Then, through a gas generator in the collector, the ore is blown into the conveyor pipe. In this way, the ore falls into the conveyor belt running in the pipeline and transmitted from one end of the pipe to the other.

In one of the drilling rigs, Dell hummed and operated the machine. He seemed in a good mood. He was an old worker. Since the United Mining Company started mining on the Moon, he had worked here, not because he liked to stay here, but because his salary here was several times higher than that on Earth. He has to feed his family.

Suddenly, with the vibration of the drilling rig, he saw a big crack on the ground in front of him, and then began to crack around him. The drill rig’s support foot that holding on firmly to the ground was unstable, the cab was shaking. Dell immediately operated the machine to release the support foot, turn on the flight engine, and let the drilling rig suspend in the air. In the distance, he saw several drilling rigs falling down with the collapsed ground, but later, they flew up again, thanks to the flight engine.

“What's going on? How are you all?” Sounds coming from earphones.

“Fine. What the hell is going on here? Mining on the Moon can also collapse?!” Dell felt it’s incredible. He saw it in front of him and, oh, no, it should be under his buttocks, a hole nearly two kilometers in diameter, bottomless, no one knows what's below.

“Confirmed that no one is missing, all man in the mining area, return to base,” the Moon Mining Base issued an order. Dell looked down at the hole and made a return gesture to the workmate of another machine, controlling the drill to fly to the base.

Half a month later, five people arrived at the Moon Mining Base. They were biologist Rio, archaeologist Moly, mechanical engineer Francis, security guard colonel Myles and me—computer scientist Jack. By the way, Moly and I were a couple.

“Why there’s nobody in the base?” Moly questioned.

“Yeah, no one welcomed us. Anyway, we are the investigation team sent by the United Nations, they don’t want to get back to work earlier?” Rio quipped.

“They can't start work until the problem is clear. Since they are not in a hurry, we are not in a hurry, are we?” I smiled at Francis. In my opinion, Francis, as a mechanic, has the most consistent views and the most humorous connotation with me among the five people.

“That's right, I say...” While Francis was about to continue, he was interrupted by Colonel Myles.

“Hey, guys, stop chatting, check your equipment, put on your spacesuit, and prepare to get on board. In addition, let me tell you why there is no one here. This is a top secret operation. On the Moon, no sixth person knows about it except us.” Colonel Myles picked up a big machine gun, inspected the ammunition, twisted his thick neck, and then said, “Also, this base can be self-managed.”

“Hey, big man, how do you know that? I mean top secret mission, we don't know this,” Francis asked, and the others nodded.

“First of all, I am the security guard for this operation. I have the right to know about this, including each of you. Secondly, my rank is higher than yours. Also, call me colonel next time.” Myles looked at Francis and pointed to his rank tag.

We said nothing more, each stared speechless at the other, put on space suits and boarded the ground shuttle.

The shuttle was suspended above the surface and flew to the deep hole.

On the shuttle, Moly whispered in my ear that she didn't think Myles was a good person. I asked her why, and she said this was intuition, because most of the security guards in those movies and TV shows were bad guys. I said that she was imagining again. Maybe it was because of her nervousness, besides, she watched too many TV dramas in normal life. But Moly did look nervous. Every time she goes out for space mission, she's nervous.

Soon the shuttle reached the edge of the pit and began to fly down the cliff. Everyone on board was wearing seat belts, but I felt I was still gasping for breath by the belts. The head lamp of the shuttle couldn’t shine at the end of the hole. It can only illuminate the distance of two or three hundred meters in front of us. In the distance, it's still dark.

After flew for hours like this, everyone was silent except Francis, who told some cold jokes in an attempt to relieve the pressure, because except the jokes which only made himself laugh, nobody knew what would happen next kilometer. It’s just like a long night but cannot waiting for the dawn.

“Look, the Matter Detector is responding!” I reminded that the ship’s detector showed that there was a huge metal object coming to us.

We slowed down the ship, turned on all the searchlights on the shuttle, and proceeded cautiously. Slowly, we saw an object like a propeller blade in front of us. As we approached, we saw more and more blades, one, two, three… like the fan blades of a human aero engine, they were arranged in an orderly fashion. We got off the shuttle a few dozen meters away from the blades, stood at the foot of the blade, looked up along the lights of the searchlights on the shuttle, and dimly saw the blades connected by a rotating shaft, five or six hundred meters above our heads.

“Well, it looks like an engine fan, right?" Francis talked to himself.

“Are you sure? How do you know it's an engine?” Rio, who spoke very little, asked Francis.

“I'm sure, with experience.” Francis went on to say, "I think we're at the engine nozzle, and the metal objects in front of us are the engine's fan blades." He pointed to them.

“You say it's an engine? Such a huge engine? What is it used for?” Moly's question reminded everyone.

After a moment of silence, we said the same words, “You mean, the Moon is a spaceship?!”

“Oh, no, no, no, no, that's impossible. How do you know that your experience is right?” Rio asked Francis.

“No one can guarantee until the speculation is proven, but I can give an almost correct answer, and I think there must be more than one engine like this. We are the best experts on Earth, aren't we?” Francis looked at us.

I saw Moly nodding her head in her helmet, lovely girl, I thought.

Francis said, "In fact, I worked as an intern in Area 51 when I was a student. I’d seen several kinds of alien spaceships there. Their propulsion systems were far less advanced than we thought. Such turbofan-pulse power system was generally used in larger spacecraft and low speed requirement. For us humans, what we want to know is what methods of interstellar travel these alien civilizations have mastered.”

“So the rumors of Area 51 are true,” I said.

“Not entirely.” He smiled mysteriously.

“Well, let's not guess. Let's go in and have a look.” Myles picked up his big gun and got in through the gap between the blades. We followed him, passing through the narrow gap carefully.

After went through the blades, it was clear and there was nothing in front of us. We walked forward, found that the soles of our feet were treading on metal floors, Headlights shone on it, reflecting a bit dazzling.

"I think we're inside the engine and we're walking on the inner wall now," Francis said, confidently.

“The question is how do we get inside the ship?” I asked him.

“There is an old saying in China that the cart will find its way round the hill when it gets there—things will eventually sort themselves out. So it will find a way.” Francis is a little old man in his fifties, blond hair and blue eyes, taught at MIT all his life, he's very excited about this kind of space mission.

“Ha-ha, professor, you should teach Chinese history,” Moly joked.

Moly was my junior sister apprentice. We all graduated from Princeton University. I was in the Department of Computer Science and she was in the Department of Archaeology. After graduation, we both entered NASA and have been there ever since. As for Rio, the unspoken young man, who was English, majored in biology at Cambridge University, He was a contract worker at NASA, this is the first time he had followed us on an investigation mission. And the somewhat annoying colonel, I didn't know much more about him but I heard he was a special forces officer. Anyway, in our perspective, he was a muscular fellow.

After ten minutes of walking, Francis found an opportunity to enter the interior of the spacecraft. It was a tunnel with an opening in the engine's inner wall. Francis said it should be a maintenance tunnel that theoretically reaches the inside of the spacecraft. Given that his previous judgement was correct, we doubtless believed him this time and followed him into the tunnel. This tunnel was not very spacious. I have to bow my head a little bit as I'm 1.8 meters tall, and Myles, who was 1.9 meters tall, often touched his head.

“I don't think the aliens in this spaceship are very tall.” Rio rarely gave his opinion.

“I think so too, and you may see them soon.” Colonel Myles, who was suffer unspeakably by knocking the head, pulled the bolt and loaded the bullet.

At last, we came to the other end of the tunnel. In front of it was a sealed hatch door. The colonel told us to follow him, ensuring our safety. If anything went wrong, he could use a big gun to fix it. I turned to my wife and said, "Look, he's not bad. He's very responsible."

The colonel pressed the button next to the hatch door. The door was still. Francis stepped forward and looked at the button carefully. Rotated it, the door opened. The door was covered with a thin film, like a soap bubble, which separated the inside from the outside. The colonel tried it with the gun and could pass through it.

There was silence and darkness inside. Lighting by the headlights, we walked cautiously for fear of startled the sleeping lion. Suddenly, there was a strange noise, and we were all shocked. The colonel's gun opened fire. The bullets hit the walls around him. Sparks spattered everywhere, and rubble fell from the ceiling. A moment later, after we revived, heard a voice from Rio, who was at the end of the line, saying, “Sorry, I fell down just now.” Sigh, what else can I say?

“Hey, the environmental detector has data. There's air here, eighty percent helium and twenty percent oxygen,” Moly looked at the instrument screen on her arm and said to us.

“It has oxygen, but not suitable for direct breathing, still needs helmet,” I reminded them.

We walked along the passage, the walls of which were covered with metal, like artificially excavated tunnels. We found a door on the right and went in. We were shocked by what we saw. The space is as large as ten football fields, filled with countless metal shelves, each of which is neatly arranged with transparent cans containing biological embryos that are like baby hippocampus. It was like a huge storage room with tens of millions of such embryo cans.

“Look, it's a perfect work of art. What a wonderful bottle. This is the first time I've seen transparent metallic glass.” Francis touched the can with his fingertips. He was deeply attracted by it.

“Jack, if my judgement is correct, it's a colonial ship.” Rio crouched in front of the metal shelf and looked carefully at the creatures in the can.

“You mean the Moon is an alien colonial spaceship?” I asked.

“Absolutely right.”

“The question is it colonize to whom? To the Earth?” Moly’s question was always on the key point.

“As things stand, this explains why the Moon is beside the Earth. You can continue to look elsewhere. I'll stay here and do some research.” Rio volunteered to stay here.

“Okay, Moly, colonel, let's move on, Francis, you stay here to assist Rio,” I said to them.

The three of us walked forward for a while and found a smaller room, which looked like a control room, with a console, seats, various buttons on the console, the room was also empty without a person, dead silence. I went to a seat in the middle of the console and sat down. The back of the chair automatically wrapped you up, then rose, and then moved forward to the console. It was very ceremonial. I looked into the control panel. There was a red circular button, I pressed it, the system booted up, the room suddenly lighted up with colorful lights, the console expanded to both sides, in front of us appeared a holographic imaging device, began to play the image video. We saw two thin, hippocampal-shaped aliens (estimated to be about a meter tall, hands were longer than legs) in the image carrying a can out of the embryo storage room. There seemed to be a quarrel between them. One of them grabbed the can from the other hand and hit it on the ground. It seemed that something liquid was leaking out of the can. Suddenly, the alien looked very painful and felled to the ground. Then there was a chaotic scene in the ship, as if they were all running for their lives.

“It looks like a spacecraft log, which records the last historical image before system shutdown,” I said to Moly and Colonel Myles.

“Yes, this image is crucial enough to explain what happened here and why the crew disappeared,” Moly's analysis makes sense.

“Scholars, you continue to study here. I'll go around and see what's going on.” Colonel Myles took his big gun and went out.

“Moly, do you find that this civilized race uses visual image language?” I asked my wife.


“Look at these consoles, and the whole ship, there is not a single word, even a symbol, and the image logs just played, only images, but no words.” I operated the buttons on the console to play other images in the system. The console was easy to operate and was designed like a TV remote control for home use.

“Go on.”

“We humans mainly rely on language to communicate, and even consider that language is the only thinking tool, but in fact, more than sixty percent of information is obtained by vision. Visual images are faster, more intuitive and more expressive than written languages. The greatest advantage of visual images is that most of the shapes they are used to reproduce are two-dimensional and three-dimensional, that is, planar and stereoscopic, which is much better than one-dimensional, linear language media. This multi-dimensional space not only provides a perfect thinking model for certain physical objects or events, but also reproduces the dimensions needed for theoretical reasoning in an isomorphic way. So what our traditional language does is provide a linear expression, a linear arrangement of graphics or visual images. However, Nature associates species in a network structure rather than a straight line. Compared with language and words, only images can cross time and space, break through the boundaries of race and culture, and achieve the longest and widest effective transmission. Therefore, its sensibility is much better than language and words.”

“Your conclusion is?” Moly looked at me in a daze.

“The conclusion is that their visual image language is a higher level language.”

“Colonial spaceship... embryo pot... image log... a higher level civilized race. Jack, I feel that they came with an evil intent.”

While Moly and I were busy analyzing, there was a scream from the earphone, Rio's voice, and then Francis's voice, “He...he mutated... he... he... my God!”

“Go storeroom, something happened there,” I said to Moly.

When we got there, we saw Myles crouching beside Rio. Francis stood there, frightened, motionless, and said, “He's gone... gone...”

Moly and I walked over and saw that Rio's spacesuit was empty, with two spacesuit gloves and an embryo can beside it.

“Where is Rio?” I asked.

“He's turned into a pool of liquid. It looks like he took off his gloves to get the embryo can. As for how he disappeared, I think that only Francis knows, but now he...” Myles looked at Francis and shook his head helplessly.

“I think we have to be careful. It seems that there’s dangerous thing in the spacecraft,” I warned the others, then with Moly, helped Francis out of the room. On the way Moly told me in the private communication channel that she thought it was done by the colonel, and I began to doubt him too, but I didn't think it was that simple.

We put Francis in a corner. He was so frightened that colonel Myles came up and took out a drug from the suit, and said to Francis, “Eat it and you'll calm down, come on, I'll help you take off the helmet and hold your breath while you sucking.”

“What is it?” I asked him.

“Tranquilizers, specially prepared for you guys. This is the cruel reality, you can’t learn it from ivory towers.” In the colonel’s view, we were like children who has scanty experience of life.

“Okay, now I'm going to the control room with Moly to get the video recorder. We recorded the image data, we just left it there, you two wait here for a moment.”

As we got the video recorder ready to return, we heard Francis screaming and colonel's roaring, and the sound of machine gun firing.

“Bastard, devil, come out! I see you!”

We rushed out and saw the captain standing there with his gun, a bunch of bullet casings on the ground. Francis also disappeared, only one spacesuit left there.

“Retreat, I saw that thing, it’s a liquid creature, it will fall on you, and then let you mutate, turn into a monster, and finally become a pool of liquid.” Colonel Myles told us to go first, he brought up the rear. He reloaded a full magazine.

Moly and I trotted back all the way to the maintenance tunnel. Suddenly, I felt a heavy blow on my right knee and I knelt on the ground in pain.

“Myles, what are you doing?!” I heard Moly shouted.

I saw colonel Myles standing five meters ahead of us, holding the video recorder that snatched from Moly, proudly saying, “Well... well, two high-IQ doctors, I'm sorry, you can only stay here.”

“I knew you were not a good man, bastard!” Moly helped me up and said angrily.

“Yes, with your IQ, lady, you should know. But I think what you don’t know is, except your recorder, and this one.” The colonel showed the embryo can from his military spacesuit pocket. “You don't know I've got this, ha-ha!”

“My God, what do you want to do? You can't take any alien creatures out! Rio and Francis are dead! God knows what's going on here!” Moly was losing control. I can feel her body shaking.

“Can't you guess what I want to do? Do you know what this means? Recorder, alien embryos, it means I don’t have to be a poor mercenary anymore. Think about aliens that can survive in helium gas and use their genes to make soldiers who don’t fear helium nuclear weapons. At that time, I will be the strongest man!” Myles's tone suddenly became fierce.

“No, colonel, things are not as good as you wish,” Moly cried.

I saw a metal stone at my feet, which was left by the colonel’s shooting when we came in.

“And, let me tell you, there is a monster that only eating living things here, don't let it smell you. Goodbye!” Myles pointed his gun at us, “Do not move,” turned around, and left.

“Wait!” I shouted, Myles paused, and I threw the metal stone at him, it hit him accurately on his helmet mask.

His glass mask cracked and oxygen leaked out. I saw him covered the crack with his hands and ran in the direction of Francis. He wanted to get Francis’s helmet!

“Let's go,” I told Moly. At a critical moment, as an amateur baseball pitcher, my skills saved our lives.

Moly helped me to the maintenance tunnel, and I picked up the video recorder and gun that Myles had dropped. Just as we reached the door, there was a scream behind us. We turned around and saw the colonel was fifty meters behind us, kneeling on his knees and holding a helmet in his hand. The whole person was twisted and distorted, his face was grim, and he was mutated.

Moly and I opened the hatch door quickly, entered the tunnel, closed the door, and smashed the switch with the gunstock. Yes, don't let anything out!

When we arrived at the shuttle, I took out the video recorder and said to Moly, “This.” Then I put it on the ground and crushed it with my feet. Moly was looking at me with a surprised expression on her face.

On the shuttle, Moly and I hugged each other tightly, kissed hardly.

On the way back to Earth, Moly asked me why I destroyed the video recorder. I said to her, I finally understood why life on Earth is always prosperous, because when one civilization encounters another civilization, what they think of is salvation, is hope.

One week later, we submitted our report to the mission committee, the conclusion was:

Three team members died in an accident.

No valuable clues were found.

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