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Higher Mortality Vs Sound Wise Tactical Logic.

by Ross E Fortune Lombardi 2 months ago in opinion

It is either Moral OR Wise?! Never both!


Higher Mortality Vs Sound Wise Tactical Logic.


The paradox of Tolerance by the philosopher Karl Popper suggested that we need to act with intolerance of all the intolerant,

To stop the rise of the far-right or left.


By tolerating the expression of extremist views we allow social movements such as the Nazis

To gain enough power to silence everyone else.


Sewing up the lips or such groups is simply Ideological pre-emptive self-defence

Kill or be killed

Silence or be silenced


We need to censor extremist hate groups to protect wider society.

This is the Sound Wise Tactical Logic viewpoint




Well, Tactically he is right,


Morally he is also wrong!


Unfortunately, mortality has NEVER been the same as sound tactics.


Censorship of any kind IS morally wrong

Just, as to a much greater degree, murder is, obviously, morally wrong

For what else is censorship than the murder of ideas?


The Nazis were never going to be defeated by witty memes and flowers

They have to be defeated using bullets and bombs.

They had to be killed.

Many feeling human beings with both love's and worlds within them were turned into mere meat.

Some might say, that no mortal man has the divine right, to make any form of human killing, legal.

Some might say that even government-sanctioned wars and executions are still murder in the eyes of any higher divine powers.



The sad reality is

That "Good" IS impotent against "Evil"

In reality, only equal or greater "Evil" can defeat "Evil"

While the fantasy of “Good” ever defeating “Evil” is but a fairy tale for small children.



We are left with a choice of only two options.

A moral dilemma.

Murder or be complicit in the immoral murder of ideas via censorship,

Use sound and wise yet immoral tactics to stamp poisonous hate ideologies out?


Be good and moral and allow all free speech,

Knowing full well what the dire conquests will then be,

As our moral strength and fortitude are seen as weakness by the forces of "Evil"?


And by “dire consequences” I do not mean as a mere airy-fairy ideal

I mean really look into the eyes of photos of starving holocaust children too broken inside to cry.

Try in vain to comprehend and really deep core feel what you are allowing, by not supporting anti-fascist censorship.



It is either

Be Moral OR the evils of censorship for the "Greater Good"?! Not both!

Moral OR Wise? Never both!

As a species, we must choose one

We cannot collectively do both


The consequences of supporting free speech will be horrendous.

History will repeat itself, yet again, in one form or another.

That is simply what we all are.

Nothing better!

If humanity were ever going to learn to love and accept each other they would have done it by now.

Unfortunately, because we are all deep down in our core, each of us having a ball of poisonous rancid puss where a soul should be, such a dream can never happen.

Sure the labels and half-arse excuses will change but the hate actions and feelings will remain exactly the same.

Our species is innately, unalterably, forever shit!




I choose morality over the wisdom of societies survival

I chose to say “NO” to actions such as “cancel culture” and to defend the rights of the very people I hate and loath to speak out and share their vile views.

Yes, it is a stupid illogical stance to take, but it remains the only truly Moral stance to take.

That old, overused adage attributed to a follower of Voltaire,

"I disapprove of what you say,”

“But I will defend to the death your right to say it"

Still stands firm.


Higher mortality, in my view, is far more important than deafening and stopping “evil”.

Higher mortality stands outside of any single person's human experience and suffering.

Higher mortality spits in the face of a mere mortal man's law.

Higher mortality always said slavery and wife-beating were wrong while the history of mankind ratified such things as perfectly legal, many times, over hundreds of years, in many cultures.

Man's pale legal written morality is just a passing fashion, a system for sustaining the status quo.

Higher mortality is forever and is found in the rage of a child upon their very first taste and questioning of injustice.

While a parent beaten down by life tells that same child

“That’s just the way it is”

“Things will never change”

<All due Kudos to Billy Joel>


I say loudly and proudly

“Freedom of speech for only some”

“Is freedom of speech for none”


And I try and take responsibility for this stance by trying to keep in mind what will happen IF I am ever listened to.

I court the nightmares of what will happen and try not to blank out the future screams of the innocent that will echo from distorted in terror faces.

I owe them at least, that much.



But then again…

(Offered as full disclosure, to be justly fair to yourselves, before you are swayed by my argument)

I AM often seen as a total, unstable, “Crazy Nut Job”



Ross E Fortune Lombardi

Writer. Gamer, Goth

A (Constantly Failing To Be Funny) satirist!

[email protected]

Mutare non est meum

Cantus moriar



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Ross E Fortune Lombardi
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