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Hidden Meanings

Chapter 1-2

Hidden Meanings
Characters Introduced in these chapters!


Zarkar, home of the Universe Clan. A nice, beautiful, and powerful planet! Being known as the strongest in the galaxies, they fear no one! But many fear them for their powerful King, who’s known to wipe any clan that opposes theirs. But there’s far more lurking behind the shadows and many types of people through the universe that hold their own PTP. In other words “Personal Total Power” First, you have humans. Known for being weak but keep planets alive by their day to day routines. These people are common on most planets. Then you have superhumans. These are humans that can gain power through training. Where an average human can reach a maximum of 500 PTP, a superhuman can reach far beyond that. These are usually the people in battle teams, and war fronts. Then you have watchmen. These people are capable of reading how strong or how weak a person is. Next, you have power jumpers. Known for their deceiving power. They have the skill to control how much power they come off as. Which could make it hard for watchmen to get a good reading. Now, you have mages. These people can be extremely dangerous because they have the power to craft skills. Kings and leaders became jealous of the power mages can give away and set out an order to have all mages killed off hundreds of years ago. So less than 1 percent is still throughout the universe. Finally, you have NightFallers once known as peacekeepers. But given their new name because years ago, at the breaking of dawn there was a battle of peace and war. You had some peacekeepers who felt used for their abilities and believed they should fight only for each other, leaving the rest to fin for themselves. They were led by Sir. Anzu. Then you had the peacekeepers led by Sir Jonah who fought for all, believing that they were the ones holding people together. The war lasted for 20 years. In the end, Sir. Anzu’s side came out victorious with the killing of Sir. Jonah. Because of this many despised all peacekeepers giving them their new name as nightfallers. All hope was lost for everyone who was not a peacekeeper and without the protection of them. Those who trained the hardest strived and those who didn’t have any chance of protection. Until one-day battle teams were created to keep peace throughout the galaxies. Every planet has its own. Some strive for greatness and peace. While others seek war and control over others. But here it’s different, You’ll grow to love everyone and there’s a smile on every face. Welcome to Zakar!

Chapter 1- Peaceful Kingdom

“Akio!” Meshi yell’s from the bathroom. Shon continues to lay in bed. “Akio! If I have to call you one more time. I’m…. I’m gonna hurt you!”. Akio giggles to himself. And continues to rest. BOOM! Meshi breaks into his room, grabs his ankle, and drags him out of the bed. “Oww!” Shon said in pain. “It’s not funny now is it! Now get that sword out of the bathroom! This isn’t a battlefront!” Meshi said with rage. Shon jumped up and started looking all around his room. “What are you doing?” Meshi asked. “Uhh, I could have sworn I put it up on my wall?” he said with disbelief. Meshi just dropped her head. “Huu, yall warriors do get dumber and dumber by the day.” Then she walked out. “Hey! No, we don’t. We… we still do math and stuff!” Shon yelled. You could hear Meshi laughing as she continued to walk away. “Don’t forget we still need food for dinner today!” Meshi yelled down the hallway. “That’s your job! Plus I got a meeting soon!” Shon yelled back. You could hear Meshi start laughing again. “Look at the time. Don’t look like you got a meeting no time soon to me. I left some zings on the table. See you soon!” And then the door shut. Shon looked at the time. It was 6 am! She woke him up at the time she had work. “I really don’t like her.” Shon thought to himself. Shon moved his sword back to his room, got dressed, and went into the kitchen. On the table, he found a note:

(*hey, glad you're awake. You probably noticed I didn’t leave any zings for you :).*)

Shon looked up and noticed there was nothing else on the table.

(*and if you didn’t, I’m sure you just noticed. I know you get paid very well in the battle team. And I’m getting tired of having to buy everything. So be a good brother and please buy the groceries. Ohh and p.s I left you something in the microwave :). Love you lots. And have a good day!*)

Although Shon was a little disappointed that she didn’t leave any money. He still loves his sister’s cooking. So he ran to the microwave. When he opened up the microwave. It was just another note.

(*Hehe, got you! Next time don’t leave your sword in the bathroom. Bye!*)

“Why do I even deal with her.” Shon thought to himself. “I guess I’m gonna have to go hungry for now.” He ran upstairs to grab some zings, but when he reached down to grab the money out of his box he felt a huge burst of pain come across his back “ah!” when he touched his back he had a lot of blood on his hand. “What the! Why am I bleeding” Shon thought to himself. He grabbed a good amount of zings and hurried out the door. Not sure what was going on.


As Shon was on his way to the market, he saw Anna up ahead. She's his best friend, but they tend to fight like enemies. So he tried to hide within the crowd. “Hey guys it’s Shon!” one of the town’s people called out. “Shh!” Shon cried. “Shon! Is that you!” Anna called out. Shon slowly stepped out of the crowd. “Yep it’s me.” Shon said hesitantly. Anna ran up and hugged him. “Eww!” she yelled, then jumped back. “What is this red stuff on my hands!” Anna cried. “Wait, shh! Calm down.” Shon whispered. Then he grabbed her by the hand and brung her to an abandoned building. “Shon, you have 10 seconds to explain what this is!” Shon froze. He knows what it is, just doesn’t remember how it happened. “It's bloo….”-“Ewwwww!” Anna screamed, cutting Shon off and jumping back. “Shh!, Shh.” Shon cried. Then grabbed her mouth. “I don’t know how it happened. Or why it’s bleeding. But I’m concerned.” he said quietly. Anna calmed down. “Get off me you pervert!” she said while her mouth was muffled. Then she pushed him away. She grabbed her pants and started to pull them down. “Wait… what are you doing?!” Shon said while covering his eyes. “Calm down you pervert! Look at this.” anna replied. When Shon opened his eyes, she was wearing shorts and he saw two giant slashes on her legs. “Woah! You got to cover those up! Stop cutting yourself.” Shon replied. Anna slapped him in the face. “Geez! What was that for!” Shon cried. “First of all, you don’t say stuff like that. And secondly, do these look like cuts to you!” Shon thought about it. They don’t look like cuts. But more like sword slashes.

“Hmm, that’s strange.” Shon said while in deep thought. “Yeah, I know. do you think our wounds are connected?” Anna asked. Shon started to giggle. “Hey! What’s funny? I’m serious!” Anna said with rage. “I know, that’s why it’s so funny.” Shon said with tears of laughter. “I don’t get it, what makes it so funny?” she replied. “I mean think about it, me and you in the same place… by choice.” Shon replied laughing Hysterically. Anna slapped him again. “Hey! Again!” Shon cried. Then Anna turned around angrily and walked off. “Hey! Anna, I was only playing!” Shon yelled. Anna just kept walking. “I think you hurt her feelings.” Shon jumped. “What the! Who are you!” Shon asked cautiously. “Who, me?” an old man asked. “Yes, you old man! There’s no one else here!” Shon replied. “Calling me old is rude… But true and sir this is my home.” He replied. Shon started to look around. “But it's all destroyed, dirty and old.” Shon replied. “What are you describing, my house or my ex-wife!” the old man said while giggling. Then he made a fist for a fist bump. “No man! That’s just wrong.” Shon replied. The old man’s face changed quickly “Get out of my home!” he said with anger. “What…. I mean your right. Why am I still here.” Shon replied. “Exactly, my fist bump is still here too.” he said with a smile. “No man!” then Shon hurried out of the house. “weirdo!” Shon thought to himself.

Shon continued to walk towards the market. But on the way, he decided to stop by the kingdom’s number one restaurant. Called top Kutts kitchen. That's where his sister works. Meshi is the top chef and loves to cook. When Shon stepped into the building. He saw Meshi laughing with this guy in the kitchen. So he tried to push his way through people. He felt anger overcome him, but as he got close he saw the guy walk off, and then Meshi’s face changed like she was in pain. And she grabbed her side. Shon finally got up to the front. “Meshi what’s going on?!” Shon asked. Meshi got frightened. “Shon! Don’t do that.” She replied. “And what’s wrong with your eyes?” she asked. “What do you mean?” Shon asked while looking around for a mirror. “They are changing colors, but nevermind that. Why are you here?” she asked curiously. For a minute Shon forgot. “Ohh yeah, who's that guy? And why are you grabbing your side?” Shon asked with suspicion. “Calm down! That’s my boss and he’s like 50! And I wasn’t holding my side.” she replied with a fake smile. “Stop lying to me!” Shon said angrily. “If you don’t tell me, I'm gonna yell that you pick your nose while you make food!” Shon whispered. “You wouldn’t!” meshi replied. “Wanna bet!” Shon said with a smirk. “Huh fine, come here.” Meshi and Shon went to the back of the kitchen. “I don’t know how it got here. But I woke up this morning and it was here.” meshi said as her eyes started to water up. It was a huge slice on the side of her body.

Shon started to think. What possibly could have happened last night, that caused him, his sister, and Anna to get hurt. Shon turned around and lifted his shirt. To show Meshi his wound. “Oh my goodness! Whatever happened to you was done to kill you.” Meshi said with a soft giggle to hold back the tears. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Shon said slowly. “Ohh Akio, look at the time!” Shon looked at the clock on the wall. It was 11:47 and he had a meeting at noon. Shon turned to bolt out of the restaurant but paused with a smirk on his face. “What’s wrong?” Meshi asked. “Hehe, nothing. I just want a hug before I go.” Shon replied. “Aw, okay come here.” Meshi said happily. They hugged and Shon ran off. But Meshi noticed her pocket felt heavy. When she went inside her pocket there was a lot of money and a note.

(*Dear Meshi… Thanks for the hug, have fun shopping! :)*)

“AKIO!!” A soft smile came across Shon's face.

Chapter 2- too many words!

Shon finally reaches the town center but remembers his shirt still had blood on it. He started to look around and found someone with a shirt he liked. A strong grin came across Shon’s face. Shon walks into the building and sees all types of people from multiple clans. “Hey Shon! Nice shirt” someone from his clan yells out. Shon just nodded his head and kept walking. “Right this way Shon.” Sir. Enzo said while patting Shons shoulder. Sir. Enzo is King Emusa’s, right-hand man. If you see King Emusa, then Sir. Enzo isn’t far behind. When Shon turned around he saw a horrible sight. “Sir. Enzo what happened to your face?” shon whispered. Sir. Enzo tried to hurry up and fix his mask. He had a giant cut going across his face. “Uhh. nothing. Just a training that went left…” he said hesitantly. “Yeah. if you say so?” shon continued to walk into the meeting room. But got held up again. “HEY! Shon!” someone screamed across the lobby. When shon turned around he saw four soldiers he has seen during training a few days ago. “Yeah, what's up?!” Shon said boldly. Then a guy stepped from behind the soldiers. “I am! You're the guy who stole my shirt!” he said with a squeaky voice. Everybody in the room stared at Shon.

One thing leads to the next, and shon is finally entering the meeting room. Everybody at the table all froze and looked up at him. Then King Emusa spoke up. “Shon? How are you walking in here 20 minutes late, and still don't have the decency to put on a shirt? Do you think this is a game?” Shon heard somebody chuckle. When he looked around, it was the girl sitting beside the King of the galaxy clan. His name is King Jonathan. “SHON!?” King Emusa called out. “Ohh, my bad Sir. no this isn't a game. But…”-“that's enough. Take a seat son!” he said while cutting Shon off. Shon rushed to take a seat. “Back to where we were. Sorry about that.” King emusa says to the other king across the table. “No issues, But I heard about this young man. He’s the one climbing the charts. Isn't he?” King Jonathan asked. “Why yes he is, he’ll be a lot better if he stayed focused!” King emusa said with a stern tone. The other king started to laugh a little. “Don't worry. He’ll grow into it. I expect big things from you and my daughter. This isn't the greatest first impression. So hopefully it goes uphill from here!” King Jonathan said. Shon wasn't paying attention because he was Drinking water and focused on King Emusa's turtleneck shirt. The girl slapped King Jonathan on his shoulder. “What? I expect you to have a good day with this young man.” Then he pointed across the table. Shon finally catches the conversation and thinks it must suck to be that guy. Then he looked up. And King Jonathan was pointing at him. Shon spat out his water. “What!” shon called out. “He can't wait!” king emusa replied. While patting Shon on the shoulder.

The meeting ends, and people shake hands and hold small conversations. Shon walks up to King Emusa. “Hey, was there a battle you fought, and didn't tell me?” shon asked. King emusa started to giggle. “What are you talking about?” then Shon pulled down his turtleneck. “What are you doing son?!” Emusa called out. “Hmm, strange. You have a slice going from your middle neck to what seems like your chest, maybe even further down.” Shon replied. King emusa pushed him off. “Don't do that again! What's gotten into you?” Emusa said angrily. “Well, it was just strange to see a king wear a turtleneck. Especially you and second, whoever did this, must have been strong. Because you've never been cut...” Then someone tapped shon on his back. When he turned around it was that girl. “Hey, sorry about my dad. Hopefully, we can still be friends?” she said softly. “Ohh it's fine, don't worry about him. And that sounds fine with me.” Shon replied. She started to smile. But then she noticed King emusa getting impatient. “You might want to turn around…” Then Shon remembered King Emusa. “You’re very observant shon. I like that. But yall have a nice day together. But I'm gonna need to have a word with you tomorrow.” He said as he walked away. “Phew! That was a close one. I thought he was gonna kill me for pulling his turtleneck down.” shon said while blowing out a deep breath. The girl started to giggle. “Hey! How about we go get something to eat to get to know each other.” she said happily. Shon thought about it for a second. “Sure, I know a great diner, I go there all the time!”

Shon and this girl make their way towards the diner. “Not trying to be rude. But what's your name?” Shon asked nicely. “No excuse me for being rude. My name's Lexi. The third princess of King Jonathan.” she said with a smile. “WAIT! There's more of you?” Shon asked in a surprised manner. She started to giggle. “What is that supposed to mean?” Lexi asked. “Umm. nothing.” shon replied. “But how old are you?” Shon questioned. She stopped in her tracks and had an angry demeanor. “Is everything okay?” Shon asked slowly. “Yeah, why wouldn't I be.” she said sarcastically. Shon felt Uncomfortable. “Ohh, look we’re here!” shon called out to lighten up the mood. They walk in and everything goes smoothly until they meet the host. “Excuse me, Sir? You need to put on a shirt.” the host says sternly. “Oh, my bad. I don't have one on me.” Shon replied. “Yeah, I know! The whole diner can see.” then Shon felt strong energy from afar. “Hey Lexi, I'm forgetting something. I think we need to get out of here.” shon said quickly. “What do you mean? I'm hungry!” she replied. Then it hit him. Anna works here! “I know a better place. Lets….” “Shon is that you… AGAIN!?” you could hear Anna’s voice from a distance. Shons head dropped. “We’re too late.” Shon said sadly.

Shon quickly got up. But by then Anna was already at his table. Lexi could see the giant cut across Shons back now. “How didn't I see that earlier'' She thought to herself. “Hey Shon you didn't tell me you were coming today!” Anna said with joy. “Ohh yeah I wasn't planning to. But…” Anna glanced behind him and noticed there was another person at his table. “Who’s She?” Anna asked angrily. Lexi jumped up to shake Anna’s hand. “You can sit back down!” Anna said with rage. “Shon why would you?!” her eyes started to water up. “Wait anna..” “No forget I asked!” she said while cutting him off. As a tear fell down her face. Then she ran out of the diner. shon tried to run after her. Lexi grabbed his arm. “WHAT! WHAT do you need?” Shon asked while in a rush. “Geez, sorry! But how did you get that cut on your back?” she asked Cautiously. “Huu. I don't have time for this. I don't know. Why? She turned around. “Unzip my dress a little. “What!” Shon asked Hesitantly. “Just do it, please. As shon slowly did it. He saw a cut that continued to go down. Until he couldn't handle going any further. “Do you know how you got this?” shon asked? “No not at all, I woke up and it was there…”

Shons brain was in too many places to really understand what he just heard. “I'm going to get back with you soon. But until then, stay safe! Hope you like your stay here at Zakar.” shon said quickly, and bolted out the door. “Anna! Where are you!” shon yelled out in the open. He heard sniffles coming from the side of the diner. “Anna is that you?” shon asked quietly. “Leave me alone shon!” a sad voice said back softly. Shon ran over towards her. “Anna I'm sorry! It really wasn't what you thought it was.” Anna just stayed silent. She just couldn't believe that out of all places. Why would he bring that girl to her job? “If you were trying to make me jealous… then it worked! Are you happy!” she said angrily. Then shon thought about it. It wasn't because he didn't let Anna know that he and Lexi were coming. It was because he was coming with Lexi and not her! “Anna, I mean no harm. It's just that her dad is a king and…” “And you want to be a prince and one day a king, yeah I know! Sorry I wasn't born into royalty!” she said while she wiped away the tears. “I tried so hard to be with you! But all you do is make fun of me and hide from me! Who knew all I had to be was a princess to be respected properly!” she said while tears flooded her eyes. “But Anna, I didn't know.” shon sadly said. “Well, you know now. But it's too late. I'm going home. I'll see you soon!” Anna said as she slowly walked towards her direction of home. Then one of her co-workers came out of the side door. “Anna you're still on the clock!” he called out. “I QUIT MICHAEL!” she screamed back. Shon just turned around and headed home. Just dwelling on how he lost his best friend.


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Hidden Meanings
Hidden Meanings
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Hidden Meanings

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