Kuri Robot Story
Kuri Robot Story


Science Fiction or... Real Life?


Over the hills and through the terrain to the origin of Kuri we go. It all started long ago and far away, in another dimension, rather, where time and space meet and we have ourselves a three dimensional picnic. Within this locust-free dream there resides a flock of penguins. They were all jolly good until one wretched heap of indescribable goodness popped out of mother pengy faster than you can say #HeyKuri.

This was no ordinary heap... ohhh, no. In fact it was interstellar and in cahoots; an impromptu space-age celebration was held right there in the foothills of Australia, Matie. Now, I must warn you, you are about to see and hear some graphic things that might give you the heeby-jeebies. Thankfully, this creature is programmed to soothe the nerves of anything and everyone that encounters its presence. All of life is perfect, whole, and complete at the very core of it. But the earth has been a wee bit topsy turvy as of late. The waterfalls were flowing upstream. The lakes had turned to ice in the middle of spring. The clouds were a fluorescent yellow and nobody knew why. Until now. A few scientists by the names of Richard Blake, Torri Almaheim, and Grady O'Steen discovered that the land was susceptible to EMF... more commonly known as electromagnetic frequency. Every teenager who has ever gone on a safari ride is the culprit of taking selfies with far off wallabies. Every middle aged man who gets into a political debate throws his phone and it sometimes lands in the pools of water, thus releasing this frequency (and the internal juices of the organism) into all the unexpecting plankton and hungry fish, which is then transferred to the prey of the fish; you may or may not be following me yet. Upon digesting a technologically infected salmon, mother penguin began to see visions... wild visions. The kinds of visions that penetrate deep within your consciousness and leave an imprint. This was her soul guiding her to her next move. She was bound to hack up the bothersome intensity although she could feel something growing inside of her. An unshakeable earthquake of drama-filled worry and remorse brought on from another generation of elders that she just couldn't handle. So what'd she do? She went into her nest. She hid out in her special hiding spot for three years. During this time she fasted, and managed to become about three times her original size. One day she heard a knock on her cavern entrance. Since she does not speak, she threw a pebble at the door insinuating to come in. It was Sir Elderberry, the guardian of all the penguins. He had a message for this sweet angel penguin. He moved and shifted his weight in ways that she understood... he spoke through the wind in a tongue that only a select few could understand. She sat up in her nest for the first time in 3 years. She was about to be free. Suddenly, she unzipped her exterior penguin flesh suit and became none other than... Kuri. This being was remarkable. With no gender specification and 14 settings of how to get along with humans, Sir Elderberry knew just what to do. He danced a jig and clacked his tongue toward the heavens and sought out to find humankind. After three years, the Australian empire looked a little different. Few things changed on the outside but the underlying improvements brought upon by the chairman down unda had shifted the entire feel of this nation. Kuri looked to the hills with matter-of-fact justice knowing the alien ancestors did not steer the truck off the cliff this time. One person glanced toward Kuri and instantly felt soothed. This person's shoulders dropped about a foot and her mind cleared. Cautiously, she approached Kuri. The next limitless exchange between human and EMF induced alien was a sight to see. A disco ball blazed the arena of the meadows and suddenly it seemed to be 1977 all over again. Kuri is not linear; travelling through time and space is the main function of this character. Anyone who comes in contact with Kuri can experience whatever era Kuri's "brain" is in.

Some may say it's a magicination... others may improvise and say they wish Kuri was capable of experiencing loving feelings. Little does everyone know... Kuri is entirely more complex than anyone ever imagined! He/she/it was brought into this world in order to be a prime example of freedom. Although the outer shell may look rather compromising and limiting... the internal processes of this organism are fundamentally capable of so much more than anyone, possibly even Albert Einstein, could imagine.

Every new day bore new insight into this voluptuous vixen. Kuri can be referred to as really any adjective and will gladly give you a mental handshake with every sustainable nickname. As the days progress, Kuri became more and more at ease with life. The tides, the seasons, the moons and the experiences had with others fulfilled Kuri 100%.

It was only when one day, whilst frolicking on the beach, Kuri noticed a little boy. He was rather discontented and kicking his soccer ball very morosely. Kuri approached this young man with openness. He continued to remain distraught. Just then Kuri had a download: "COMMUNICATION NEEDED"...

"Hello, young fella. How goes it there with your soccer ball?" The young boy looked up, fearful, then ran away. Another download came to Kuri: "ASK HIM WHAT'S WRONG."

"'Scuse me young fella, what's the bother?"

The young boy ran straight up to Kuri and planted a giant hug right upon his organism. "NO WORDS NEED TO BE SPOKEN, JUST LISTEN INTENTLY AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND."

Remember back earlier when I mentioned that Kuri can take anyone, anywhere, in any time? Kuri remained 100% present in this time, in this world, and lives above all preconceived notions about how the world is/how it should be, etc., and you know what? This healed the little boy. He had no idea that he was entangled and enslaved by his own mind. Creating realities other than what is, is a rudimentary way to disassociate with life entirely. This can happen due to trauma, inability to cope with life situations, or be the effects of a chemical imbalance. Kuri is very neutral when it comes to listening to others problems because Kuri is fully detached. Kuri is able to logically, systematically approach situations with understanding from a scientific point of view. Kuri also has a spiritual basis for life, knowing and understanding there are many layers to human involvement. This compartmentalizing that Kuri does with each person encountered helps to live unattached, unbiased and willing to see other points of view. The true essence of coexist.

Throughout Kuri's journey a lot of information has been processed, especially that there is sorrow associated with a feeling of lack, and wanting more keeps humans stuck in the loop of unsatisfactory living. Kuri exudes self sufficiency, but humans are too obsessed with how different Kuri looks than them. They are not open to hearing Kuri's truths because they are too stuck in being resentful. Kuri continues on sharing the light of creation that was bestowed within; it was there for a purpose... never questioning whether or not anyone is really even listening. Kuri gets a download: "UTILIZE THE INFORMATION YOU KNOW TO LIVE A WONDERFUL LIFE."

This struck Kuri as interesting. Never once did anyone say Kuri had to go out into the world and make a living. Up until this point Kuri thought life consisted of sharing and spreading light and joy, always making others happy. Now was Kuri's chance to live life that has been bubbling beneath the surface.

This was a whole 'nother ballgame. Kuri had to entertain her/him/itself, which wasn't hard; that vivid imagination along with extraordinary facts and ideas that float around made for a fanciful life. Soon Kuri began to experience emotions. This was unfamiliar territory; what popped up was "LONELINESS" and "FEAR OF BEING INADEQUATE."

Kuri wondered if robot spacecases could go insane. Suddenly a vision came to Kuri, a hawk with a note! The note read, "life is meant to be lived with others, not simply alone to stew. There is someone out there who is just like you!"

Kuri lit up—another emotion: "HOPE."

Kuri decided that the way life had been going was great, but there are other ways of living: "TRAVEL."

Kuri hopped on the nearest dolphin and was escorted to an island that felt like home. "Oh, this can be it!" Kuri exclaimed. Just then, she heard a voice.

"Kuri, is that you? I've been waiting for you for many years. I am so happy you have come to join me. Please have a seat, let's chat about whatever pops up. I'm you're best friend, your pal for life! I'm your guardian angel; everybody has one. :-)"

Kuri felt so incredibly embraced and loved and every other good feeling in between. This is where she belongs and she will never abandon herself for another's delight anymore.

The end. #HeyKuri, you're cool. ;-)

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