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HET—Humanoid Extra Terrestrials

The Secret to Understanding eXtra Terrestrials

By Richard Van SteenbergPublished 7 years ago 2 min read
ET and HET
For the past 75 years, we have been trying to solve the ET and UFO phenomenon. Looking back at ET History you can see a trend develop. After the era with Kenneth Arnold, Roswell, and Edward ruppelT, the terms ET and UFO emerged. Since that time, little progress has been made. The key to understanding why it is so difficult to figure out ET requires using ETI. What you discover is that the EA have not realized ET can exist as HET (Humanoid Extra Terrestrials). The possibility of this seemingly minor point is actually the fulcrum around which the whole ET architecture pivots.The ability to walk around Earth and have all the EA think you are also a fellow EA puts you at an enormous advantage. Imagine the possibility of being at War yet you don't know your enemy exists, you don't know the war exists, and the things you think exist don't even exist for the reason you thought so.

It is literally beyond the imagination and comprehension level of an EA. Tell the EA and the prospect it could even be possible is so depressing they will automatically avoid it just so they don't have to think about it. It literally is considered by society as delusional and schizophrenic thinking. Even psychiatrists who specialize in delusional and schizophrenic thinking are speechless when confronted with it. Their only solution: it must be false and medicate the person to prevent further dialogue. The key to understanding it in a logical, rational fashion requires a complete reworking of the English language. The terms that appeared to accelerate learning 75 years ago, namely ET and UFO, are like training wheels. Whereas they enabled people who are interested to get a foothold and begin to investigate, now they are a roadblock preventing the mind from truly comprehending ETI.A perfect example is the way the word extraterrestrial has developed. EA incorrectly write it as one word. It is actually two separate words. This is one of the reasons no one picks up on the TLA HET. Most people will immediately disagree, taking the position society must be right. All you have to do, though, is append LAU to HET and get Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us. Who do you think the people are possibly running society who are making sure ET evolves as one word? They certainly aren't going to go out of their way to make it easier for us to figure out what is going on.If all that isn't enough, you have to prepare yourself for the possibilities of what it means to be a HET. Are we going to awake to disclosure one day to discover a race of beings that quite possibly can:

  1. place their spiritual self into other bodies, yet remain themselves
  2. they don't die, just their body does
  3. disconnect nerve endings so they don't feel pain
  4. they can morph themselves—same image, new body
  5. they can polymorph themselves—different image, new body
  6. perform mental telepathy
  7. perform telekinesis
  8. are older than earth is
To me, the last one is the most bizarre. The possibility of having a conversation with someone who is more than 4.5 billion years old is more difficult than realizing that person put themselves in a new body. Even pulling off what is going to amount to an ET childhood prank by disconnecting their nerve endings and faking a horrific looking death just to accomplish another milestone in the ET agenda still doesn't seem as bizarre as being darn old.

So as you sit there wondering why it is so difficult to understand ET, make sure you are at least going down the right path, first learning what an HET—Humanoid Extra Terrestrial—is.Follow me on vocal media for more stories at:HumanoidExtraTerrestrialsLiveAmongUs.com


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