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Half love story India

by jitubanna1 about a year ago in religion

India Rajput culture love story


written by -jitendra Singh Rajput

Sad Love story


Hello friends

Today I am telling a half love story

This love story very painful so you ready

Was a girl. very beautiful. As honest as she was beautiful, just as honest. Do not lie to anyone, nor talk nonsense.

There was a boy in the same class. He loved her very much. The boy often did his minor tasks. In return, when the girl smiled and said thank you, there was no limit to the boy's happiness.

once upon a time. The two men were going home together. Then it started raining heavily. Both took refuge under a tree. The tree was very small, Boondu was sizzling and coming down from it. In such a situation, both came very close to each other to avoid the rain.

After getting the girl so close, the boy could not control his emotions. Proposed her girl. The girl also wanted her mind, so she also agreed. And in this way the love of both began to rise. But this love did not last long.

Once upon a time, the girl was waiting for the boy down by the same tree. The boy arrived very late. Seeing him, the girl said resentfully, 'Why did you come so late? My life was lost.

Hearing this, the boy said, 'Sweetheart, where did I go away from you, I remain in your heart. If you are not sure, then ask your day. Hearing this cute thing of the boy, all his anger got forgotten and he ran and hugged the boy.

One day both people were talking under the same tree. The girl was sitting on the tree and the boy lay on his lap with a head. Then the girl said, "Janu, now I cannot bear your separation." Even a single moment without you seems like 500 years to me. You marry me, otherwise I will die. ''

The boy quickly put his hand on the girl's mouth and said, "My darling, don't do such a thing, if something happens to you, how will I be alive?" Then he said something thinking, "You Don't worry, I will talk to my family soon. "Finally, that night of doom has arrived.

Gradually a lot of time passed. Once upon a time. Both people were sitting under the same tree. The boy's face was landed at that time. On the girl's asking, he said with rage, "Honey, I explained a lot to my family members, but they are not ready for our marriage. They have even married me elsewhere. ''

Hearing this, the girl's heart was torn. He felt like crying loudly. But she overcame her emotion and said, "I have truly loved you, I can never forget you." But love is blind.

"Please forgive me ..!" "The boy said slowly, if you want, we can always be good friends." The girl cried out loud after hearing this. The boy explained it to him and then both of them went to their respective homes crying.

On seeing the boy's wedding day came. The boy was sure that his friend would definitely come to his wedding. But it did not happen. Yes, she definitely got a gift pack sent by the girl. The boy opened it with trembling hands. On seeing him, he fainted.

Nothing else in the gift pack had the heart of a blood-soaked girl. And there was also a letter in which it was written - Hey crazy, take your heart away, or what will you give to your wife.

Friends, love for someone is a time pass and for someone more than life. If you fall in love with someone, then you should also give him life. Otherwise, do you know if your condition is the same, who could neither live nor die after that day. All her life she kept choking and choking in regret and regret.


…Rajput culture

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The Rajput period has its own special significance in the ancient governance system of India. After the death of Harsha, when India was divided into small states, the rulers of these states were of Rajput dynasty. Among these Rajputs were Gurjars, Pratiharas, Chauhans, Parmars, Chandels, Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Pandayas, Sen etc.

This reigning era of 550 years from the seventh to the twelfth centuries is called the Rajput period. The Rajputs loved the war immensely. They had many qualities, but due to their caste sense, jealousy, hatred, discord, nationalism was badly affected. In the case of development and change of Indian civilization and culture, the study of Rajput period is very important.

2. Rajput regime:


The Rajput period was feudal. Under the Jagirdari system, the state was divided into several jagirs. The power and security of the state depended on the descendants of these Jagirdars. They used to help the king in emergency. The king was called Parambhattaraka, Maharajadhiraja, Parameshwara. There were many feudatories under the king.

Records and orders used to be in the name of the king. The king's karma was the observance of Varnashrama Dharma, protecting the country, donations to Brahmins, construction of schools, temples, dams, ponds, roads. The eldest son used to get the post of 'Yuvraj'. The king's cabinet had qualified and diplomatic ministers.

The future of the king depended on their functioning. The number of ministers was not fixed. Earth minister was called Amatya. Among the priests, the priest priest was called Mahapurohit. For the administration of the system, the police officers like Kottpal, border guard, storekeeper, Akshatpatalik, messengers, army commanders, magistrates etc. were the officers of the police department.

The President of the Department of Justice was called the High Priestess. There was punishment for most of the crimes. There was no provision of imprisonment. The tax system was in place for income and expenditure. The Lule, the lame, the handicapped and the reclusive Brahmins were free from taxes. The governance was decentralized to make the governance system run smoothly. The smallest unit was State, Pur and Town and Village. Panchayat was also practiced.

3. Rajput social condition:

In the Rajput era, the society was divided into varnas, subclasses. Brahmins had special importance in the society of Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Shudras. Cottage industries-trades of blacksmiths, goldsmiths, tanners etc. were in vogue. This era saw the rise of the new caste, called Kayasthas, who were clerical by nature. In the Rajput period, there was a practice of anulom marriage to be done in the gotra.

The nobles also practiced polygamy. The practice of child marriage, pradapratha, satipratha, jauhar was prevalent. The upper class women used to learn painting, music and dance. Women were treated like Shudras. The position of the woman was so low that she had to serve her evil husband. Slave practice was prevalent.

In this era, wheat jowar, triphala, jaggery, sugar, mahua, kheer, pua, laddu, modak, moong, rice, spices as well as meat were prevalent among the Kshatriyas. Cotton, woolen, silk fabrics were used. Women wore saris, lingerie, roonpatta, angi. Utriya was also used outside the house. Both men and women used to use jewelery. The use of earrings, armlets, Nupur, Ralhar, ivory, conch bangles was prevalent.

Fun festivals like dance, music, drama, chariots, horse racing, chess, poetic discussion, chariot journey were prevalent. Rajput was an admirer of good faith and justice. He was arrogant, true parent of the promise. In the course of time, false pride, conservatism, luxury tarnished his image.

4. Rajput economic condition:

The economic condition of the country was prosperous during the Rajput period. Agriculture was the main occupation of the people of the village. Wheat gram, barley, flax, sugarcane, salt cloth, food items were prominent. Gold, silverware making, weapon-making, spinning-weaving etc. were occupations. Coins were used for sale and purchase. Bullock carts, camel carts, chariots were used on the roads. Ships were also operated.

5. Rajput religious condition:

Shaiva and Vaishnavism flourished during the Rajput period. The status of Buddhism was no better than Jainism. Pratihara ruler Vatsaraja built a huge statue of Mahavir Swami near Kannauj. Buddhism was weakened due to evils, superstition, misguided compound actions, indulgent luxurious life etc.

Hinduism was divided into several sects. Many idols of Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesh, Surya and Ganga, Jamuna etc. were worshiped in the form of idol worship. Along with tantric verbs, witchcraft was prevalent.

24 avatars of Vishnu were also worshiped in this era. In this era, Mimamsa was the emphasis of monotheism, Vaishnava devotion. Hatha Yoga, cannibalism, complex worship and rituals influenced the religious condition of the place.

6. Education, Literature and Culture:

The education system of this era was limited to the royal family. The major compositions of this period include the Mudrarakshas of Visakhadatta, Rajakavi Shekhar's Karporamanjari, Somdev's Kathasaritsagara, Narayana Pandit's Hitopadesh, Jayadeva's Geet Gonvid, Banabhatta's Kadambari, Wilhan's Chor Panchashika, Subandhu's Vasavadatta, Brahma Kanthanvar Kahanvar Kanthanvar Dhwanyalok, Vakroktiivasam of Kuntaka, Bhaskaracharya's Siddhant Shiromani and Lilavati were famous.

In this era, architecture, painting and dance were of advanced order. Castle Forts of Chittor, Durg, Mount Temple of Mount Abu Dilwara, Mysore, Tanjore and

The Rajputs began to be defeated by the Mughals ever since they adopted meat and alcohol…

After the beheading of the Rajputs, Kul Devi used to fight a war…

"A conspiracy and lethality of meat and alcohol…."

Hindu scriptures do not say that liquor should be offered to the Goddess ..,

The scriptures do not say that drinking alcohol is Kshatriya religion ……

This was just a Mughal conspiracy to weaken the Hindus!

Know a true historical event…

"A Conspiracy and the Lethality of Alcohol ..."

How did Mughals destroy the security ramparts of Hindus ??

Know and then improve !!

The Mughals had a court in Delhi and the far-flung King Maharaja of India was present in the court.

At the same time, the Mughal emperor made a declaration, "Is anyone brave in this world?"

There was silence in the assembly, the same thing was repeated once more!

For the third time, he shouted happily and said, "Is there anyone who can brave the Sultanate of India?"

A loud lion roaring broke the silence of the gathering and everyone got the attention of that person!

He was Maharaja Rao Riddam of Jodhpur!

Riedmal ji said, "There is no bravery in the Mughals… but the most brave Rajput is in the world!"

Mughals ruled India by fighting Rajputs amongst themselves!

Sometimes Sisodia Rana Dynasty from Kachhwa Jaipur

So sometimes Rathodos from other Rajputs….

The emperor's mouth was worth watching,

It felt like someone caught red handed stealing.

"Don't talk, Rao ... Give an example of valor."

Riddmal said, "Have you seen anyone in a community while fighting, even after beheading?"

The king said that this is a heard thing or not seen,

Riddam said, "Take the history and see how many hero's stories are there to fight even after beheading ... ....... !! "

The emperor laughed and said seeing the poets sitting in the court

"Those who write history are inviting. Should I get 100 Mughal names written in it?

Tell me a Rajput who lives and says, "Cut my head off, I will still fight."

Rao Ridmal became speechless and drowned in deep thought.

Thinking of the night, suddenly he thought of the vassal of Rohini's hideout.

At 11 o'clock at night, two cavalry elders reached the varsity of the jagirdar at Rohini Thikana (which is the Jeetaran town of Jodhpur) and asked for permission to meet.

Thakur saheb was in a very old age, yet got up and came out on pole to welcome the guest.

The horsemen bowed and glowed in the eyes of the aged Thakur and spoke with a smile.

"Jodhpur Maharaj… I have fed you in my lap and taught you weapons ... I have come to recognize you by voice even when you change disguise.

Hukam you come inside… I was a small vassal of your princely state, you would have called me.

Rao Ridmal bowed to him and said that there is a problem, and told the whole story of the king's court.

Now you tell me how the living warrior knows that he will fight in battle even after beheading?

Rohani Jagirdar said, "Just such a thing ..

Both of my children will fight even after beheading and take both of them to Delhi Durbar, they will definitely keep you and Rajput's shame. "

Rao Ridmal was very surprised that a father believed in his children .., agreed to Rajput religion.

Early in the morning, both the children were ready with their horses.

At the same time, Thakur saheb said, "Maharaj, wait a little !!

I should discuss something with his mother about this too. "

Rao Ridmal wondered how he would believe his father's heart! To have both of our young children beheaded,

Once Riddam ji thought that I should leave both the children and leave this.

Thakur saheb said to Thakuranji …….

"I am sending both of your children to the court of the Delhi Mughal emperor to be beheaded ........,

Which of the two can fight even after beheading ........?

You are the mother, you will know more .......!

Thakurani ji said .......

"The elder boy will fight even outside the fort and the fort

The younger one can fight only in the perkote because he did not get my milk when he was born. Both can fight, you can send it for sure "

There was some special crowd in Delhi's court today and thousands of people were gathered to see this scene.

The elder boy was brought into the field and the Mughal emperor ordered the executioner to blow his neck ..

Then Bikaner Maharaja said, "What is this spectacle?"

Rajput has not become so cheap, give a chance to fight and then see who is brave?

The emperor called himself the strongest and most skilled warrior and said, just cut off the horseman who is standing in the field…

The group of 20 horsemen grabbed the head of Rohini Thakur's elder boy and on seeing it, the bodies of those 20 horsemen were laid in the field.

The second squad moved forward and it was the same,

Panic and wrinkles failed in Mughals,

In the same way, the dead bodies of the 500 most special warriors of the emperor were lying in the field and the sword of that heroic Rajput warrior was not scratched.

Seeing this, the Mughal commander said…. ”500 Mughal Bibis widowed.

Do not do Hajur anymore, shoot this Kafir Hajur… it will not die with the sword…

The Mughal, full of notoriety and slyness, fired a bullet into the head of that hero.

The test of the head had flown, but the torso did not reduce the strength of the sword, and the slaughter of the Mughals continued dangerously.

The king kept the younger brother sitting unarmed with him

Thinking that if this big one turns out to be brave, then I will give this small property to some jagir and will join my army.

But when the younger saw this error, he hurriedly took out the sword of the emperor.

At the same time, the bodyguards of the emperor cut off his neck, yet the torso carried a sword and became the era of the Mughals with bodyguards.

The king ran away and hid in the room and on seeing the might of the elder brother in the field outside and the younger brother in the perkota inside.

Thousands of Mughal casualties had taken place and nothing further was known.

The king shouted and said, "Oh, please stop them."

A cleric came forward and said sprinkle alcohol on them.

If you want to weaken the Rajput favors, then use alcohol.

The liquor was sprinkled on both brothers as soon as the bodies of both of them froze.

The cleric said to the emperor, "Hazur is not his fighting person but his total goddess, and these Rajputs abstain from alcohol and keep their religion and religion strong.

If the Mughals want to rule India, corrupt their religion and religion and add liquor to them.

If these loopholes in the Mughals are removed then the Mughals will also become stronger.

From then on, the Mughals practiced liquor in Rajputs and slowly the Rajputs drowned in liquor and corrupted themselves with adoration to their favorite goddess.

And the Mughals swore to Muslims that Namaz cannot be read after drinking alcohol. So stay away from it.

If known to the Rajputs who take pride in the monstrous tendency like meat, tell it and churn themselves why Maharana Pratap's daughter died of hunger in the forest…?

If they were non-vegetarians, then they had a shortage of animals in the forest to kill…?

This implies that the Rajputs were always vegetarians. Only a few selfish Rajputs who had accepted the suzerainty of the Mughals started to eat meat with them to appease the Mughals and fell in the race to prove themselves as loyal to the Mughals. Brothers, this is a true event and we Hindu society must overcome this evil practice.

Only then will we be able to find the lost glory again and protect Hinduism



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