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Gray For Pay: 'The Last Jedi' Cast Hint At Major Gray Jedi Theory During D23

by Tom Chapman 4 years ago in star wars

The light side of the Force may be shining through with Daisy Ridley's Rey training as a Jedi, but expect things to get a little "gray" during Episode VIII.

'Star Wars: Return of the Jedi' [Credit: Lucasfilm]

It could be a case of "these are not the Jedi you are looking for" when Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits cinemas in December. The Star Wars films have always been a battle between "good" and "bad," but expect Johnson's latest installment to muddy the waters more than Rey = good, Kylo = bad. The light side of the Force may be shining through with Daisy Ridley's Rey training as a Jedi, but expect things to get a little "gray" during Episode VIII.

Gray Skies Ahead

There was a welcome trip to the cosmos during #Disney's D23 Expo, and the cast of #TheLastJedi had some very interesting comments to make. Speaking to Good Morning America, leading lady #DaisyRidley promised that the next entry in the #StarWars franchise may not be as black and white as good vs. evil:

“This is the second of three films. So there may be a lot of gray that’s very exciting.”

If you remember, The Empire Strikes Back was a particularly somber affair and all hope seemed lost by the time the credits rolled. The film ended with Luke losing his hand, Han in carbonite, and Lando betraying his friends. Sorry to draw further comparisons between the new and the original trilogy, but The Last Jedi looks to be an equally bleak outing.

However, with all the talk about gray, are the cast just talking in a metaphorical sense or should we take the comments a little more literally? We have already heard about how the Jedi Order must come to an end, but did D23 just go and confirm the Gray Jedi theory?

For those who don't know, the Gray Jedi were a faction of the Jedi Order who weren't adversed to bending the rules. Also, we have (sort of) met them before in the movies. Although it was never confirmed, it has always been thought that Liam Neeson's Qui-Gon Jinn had been a practicing Grey Jedi. It was mainly due to his disobedience toward the Jedi Council and work in mysterious practices such as immortality. It is also theorized that Obi-Wan carried on the legacy.

Luke's going gray.

Newcomer Kelly Marie Tran also teased: “We’re all gray." So, what does this all mean for our characters? Well, it sounds like they are mainly alluding to the longstanding theory that #LukeSkywalker may not be as white as we first though — and we don't just mean his dirty robes. With Obi-Wan being the de facto mentor of Luke, it would only make sense that Luke too is a Gray Jedi.

There is also the fact that Luke appears to have a certain red kyber crystal around his neck, which is often associated with evil. We also have that promise of a major plot twist coming our way, and it sounds like Disney is planning to top the, "I am your father" bombshell from The Empire Strikes Back. If Luke really does bring down the Jedi Order, it wouldn't be without cause. In case you needed any more proof, the appearance of the Journal of the Whills also points to gray times ahead.

One passage from the book reads as follows:

"First comes the day, the comes the night. After the Darkness shines through the Light. The difference, they say, is only made right by the resolving of Grey through refined Jedi sight."

When asked whether we would focus more on the "gray areas," Ridley simply responded with, "I would say yes." Anyone could be a Gray Jedi, but it is more than likely that Luke is the chosen one we have been looking for — Anakin clearly couldn't fulfill that prophecy. To restore balance to the Force, whoever "the Last Jedi" is must embrace both the light and the dark. Whether or not Luke really is the last Jedi, expect the stalwart Skywalker to be turning 50 Shades of a certain color when The Last Jedi is released on December 15.

(Source: Good Morning America)

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