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Gemini Season 2021: A Horoscope, 3 Ways

According to the Stars, the Cards, and the Gods

By S. A. CrawfordPublished 2 years ago 6 min read
Divine Duality

Gemini is perhaps the least understood zodiac sign of all. Misrepresented as flaky, two-faced, and unreliable, Gemini's often get the fuzzy end of lollipop when it comes to media representation. However, those born in Gemini season tend to be passionate, creative, intelligent, and adaptable. Capable of juggling complex tasks with flair, Gemini's are powerhouses that tend to succeed at whatever they put their minds to.

With that said, this Gemini season is looking stormy, even by the standards of this mutable sign. I studied the stars, read the cards, and even cast runes to make sure that you can navigate these stormy waters with forewarning and some level of calm.

Gemini Season: The Horoscope

This Gemini season, which runs from May 20th to June 20th, is really living up to its name and reflects the nature of the sign itself. Contradictory and exciting, passionate and prone to sudden changes, Gemini holds huge power but is also prone to self-sabotage. If you want to side-step the pitfalls and make the most of the innate potential that comes with this supercharged month. Here's what's on the cards (pun intended) for this month:

  • Romance could be on the cards for singles, but passions and creativity will run high at certain points: do not let your heart and body overpower your mind!
  • Relationships, in general, may be fraught thanks to the multiple retrogrades (Mercury and Jupiter, to name two) which will make communication cloudy, tempers short, and imaginations run wild. Be careful of already tender relationships; any existing tensions will be easily exacerbated.
  • May 31st is a powerful day for those seeking love and connection; take charge and tell the world what you want! What is yours will come to you.
  • In the middle of the season your confidence will run high - be wary of hubris, but do not shy away from your potential! Now is the time to chase your goals!
  • Mercury will go into retrograde between May 26th and June 22nd - during this period an old flame may come back into your life. Take time to center yourself and remember the truth about your relationship before making any choices; your heart will try to lead, make sure your head has equal say!

This basic horoscope was based on 3 factors; the stars, a specialized tarot card reading, and an elder futhark rune reading. Here's the breakdown

The Stars

These are the key dates for Gemini season this year:

May 2oth: Gemini Season Begins

May 23rd: Saturn Enters Retrograde (where it will stay until October 10th). This will make keeping a healthy work-life balance tough.

May 26th: First lunar eclipse since 2019

May 29th: Mercury enters retrograde (where it will stay until June 22nd), making the majority of Gemini season a tough time for complex communication. Practise patience and understanding (especially when dealing with Cancer and Taurus).

May 31st: At the end of the month the Sun and North Node connect in Gemini, making it a great day to plan for the future. Put your first foot forward and plan long-term as well as short term, this is a day when destiny calls.

June 10th: The second eclipse of Gemini season (this time solar). Love connections made today will be fortuitous and intense.

June 14th: Saturn bumps heads with Uranus and will raise a rebellious streak that cannot be contained. Don't fight it - harness it, but be careful of hurting sensitive Pisces' feelings.

June 20th: Gemini Season Ends

The Cards

This is a Season of Opportunity

The Center Cards - Where Gemini Stands Now

  • 8 of Pentacles

Gemini is in it's element right now; flexible, adaptable, energized. You will find it easy to balance your responsibilities, but financial matters are walking a fine line.

  • 3 of Wands (Inverse)

This is the end of a rebirth cycle - there is a real danger of total collapse or, worse still, stagnation if you do not keep your wits about you. Plan carefully to reap great rewards.

The Outer Ring - Possibilities

  • 8 of Pentacles

Now is the time to fuse your talents, skills, and experience to take advantage of the opportunities you can see. The intense and changeable nature of this Gemini season offers great risks and huge rewards. The surge of enthusiasm you feel at the end of May is the signal you need to charge full steam ahead for your goals.

  • 5 of Pentacles (Inverse)

In this interpersonally difficult season, your communication skills will come in very handy. People like you and your interpersonal skills will create opportunity and lead to new opportunities. If you are brave enough to take them your career and finances will take a turn for the better.

  • 2 of Cups

Your career should be a focus for you in the first week of June. Taking a chance on a new relationship will pay off - patience and empathy will help you to communicate effectively in the face of high tensions. Mercury retrograde will bring two conflicting attractions - think clearly and utilize your hard-won wisdom.

  • 2 of Swords

Poor communication is likely here, but you have the skills to cope. You will feel stuck between your head and heart when an old love resurfaces; it's time to make the hard choice. Someone close to you may be hiding something, but it's not for the reason that you might assume - tread carefully.

The Lower Level - Mitigating Factors

  • 10 of Wands

Sudden financial burdens are very likely right now and day to day life could be very tough if you do not take care of yourself and your own needs. Stress will come from every angle.

  • Ace of Wands

Your creative juices are running high right now, as is your energy - this can be useful, but you should think carefully before you act. This is a precarious time as well as a potentially lucrative one.

  • Knight of Cups

Idealism could be your downfall if you are not discerning.

The Runes

The Elder Futhark Have Wisdom for us All
  • Fehu (Wealth) [Inverse]:

The Fehu rune represents wealth, the acquisition or loss of it, and in this context represents potential financial issues on the horizon. Instability has hit your confidence and will manifest itself as low self-esteem and uncertainty. Nonetheless, this is a period ripe for change - rather like the Tower card in tarot, this rune is a harbinger of rebirth. Things are going to be tough, but you can weather this storm.

  • Nauthiz (Needs):

Needs. Yours, your careers, your families, your friends; Gemini season is bringing all of these to the surface, and you will need to balance them. It's time to cool your natural enthusiasm, think clearly, and put your own needs first. Self-care will be key to getting through the next month.

  • Algiz (Elk):

Algiz is a powerful rune that signifies protection, endurance, rebirth, and strength. A spiritual awakening is in progress and it will sap your energy - this is a warriors rune; you need to act like a warrior and stand tall. Manifest your destiny and it will come.

  • Tiwaz (Victory) [Horizontal/Prone]:

Your capabilities are being outweighed by passion and indecisiveness. Luckily for you, Tiwaz is a victorious rune that provides focus - you know your strengths, now use them. You know how!

  • Berkana (Birch):

This is a good rune for Gemini, and drawing it in Gemini Season is very fortuitous. Gemini embodies its own divine duality; masculinity and femininity, heart and heat, body and spirit, all are active now. This can feel like a war, but it is also an awakened state which brings huge opportunity.

  • Laguz (Lake) [Inverse]:

Fear is in you, making you self-conscious, but this is not a fatal flaw. Balance your fear and idealism to step outside of your comfort zone and make the world move around you. Ignore the temptation to hide away from discomfort and confrontation - be bold and you will reach beyond the low-hanging fruit.


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