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Gemini Horoscope ( may 21- june 21)

Best Funny Horoscope for Gemini

By Maria Ostasevici Published 3 years ago 3 min read

Gemini-Kings, even the gods of laziness and boredom. If Robinson Crusoe had been one of the Twins, then Defoe's novella would have ended without beginning, probably because of some poisonous fruit or because Crusoe would have fallen asleep on the beach for a few days. Also, people of the sign Gemini, have such a changeable character and mood, as if it were the chart of Crypto currencies in recent months. If she smiles sweetly like Monica Bellucci now, in five minutes she'll turn cold like Tarantino's movies. Being very attentive people, they notice even the slightest shortcomings of a person, which can completely destroy the good opinion that you had. A friend of mine who is Gemini, said in large company about a girl whom absolutely everyone liked " would not hurt to do something with those mustaches." It seemed that everyone forgot, but when we gathered no one looked this girl in the eye, but rather under the nose.

Love and Family. Regarding personal life, they are very confident in themselves, and more than that, gemini women are sure that the partner must listen to absolutely everything she has to say. Therefore, this season, those who have partners of the sign Gemini will not be bored, and the twins most likely could also talk to them in their sleep. Twins are very complex, complicated, intelligent personalities, in some moments they can be even the best psychologists to you. If we all have a self that leads us, twins even have two, sometimes more. One of them is sweet and tolerant, the other is critical and hateful. That's why the Twins don't know the middle way: either they see your flaws or your qualities, it depends on the twin who looks at you. And if the man you are together with is twins, then if this is the sweet one, he will tell you: "you look better than ever!" but if you come across the ugly one, he'll tell you something like: "when Will you lose weight?"

Healthy and Emotional. Psychologically, the twins will go through a rather difficult period. Even if they seem strong, this pandemic situation terrorizes them and gives them a very deep state of anxiety. That's why, if you somehow notice that it seems depressive, know that it is the right time to support the twins as best you can, because they will need a lot of love and care from those close, especially gifts and attention from the partner. The spring season does not pass in vain for Gemini women, who have the talent to convince you when it's time to start preparing for the summer, the only problem would be that in a week, she will stay at home at the series, and you will have to train by yourself.

Career and Money. Financially, twins have not and will never fail. Why? For the simple reason that they have the talent to convince others to make them expensive gifts, or even money. So, if you are in love with a beautiful girl born during this period, you may be used just a little. But don't think that twins aren't hard working . If he is engaged in the much-desired job that gives him pleasure, then you have no chance to stop him from working, because for them, money is a very important element of our existence (as for the rest of the world). This year the wallet of the Twins will always be full, but there will be a lot of needs because of which the budget will have to be well calculated. It is not the right time to make very expensive purchases, but rather to calculate all expenses. Teamwork is preferable, so the twins now have the chance to be strong friends with colleagues at work. Likewise, it is a perfect chance to gain the trust of superiors.


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Communication and public relations student, Moldova

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mother of two awesome Dobermans.


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