Galaxies, and Beyond.

by Janelle Moore 5 months ago in intellect

Where do they lead to?

Galaxies, and Beyond.
How is this that way, and why?

How beautiful the stars, different colors, of seeping darkness. Where does it all lead to? It is there in sight by a picture, or starlight. But how do we know this about this mass of intelligent, speculations?

Investigations show that what we really think about the Universe, and how it got here is different. So many people take it out of context. Meaning it has to have an explanation of why it is there. They base facts, or truths. Some base myths or Hypothesis. But really one if we base science. Something we have not really done. Does anybody really know?

What is there, and how it was put there was dated by humans, and Animals for centuries. We need to look at fossils, maps, and key concepts that we are not aware of in all ancient artifacts being here on the planet.

We need to seek into different cultural aspects, and places, to place what truths of science in you, and ourselves as the true meaning. If we cannot trust our self's, how can we trust our mind of Math that you get all the truths, and facts from the Universe.

Many seek only one reason to find answers, but why not try many? To see the world as it would be in all created forms of science. Math too, is a Universal concept. If we had no math what would we do? What would we be? And what would happen to the world, and Universe if we did not understand it? We would never understand anything, about anything? So what does that show us? More Math could be an answer.

Every live mass of billions of stars, and planets. Crosses over into our Universe. The Universe hypothesis of ten billion light years. But where does it go form there? Does it just stop? Is there a door, or light at the end of the years of the galaxies?

That all, everything exists through thus Universe, and will always exist. Everything we come in contact with, handle, perceive, sensation, sight, or calculate is in the Universe. We need to combine Science, Math, and History into all levels of finding more real facts about the Universe, and complement in with more ideas. For further explanation of what this world can do!

When someone just takes Science, or Math to discover the Universe. That does not lead to bigger more state of the art facts. We need to combine many subjects even including different languages, to see what we can find. More about the Universe facts, maybe truths if we dig in deeper. But how do we know how to do it? And what is the right way?

Well there was a famous Math expert known as Albert Einstein, who did not even finish the eight grade. Yet he knew about Math, and discovered ways of thinking that we didn't know where possible. But we learned from him. Whether it be in school, or in a book. If he where still alive, we might have even more explanations. Yet this a part of history.

Will a new person like Albert Einstein be born one day to solve thus Universe? Maybe we just have to wait, and see. To figure the pathways, and differences of everything by name, and source. Maybe another historical figure to be considered.

So why are the stars filled with color, shining, and bright? Where does the Universe take you, when your in outer space? How did they get evolved? Many researchers, and hypothesize stated about the big bang. But then why, is everything so perfect? Why does everything seem to fit in? And how is it possible for this? It is for a different sources of Universal Mysteries everywhere, that we need to learn, and grow from it, and about it.

We need someone smart that just like Albert Einstein to evolve in the world, and create some different Math problem that we might use one day. But what will happen when we figure it all out? Will we be bored, and grow tired of the Universe itself? Maybe. That is an excellent point of why we are still searching for answers. Because we are curious, to keep going on about our Universe in a way where we need to solve things. Its a mystery for a detective!

Janelle Moore
Janelle Moore
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