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Funniest 'Star Wars' Memes on the Internet

Whether it's cracking on Meesa Jar Jar, poking lightsabers of fun at Luke's unintelligence, or recording a variety of bun sizes, it's the funniest 'Star Wars' memes, these are.

By Johnson BernardPublished 6 years ago 8 min read

With the release of Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, and an unholy berth of saga additions on the horizon, it's pretty much a given that the universe far, far away isn't going anywhere for quite some time. Add to that the internet's love for turning a phrase, or simply changing a scene, the funniest Star Wars memes are not just beautiful renditions of the amazing pop culture and characters from the saga. They're satires of our love for the stars.

Beyond that, these memes offer us a chance to sort of kick back and make light of a situation that isn't light at all, like Anakin's murderous rampage on the Jedi younglings. Not funny, but when you add a VR promo to the mix and little quip that says: "fulfill all your lightsaber dreams" with the still from that very scene below it... well, you've got a pretty hilarious meme right there. Before I get ahead of myself, let's see what Emperor Palpatine's got hidden up his sleeves.

"Biggest problem in the galaxy"

Among the funniest interpretations of Anakin's younger persona is this meme. It takes a jab at the boy's short conversation with Qui-Gon Jinn in Episode I. The conversation goes as follows:

Anakin: "I don't want to be a problem."Qui-Gon: "You won't be, Ani."

Well, sorry to disappoint you Qui Gon, but he does, in fact, become the absolute biggest problem in the galaxy. Besides the fact that he evolves into Darth Vader, one of the most evil villains in the Star Wars universe, there was also that little incident with the Jedi younglings in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. So much for not being a problem.

"Bro Damarion"

The bromance between Poe Damarion and Finn is absurdly twisted into hilarity by the likes of the internet, a place of jokesters and memes of all kinds. But none so accurately capture the essence of The Force Awakens than this, showcasing a prominent scene involving their gearing up for battle against the evil First Order.

Replacing the actual context of the scene, as the internet loves to do, Poe and Finn's relationship is only made the more hilarious thanks to the likes of whoever made this gem. Through short bursts of laughter, all I can say in response to this addition to the funniest Star Wars memes is: "Bro!"

"What's the internal temperature of a Tauntaun?"

Probably the most hilarious interpretation of the sequences on Hoth in Episode V is an interesting question raised by fans and internet junkies alike:

What's the internal temperature of a tauntaun?

It's a good question, despite the obvious. Cracking on Han's use of a dead tauntaun's body to keep Luke warm (ha) in a snow storm is just how this pic among the funniest Star Wars memes does it right. Yet, here I thought they smelled bad on the outside!

"The Sacred Texts!"

Particularly brand new to the long list of funniest Star Wars memes is taken from Star Wars Episode: VIII. I won't spoil it just yet if you haven't seen it already, even if people are asking what was the point of The Last Jedi, but it involves an important scene in which a valued group of books, reportedly the earliest versions of philosophy and thought shared by the Jedi Knights, goes right up in flames.

Luke's surprised and desperate squeal, which still seems to echo across the vast system of the internet, has people rolling on the floor, laughing over people's own additions to the mix; like, I don't know, when you're mom throws away LEGO instructions before you've even built the thing. Damn it, mom, those were the sacred texts! Or, this one's even worse, when you accidentally delete a group chat. You don't need the Force to get these awesome jokes.

"Alderaan Places"

Making fun of the relationship shared between Luke and Leia is a melting pot of hilarity, due to the fact that (spoiler alert) they're brother and sister. But, when you add just a hint of the good ole Star Wars lore, you get one of the most force sensitive and funniest Star Wars memes.

Like this one, an apt double entendre that both plays on a slight Skywalker incest, in addition to the sad (but hilarious) destruction of Alderaan, which is now most likely nothing but particles and dust. At least we now know two places where not to find love.

"Top 10 pranks that went too far"

Though it's not quite the Death Star, Starkiller Base is still a hefty and menacing murderous machine that, as you can see from one of the funniest Star Wars memes, can destroy nearly 7 planets in one go of it. Makes the Death Star look like nothing but a disco ball.

When the internet gets its hands on something, they gotta put their own spin on it, but this is actually pretty factual. When the First Order ended the Galactic Republic in a hail of plasma from across the galaxy, I shivered a little in my seat, but they definitely took this prank way too far. I can't imagine their idea of April Fools.

"No one can kill a Jedi."

Oh Ani, you were so innocent back then. It may not have been one of the best Star Wars quotes, or even the most accurate, but it painted a rather intricate character of the young Darth Vader; i.e. like the asshole he truly is. No one can kill a Jedi, huh Ani? Tell that to Qui-Gon Jinn.

Remember, this is coming from a child, but that child would go on to not only kill a bunch of Jedi, but also a room-full of younglings. Younglings! What the hell did they do, get sand in your shoes?

"Ben Solo"

Kylo Ren is anything but a new Darth Vader, but he does act similarly to Anakin Skywalker in a number of ways, one of which is his simple-minded belief that he's the coolest dude in the entire galaxy.

Okay, that was partly a joke, but really Ben? You gotta be such a loner all the time? Exemplary of his Darth Vader similarities are Ben's complete lack for wearing any color at all, getting pissed off at nothing but stubbing his toe and, lest we forget, loving to wear a mask that makes him sound far more sinister than he really is. Did Han Solo even raise this kid?

"I don't like sand..."

It all makes sense, now. Why do you think Obi-Wan brought Luke to Tatooine? It wasn't because of his good ole aunt and uncle, but because Anakin Skywalker would have never gone to a planet full of sand!

By far among the funniest Star Wars memes are the plays on Anakin's disliking of course, rough surfaces, specifically sand. In this reimagining the end of Revenge of the Sith, it appears Anakin's become what he's sought to destroy throughout the entire prequels. Oh, no, not the Sith or the evil Separatists, just plain old sand. Obi-Wan was a genius!

"Try it out."

Thank you, Mark Hamill. Without you, Star Wars would never be what it is today, which is a space opera about a cultist hermit and a young kid at odds with himself, who also loves to drink blue milk and bitch about not being able to go to Flight School. So, thanks Mark Hamill, because you make the funniest Star Wars memes even better.

That's when he's not staring down the barrel of a plasma weapon like an idiot! And Ben just looks on, almost begging him to do it. Is there like a safety switch or something on these things? If not, the originals would be a lot different, and Luke would be missing far more than an arm. Ah, good ole Mark Hamill, gotta love him.

"It's Diglett!"

Anakin Skywalker: simultaneously the most evil and annoying dark side villain from the Star Wars universe. While the prequels weren't all that bad, you still may need a death stick or two to get through them all in one sitting.

But, when you've got some of the funniest Star Wars memes to help you along the way, they're ten times better. Like this, fusing our beloved show from childhood, Pokémon, with that of Padme's despairing death. Maybe next time you'll get it right, Ani, all you gotta do is use the Force after all.

"Written and Directed by George Lucas"

To end this montage of the funniest Star Wars memes, I present to you the absolute best example of them: "Written and Directed by George Lucas." These are by far the most hilarious and probably the most stupendous of them all, sidestepping the boundary of fact and showcasing a brilliant inclusion of alternate endings that could have made the storyline much shorter.

If you need more of these terrific memes, Imgur's dump of hilarious alternate endings is literally priceless. In the one shown above, a shot taken from the original trilogy and involving the initial boarding scene, could have had a completely different outcome if, as the meme presents, the ship was simply just shot down. Just goes to show you never know how the internet will spin something to its own liking—or, should I say "end."


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