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Full Moon Reflections

by Charlyn Green 2 years ago in astronomy

Moonlight Insights with musical inspiration


Full Moon Energy, I receive

The Divine, the Feminine, the Sensual

Look up, gratefully and believe

It‘s divine, it‘s feminine and beautiful

Dancing in the moonlight

Everybody's feeling warm and bright

It's such a fine and natural sight

Everybody's dancing in the moonlight

(Sherman Kelly)

Moonlight Insights

I stare directly into you, receiving your silvery light through my eyes

Then closing them, I turn within and begin to have such insight:

Grandmothers and great aunts who have made their transitions, all are alive in me right now... I visualize their loving faces, and feel their gentle guidance, their positive force. I give thanks for my mother, and her presence on this plane. I feel her support that never fails, as moonbeams shower me. I hear her laughter and her lessons, as I conjure the scent of her cookies, baked in love and so much goodness... Absorbing goddess energy for my real Self to rise and shine

My aunts and my big sisters, female friends and all who recognize, reveal and respect Divine Feminine Power- in Womanhood, I am one with You, You are One with Me, with the Woman in the Moon

Daughters, nieces, and girls for whom I am a teacher

This lunar love and light I share with you

Be illuminated!

Tonight is your chance

Let’s Dance!


The Solar and Lunar Alliance

There must be Music on the Moon,

Listen close to hear it

Humming in eleven-part harmony,

reducing down to two

Me and You.

There must be Music on the Moon,

Inside of Mind we’re near it

Twenty-nine heartbeats in each bar

Inside of Soul, we feel it

Cosmic beings play

Subtle lunar grooves

Moving through each phase, effecting tidal waves and how we kiss,

on a night like this...

I know there is Music on the Moon,

and it must be for two

Me and You

It is male and female in perfect balance,

the solar and lunar alliance

Bound by its eternal sound, inside of love vibrations,

It feels like romance, mystery, and abundance...

And it’s always for two

It is Me and You


Dark Side Emanation

You, Sister Moon, are the epitome of serenity

You are calm objectified...

But why oh why do we become so crazy

and dissatisfied ?

The howlers, barkers, and hyperactive know

Our freak reaction to your gentle glow

It’s extra potent when you’re full

And turns us into lunatics, fools!

A bomb that ticks, a bag of tricks

We lose our wits and some just quit...

But when we cry out loud, and ask from the heart

for strength and truth and honesty

Your radiance speaks to the quieted mind, saying:

Surely, this is just a phase

Hold on, there’ll be brighter days

Sister moon will be my guide

In your blue blue shadows I would hide

All good people asleep tonight

I'm all by myself in your silver light

I would gaze at your face the whole night through

I'd go out of my mind but for you

I'd go out of my mind but for you



The Essence of Rebirth

Intimacy, ecstasy and bliss- we live for moments like this

Coming together to recreate

the heavenly on Earth,

the essence of rebirth

Imagination, creativity and vision -we live in moments like this

It is still love, and still evolving, growing with each cycle

Coming together to heal the hurt

The essence of Rebirth

We came together and healed the hurt

The Essence of Rebirth


About the author

Charlyn Green

The Cosmic Goddess Herself inhabits the body, mind and soul of Charlyn Green. I am her and she is me. Creative Being, and Being Creative with music, thought and deeds,

words, sound, and pictures

Love Peace and Soul

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