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Free Weekly Reading #14 Mirror Dragon Tarot

by Victoria LaPointe 6 months ago in astronomy

Reading for 4-5 thru 4-11-21

Thoth Tarot Deck

Each week when I do these readings I set up my reading space with black fabric (for the photo, mostly but it also allows for and smooth, calm space to focus on the cards) make sure I have undisturbed quiet time; dogs are out, husband is at work/play/store/whatever, phone is off, etc… I begin with a quick grounding meditation and settle into a centered peace to ask for guidance in choosing the cards which will be most appropriate for the week ahead. I shuffle the cards with my intent in mind and spread them in a dealer’s “ribbon spread”. Then with eyes closed, I ask for the Center card, the West card and finally, the East card, reaching out to the spread, touching the cards and choosing the one that feels most fully under my finger tip, then sliding them into their positions. Before opening my eyes I return to a calm, centered state and do my best to sense whether the three cards I’ve chosen are the most fitting for the highest and best for all involved. Only then do I turn them face up and photograph them for the reading. There are times when I see the three cards before me and groan or breathe a sigh of relief but I always use the cards I’ve selected ”blindly”.

That said;

The Center card this week is the Hermit.

My sense of the Hermit card is that it’s an encouragement to look within for guidance, comfort and inspiration. Many see the process of seeking inner wisdom as a solitary journey of sacrifice and asceticism, limiting oneself to purify, in order to become closer to Spirit. What I see in the Hermit is encouragement to recognize that our experience of physicality and the attachment to a material world is a lesson learned and, as we discover the fulfillment which comes from our own inner light, that material fixation is no longer needed. We find that materialism isn’t the cure for dissatisfaction or loneliness or feelings of lack and in fact fuels the desire to accumulate more and more “things” to fill a void at the center of the self. More acceptance than accumulation, I see the Hermit as a realization that all we desire to have, be or know can be found within us. Taking time for contemplation and quiet acceptance of the light that we have within is important. To integrate that inner light we first must find and accept it. Think of the angry, dissatisfied rich kid. We may all see him as spoiled and pampered having all his physical needs and whims met and everything ready at his fingertips but what is often glaringly absent is the compassion, love and encouragement the child needs to be truly happy. This week we’ll likely have the chance to spend time contemplating what we truly need to feel satisfied. Is it the new car, the fabulous pair of shoes, the raise at work or the attention of someone that may or may not have our best interest at heart? Take some time to think about it.

The West card is the Princess of Pentacles.

I see the princesses of the Tarot as having the courage of innocence. They are at the beginning of their path and therefore have no idea how the outcome should look. Without the pressure of expectation they’re free to do things differently, surpass boundaries that for them don't even exist yet and take a left turn when others might have gone right. In this way they move towards what they choose to do, be or learn open to all the possibilities rather than feeling the need to stay within preordained structure or boundaries. As this is the princess of pentacles, we’re looking at resources so be open this week to new opportunities for income, recognition and assistance. Write that review, ask for that raise, reply to that offer or seek a new way of managing time. Don’t be afraid to buck the system. Maybe you’ll find that doors you thought were locked were simply closed, try the handle.

The East card is the Knight of Cups.

The knights (kings) of each suit represent the mastery of its energy and the wisdom to grow from there. In this case, with the cups, we see from the viewpoint of emotion, beliefs and soul connections. It’s nice to see this card here, It shows that we’ve given ourselves a chance to contemplate the emotional and spiritual aspects of the situations we’re facing. As a result, we’re able to allow ourselves to proceed with open hearts. The Knights are powerful in their knowledge. As opposed to the energy of the innocent princesses, the knights have “seen it all” and have the wisdom to choose an effective course of action as well as the confidence to be inspired to expand their horizons.

In Conclusion;

The words for the week are contemplation and acceptance. The energy at his time will likely feel slow or bogged down and may seem to drag but this is a great energy in which to take time out to relax and think. Try to quiet the demanding voices of your daily routine. Know that the demands for attention and action will still be there when you return your focus to them but, perhaps with a clearer knowledge of fulfillment from within, you won’t feel as put-upon or as obligated to perform once you reconnect with the power and light of your own wisdom.

Have a reflective week.

Light, Tory

TIP for the week: Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself. RUMI

For more information or to book a personal reading please go to www.MirrorDragon.com.

Thank you!


Victoria LaPointe

I'm an intuitive Tarot card reader. It's my day job and I love it. My journey began in 1977 when I had my first card reading. I was astounded and inspired so I bought my first deck, began to learn and I'm still astounded and inspired.

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Victoria LaPointe
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