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by Jed Quinn 11 months ago in science fiction

Stellarodex recording 001

DATE: August 20, 3000, AD.

LOCATION: Fauna Space Dock, in space hangar 0139, onboard the Space Frigate Morningstar.

Lucky me, a micrometeorites shower warning.

Micrometeorites can punch super-small holes in Starships damaging electrical systems like life-support. So, the Fauna Space Dock is taking it seriously, as should I but, today was meant to be my maiden voyage in my new spaceship.

Well, Morningstar is new to me. With my parents' help and the Bank of the Earth Federation, I bought it at a spaceship junkyard.

Guess I'll introduce myself; I am Frankyl Shepard. I'm recording this message via stellarodex. My stellarodex is an electronic blue-green bracelet (it acts as an Omni-device like your space wallet, computer, phone, camera, space passport, etc.). I'll be recording my travels into my stellarodex bracelet. Well, I would be traveling if it wasn't for the damn shower warning.

In an American accent, a disembodied voice says, "Perhaps you can give them a tour of the ship, Capitan."

"Humm, good idea Sol. Oh, I haven't introduced my copilot and the personality of Morningstar. Readers, this is Sol, the ship's AI."

A rainbow of light congealed into a white-blue humanoid to say, "Hello."

"Sol, would you like to give the readers the tour of the Morningstar?"

"Yes. Are you ready, readers." Sol twists her translate petite shape as a graceful dancer, says, "Here we have the loading and storage dock of the Morningstar. Capable of handling one space fighter." Agile see-through fingers point to the space fighter, "this is the Federation Class Dragonfly model number 840."

"The junkyard that I bought my ship from thrown the fighter for free. In our humble Marble Nebule, the Dragonfly Class is the fastest space fighter that came out of the old Federation system for its duat diamond battery systems."

"Towards the bow," says Sol, "that is the front of the spaceship, is the Earth Room."

Stepping through the hatch, the heat from Earth Room slaps you with a wet towel. The steam of the room makes breathing difficult. A concert of humming, thrumming, buzzing, and chirping suffocate my ears. Toucan chirps in a Giant Red Cedar tree covering the ceiling. Bright red Hanging Lobster Claws scratch as you walk on the open path and every color of Orchid is meet by buzzing Hummingbirds. Thrumming cicadas sit on the bark of a super-tall Kapok tree. Bromeliads challenge the walk-way, trying to reclaim it. The exact way leads to a giant water-basin; Goliath Frogs sit in large Victoria water lilies as they bob and wave to look like a natural hot tub. The combined scent of vegetation, moisture, soil, and decaying plants and wood flared my nostrils. It's not a bad smell--it's the smell of life!

"Like the one in Human Town," Sol says, "back in Fauna Capital, this Earth Room mimic the Earth tropical rainforests. This is the larges room in Morningstar, taking over two decks of the ship. All the plant's animals are clones. The plants are used for a dozen purposes like the GMO super-bananas, specially grown to have every vitamin and protein for the healthy astronaut diet. Plus, to produce enough oxygen for its crew and scrub away the carbon dioxide in vents of the ship. And the animals help to keep the plant life alive and well."

"Okay, let's head to the mid-deck."

Stapping back into the storage room, I climb the ladder to the mid-deck.

Sol materializes in the tight, gunmetal hall to say, "Here we have the mid-deck hall. Directly in front is the ships' canteen where the food and alcohol are kept. To the stern or back of the ship is the living quarters where up to ten humanoids can rest, and behind those rooms is the ship's nuclear fission reactor. The Morningstar is equipped with a luminous capacitor, model FTL II to give the ship twice the speed-of-light in under ten minutes."

"Cool, let's continue the tour to the upper-deck and the best part of the ship."

Up the double staircase, my boots echo in the silent spaceship. Sol materializes again in Observation Bridge, the second largest room in the ship. These three giant windows show the bow, the port or left side, the starboard or right side, and an oversized window above. The triple orange strip with white color scheme wraps around the dozen computers to give the bridge a retro-futurism and ironic fashion feel.

"There would be dozens of starlight coming out of those windows and Zothiegawa, the gas giant, and its icy moon Fauna would be flouting in front. But, sadly, we have this silver wall to look at, what a shame? In the other hatch towards the stern is my room or the Captain Quaturers."

PA announcement, "Hello visitors to space, the micrometeorite shower has passed. The micrometeorite shower warning is over, the emergency lockdown has been lifted. Spaceships are now allowed to leave their hangers at any time to enjoy space, thank you and sorry for any inconveniences."

"Hear that, Sol. We can leave, quick get the ship ready to fly."

"I will ready the reactor and tell space dock about our departure."

"Oh, get ready, readers. We are about to see space."

I hit the front computer's buttons and squeeze the dual joysticks with sweaty palms and lick my dry lips. A moment pass, to feel my heart pound away the seconds, the silver metal wall bracks open. A dark carpet of gleaming reds, oranges, and blues dazzling my eyes. The orbital space dock rotated, all the stars were at once eclipse by a massive turquoise sphere.

The pilots set tremble, the orange-white computers shudder, and I could hear loosely fitted pipes on the bridge rattle. The reactor disturbed the spaceship to live.

"Ready space? Here I go," I whisper. Push the joysticks down at once into the sit and enter the dizzying blackness of space. My wrist-roll the joysticks to put the frozen moon of Fauna behind me. I can't help but think about the last words I said to my parents back on Fauna Space Dock...

...Lea Shepard, in bright purple hair like mine, said, "Oh, poo. The fireworks started. Those could have been the last fireworks you get to see, Frankyl."

Nathan Shepard, who I get my strong chin from, open, closed his mouth, and shifted his weight on one foot then the other.

In front of Space Hanger 0139, we watched seizures of colors sprinkle inside the honeycomb-dome of Fauna Capital. Promptly, I glanced back at my parents and said, "Well, this is it, Mom. Dad."

Nathan said, "Are you, sure son? Is this what you really want?"

I hugged my mom; she felt warm. A tear bush against my cheek. I turned to shack my Dad's hand, but he embraced me, breathes clean clothes, and said, "Goodbye and good luck Frankyl."

*End Recording*

science fiction
Jed Quinn
Jed Quinn
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