Four Technologies that are Revolutionary right now

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Four Technologies that are Revolutionary right now

In this millennium, technology has grown and evolved at such a fast and rising pace. Now we have cars powered by electricity, digital intelligence that automates the process and speed of working on applications such as Spotify and even YouTube. Companies and individuals that are behind the wheel are at a loss due to the rapid growth of technology. At this point in the technology age ruled by the emergence of Artificial intelligence, let's look and identify the most important trends that have shaped this interesting 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has grown the most especially during the turn of the year 2000. AI is much different than your average program due to their ability to learn and make their own decisions. It is predicted that in this year, people will increasingly work alongside AI in designing and deploying AI based systems for most businesses. This means that much of the AI applications will be done through providers that are as service platforms, which would mean you are feeding data and even paying to commute its resources.

Major companies that deploy AI are Amazon, Google, IBM, Tesla and even Microsoft, which has seen the improvement and quicker deployment of services in their web applications. In fact, there would be a wider adoption and being able to satisfy the needs of consumers at a more rapid pace.

Artificial Intelligence refers to a system or digital platform that resembles or can even act just like human intelligence and perform basic tasks such as recognising images, speech, patterns and being able to make decisions. The only difference between us and these digital products is that they make decisions and complete tasks much faster and more accurately than humans could. AI services are used in almost everyday to day activities such as navigation apps, streaming popular media services, personal assistants, ride sharing, schedule trains, assess business risk and even money saving tasks.

It is believed by experts that before the year 2030, this automated process by AI would eliminate about 73 million jobs. It is also believed that by 2020, about 23 million jobs especially in the field of AI would also be created. The need for those jobs in the aspect of developing, programming, testing, support and maintaining web applications and also various AI services that have been created. Although there might be several disadvantages especially in the aspect of losing one’s job, AI opens various windows and opportunities especially for IT professionals seeking to build a career in the AI industry.

Robotic Process Automation

So just like AI, Robotic Process Automation is another form of technology that can help to quickly automate and speed up various jobs and tasks. Simply put, Robotic Process Automation or RPA is a form of software that is used to automate various processes which include interpreting applications, processing transactions, dealing with data, replying customer’s on a platform and even being used to reply emails. It simply solves the manual task by automating repetitive tasks done by most people.

The most interesting part is that it can even automate the work of even high managerial activities in managers, doctors and CEOs. Experts estimate that RPA could most likely eliminate over 230 million jobs which is approximately about 9 percent of the entire globe workforce. So if you thought AI were eliminating jobs, I could imagine how worried you might be with RPA.

Although RPA might threaten millions of professionals' livelihood, it also creates new jobs and alters existing ones. If you are an IT professional you should take this with a pinch of salt and see how you could understand the technology trends and view plenty of career opportunities in this industry. Various jobs in RPA include being a developer, project manager, business analyst, consultant and even being a solution architect.

If you thought that these might be too stressful for you to get involved in, the average RPA salary is very high, as reported that you could be offered an average of $73,000. That salary expectation was compiled from junior level developers all the way to the very top, where senior architects earn over $141,000 annually. Surely that's a lot of figures for your trouble so look at starting a career in the RPA industry.


In the age we live in, things have turned to be more digital and cards or online payment are preferred rather than always using cash. The same can be said in the growth of blockchain technology. If you think of blockchain, you most likely think of some cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and even Bitcoin cash. In a nutshell, blockchain can be viewed as a secure way of making payment in an encrypted form. The technology is very broad and in depth, but unlike most currencies that require validating transactions from at times a trusted third party, it’s different in the aspect of blockchain technology.

The growth of blockchain has also seen various industries especially e commerce implement this form of payment from their customers which has also led to more demand for skilled professionals who can work and improve these technologies. A blockchain developer's main role would be in developing and implementing various solutions and architecture in blockchain technology. An average salary of a blockchain developer is about $130,000 per annum. Due to its rise and emergence, there are some who believe that it’s somewhat overrated and not as impressive as many make it to be, but continued investment from top companies such as IBM and even Mastercard tends to say otherwise.

Autonomous Driving

Another form of technology that has tended to rise would be in the transportation industry in the form of autonomous vehicles. Just as the technology name implies, it focuses more on automating driving and making it possible for the car to drive itself. There is already some positive progress in this field as some of the latest cars already have a feature that warns the driver when you're too close to an object or automatic braking when you drive too close to another car.

During an interview, Elon Musk, Tesla chief gave a comment in regards to the growth of his company in the automotive industry. Elon said “I expect my company to create a truly “complete” autonomous vehicle by this year, and the number of vehicles capable of operating with a lesser degree of autonomy – such as automated braking and lane changing – will become an increasingly common sight. In addition to this, other in car systems not directly connected to driving, such as security and entertainment functions – will become increasingly automated and reliant on data capture and analytics”.

With how autonomous driving is growing, it would likely be a time where self driving cars could tend to be the new normal and reality in the near distant future.

In all, the growth of technology is tremendous and there are various benefits in it’s investment and driving of positive change. The question left would be how well would you embrace or reject this coming change and where would you be.

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