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Forget HAL 9000: Theory Says Wall-E Is The Most Evil Robot On Earth

It isn't just Transformers that are robots in disguise, does Pixar's Wall-E also feature a machine with ulterior motives?

By Tom ChapmanPublished 6 years ago 2 min read
'Wall-E' [Credit: Disney]

It isn't just Transformers that are robots in disguise, does #Pixar's Wall-E also feature a machine with ulterior motives? Under the surface of the feel-good tale about star-crossed lovers was a political commentary on health and the planet, however, beneath that, does there bubble and even darker tale of #horror and homicide?

Everyone remembers the nostalgic robot who longed for the days of black and white movies and a planet long gone. While it may have seemed that AUTO, the sadistic ship's computer, was the villain of the piece, a new #theory poses that the real bad guy is Wall-E himself. In fact, Wall-E isn't just a mechanical maniac, he is the Serpent from Genesis.

Rise Of The Machines

'The Simpsons' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

Appearing on the Reddit r/FanTheories, user Vexelius takes Wall-E on a religious trip into the Bible and the Garden of Eden. Some may see Wall-E as the Jesus-esque messiah who sacrifices himself and then rises from the dead, but he actually has a lot more in common with the Serpent.

So, the Axiom ship is seen as paradise; there is no illness, hunger, or war. Religion and politics don't exist, and despite being bored, the human race is living a happy existence. Along comes Wall-E with his seedling and everything changes. By giving the plant to EVE (and then the Captain) it feeds the temptation for something more. Just like the Serpent lured Adam and Eve with the forbidden fruit, Wall-E and his plant work in the same way.

Doing The Devil's Work

'Wall-E' [Credit: Disney]

So, the parable is that Wall-E/Serpent gives the plant/apple to EVE/Eve and it results in the human race being cast out of their ship/paradise and forced to work on Earth. The theory wraps up with a neat passage from the Bible that is hard to ignore:

"By the end of the movie, we see that mankind has settled back on Earth, and have returned to activities such as agriculture and fishing. Something that brings a resemblance to Genesis 3:19 - By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return."

It takes an even more macabre turn when Reddit looks to the future. It imagines that in many generations time, the surviving members of the human race would tell stories about how we were cast out of our perfect existence by the satanic robot named Wall-E and forced to toil the rest of our days in misery.

Director Andrew Stanton has already stated that EVE got her name as a nod to the Bible and Wall-E's loneliness. He also stated that the plant was supposed to be like the olive branch from Noah's Ark. However, this new theory really takes the kids' film on a dark new trajectory. Is Wall-E lurking in some Futurama version of Robot Hell? Pfft, and you thought Pixar was all rats who could cook and cuddly closet monsters!


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  • Gordon Allen Woolum Jr.8 months ago

    You call it Paradise when every human on the ship is living in sin with gluttony dude wake up

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