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[Focus Interview] New technology and new infrastructure

by Galvao Vinson 2 months ago in artificial intelligence
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Artificial intelligence: Unlocking the possibilities

We continue to focus on "New technologies and new infrastructure". AI artificial intelligence, is a concept put forward in the 1950s, has more than 60 years ago. However, it is only in recent years, with the rapid development of Internet, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, that artificial intelligence has seen explosive growth, with various application scenarios gradually enriched. Artificial intelligence technologies such as intelligent voice interaction, human-machine collaboration, face recognition, image retrieval and machine translation have penetrated into all aspects of social life such as communication, transportation, finance, medical care, agriculture and government services. Today, why will artificial intelligence be included in the new infrastructure construction field? How AFTER ALL IS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF OUR COUNTRY? Artificial intelligence technology has created virtual people that can listen and speak like real people. As a hot word, artificial intelligence has been mentioned more and more frequently in recent years. Some of the past only existed in the imagination, thanks to artificial intelligence has become a reality.

The term "artificial intelligence" sounds familiar to everyone, but when it comes to what is artificial intelligence, most people may not be able to say. So what exactly is artificial intelligence?

What is artificial intelligence? Tsinghua university professor, state key laboratory of cognitive intelligence of the academic committee wu and said: "artificial intelligence to clarify it is quite difficult, originally want to allow the computer to make some originally only man can do, do not machine, people are very smart, we call it artificial intelligence is such a subject. But the concept of artificial intelligence -- what it means, what it means -- has evolved over the years."

Simply put, artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science, a computing method built on the foundation of digitalization. In any industry, when the foundation of digitalization has a certain level, the applied machines can be intelligently transformed, so that the machines can learn the wisdom of human beings and react intelligently like human beings, which is artificial intelligence.

In recent years, artificial intelligence has developed rapidly, and many application scenarios of artificial intelligence have been more and more in our side. Iflytek Research Institute recently released a research result -- barrier-free intelligent communication technology, using this technology, when people make online calls, different languages can realize synchronous text translation, making the communication completely barrier-free. Another smart feature of the technology is the ability to push relevant services in real time based on the content of the conversation. For example, when the conversation talks about a football game, it can also push a video about the game. In fact, artificial intelligence can not only become a useful assistant in our life, but also widely used in the field of industrial production. Ai is also used in power inspection at the 220 kV Jinxiu substation in Hefei, Anhui province. In the past, ultrasonic inspections of power grid lines required the installation of special sensors, which were time consuming and difficult to image. Now the acoustic imager using artificial intelligence technology can detect the ultrasonic wave anytime and anywhere and synchronously form the voice print, and then through the voice print data analysis to accurately judge.

In recent years, in Chinese communications, transportation, finance, medical treatment and other fields, artificial intelligence technology has been widely used. Many countries around the world have put artificial intelligence into their national strategic layout, and China is no exception. Since 2020, artificial intelligence has been included in the category of national new infrastructure.

Why is artificial intelligence included in the new infrastructure?

"Why is it new infrastructure in itself? It will become the infrastructure of the society. Now Chinese people are used to going out without their wallets. For example, when their mobile phones run out of electricity, it will be very troublesome. As artificial intelligence is more and more permeated into all aspects of our production and life, the operation efficiency of the whole society is also greatly improved, and the inevitable trend in the future is that artificial intelligence will have a more extensive and in-depth impact on our production and life.

Wu said, "What is the future? Any action we take is calculated. For example, if we swipe our face to enter the customs, we need to compare whether the face we get is the same as the information on our ID card. Computing is needed everywhere. Computing is fundamental. We have the ability to be smart, so it will permeate all industries and become the new infrastructure."

Artificial intelligence has been growing from scratch. How did it develop?

How has artificial intelligence developed?

Since the birth of the concept of artificial intelligence in the middle of last century, the development of global artificial intelligence has experienced three waves and two valleys. Development is full of twists and turns of the main reason is the lack of computer performance, missing data. In the past, our national economic and technological development level was not high, and our artificial intelligence research started relatively late, and the road of development was not smooth, with many setbacks and challenges. Only in recent years, the rapid development of Chinese Internet, cloud computing, big data and other technologies has brought digital transformation to the traditional industries, and the application field of artificial intelligence has been expanding. In recent years, artificial intelligence technology has received widespread attention from the country and society. Under the dual drive of policy and technology, artificial intelligence technology and application in China have developed rapidly. Many applications that were once almost impossible have become reality, and driverless cars are one of them. Now, the world's first networked cloud-controlled high-level autonomous driving demonstration area has been built in Yizhuang, Beijing. Recently the reporter came here to experience one. Reporters in the experience process, feel the driverless vehicle, whether straight or turn are very smooth, and can avoid vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles, but also accurately determine whether to overtake and safe execution. There are many types of driverless vehicles in the demonstration area. Buses, logistics vehicles, test vehicles and various operating vehicles can be seen everywhere, and passengers can also experience them from time to time.

As an extension and application of artificial intelligence technology in the automobile industry and transportation field, unmanned driving has attracted wide attention in recent years. Now, more than 40 companies are conducting research on high-level unmanned driving, and road tests have been conducted in more than 30 cities across the country.

The future of artificial intelligence?

At present, China's artificial intelligence industry has embarked on the road of rapid development, driven by policy and market, and the industrial scale is expanding and the industrial chain is constantly improving.

"In fact, our country lags behind developed countries in terms of traditional industrial capabilities, but the backwardness has given us the impetus to develop next-generation technologies," Wu said. In recent years, our country in the aspect of artificial intelligence, benefited from the urgent social needs, benefited from the large number of population brought by the data convenience, makes us in the artificial intelligence technology application form above, especially iterative optimization has its own characteristics."

At present, the development of artificial intelligence in China is basically synchronized with the advanced level of the world, and ranks among the international leaders in the fields of machine translation, unmanned driving, speech recognition and synthesis, and has formed a relatively comprehensive and standardized artificial intelligence technical standards and service system. In the future, the combination of artificial intelligence with 5G, big data and other new infrastructure fields will drive the rapid development of many industries and lay the foundation for the digital and intelligent transformation of many fields. "There will be a place for artificial intelligence technology in any field, and it will fundamentally change the efficiency of human society as a whole," Wu said. The future of artificial intelligence embeddedness is likely to be invisible, just because this thing works, it will become more and more an unconscious thing embedded in every aspect of social life." With the penetration of artificial intelligence in various fields, there is an increasing demand for related talents. Now, many universities have set up artificial intelligence related majors, and the talent pool of artificial intelligence industry is constantly enriched. In the future, there are broad prospects for the development of artificial intelligence in China and great possibilities.

"Our AI technology, whether it's some academic papers published in academia or the state of AI application in the world, is good, but we can't just be satisfied with this step," Wu said. If we make some cutting-edge, ground-breaking contributions to problems that are recognized around the world, then I think we will be more proud to say that we are truly an AI powerhouse."

At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation led by artificial intelligence is on the rise. Artificial intelligence is exerting a significant and far-reaching impact on economic development, social progress and global governance. It is conceivable that artificial intelligence, which can simulate human consciousness and thinking process, will become the carrier of human intelligence in the future. Because of this, many countries in the world are rushing from the aspect of national strategic deployment of artificial intelligence, China is also a new generation of artificial intelligence as promote upgrading of the leaping development of science and technology, industry, the overall productivity become the driving force, give full play to the advantages of huge amounts of data and rich application scenario, strengthen the core technology, accelerate the construction of the new infrastructure, We will promote the deeper integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy, and promote the innovative development of artificial intelligence.

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