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Flight to Paradise

Dream Flight

By John M Edwards JrPublished 6 months ago Updated 6 months ago 3 min read
Flight to Paradise
Photo by Kym MacKinnon on Unsplash

King Yeshua, just as he had promised, burst through the clouds, coming back to pick up his people. When he had left, he stated that he was going away to prepare mansions for his people. His people didn’t wait for him to touch down to the ground. Empowered by this inner spiritual force, they rose up to meet him in the air. Even those who had been waiting for his arrival in bunkers six feet below, burst through the earth’s surface to meet him in the air.

Everyone looked around recognizing many friends and relatives they had not seen in many years. They were all on this flight to the mansions King Yeshua had promised them. They were so happy, they begin to sing. The joy they felt, headed to their new homeland made their voices sound as sweet as the voices of angels. They were headed to a home where sorrow and pain no longer existed, and a land that knew no violence. They were told that in this land, no one dies, everyone lives forever. They were told that in this land lions and sheep lay down together. It was said that this land was more beautiful than Dubai. The streets were said to be paved with gold and the gates as you entered the city were made of pearl. In this city, there was no darkness. It was always light. There is energy in this city that prevents you from getting tired. The people sang joyfully as they continue to fly to this beautiful city. As they looked around and saw relatives and friends they thought had died, they could see it was true, their relatives and friends had not died but had just been sleeping, resting in the bunkers six feet down while they awaited the arrival of King Yeshua.

Ruler Yahweh rose up to greet the people in the air, the people he had anticipated showing his face to, the people who had for many years had long to see him. These were the ones that King Yeshua had chosen to be adopted into the royal family.

There were thousands incoming. Those that King Yeshua had chosen as ambassadors to his kingdom had went out sharing the wonderful news about King Yeshua’s plans to better their lives. Individuals enthused about King Yeshua’s plans, got to meet King Yeshua themselves. King Yeshua seeing their sincerity also adopted them into his family. He showed them how to live healthier, peaceful and fulfilling lives. The only rule he required of them was to love his father whom unknown to them had created the beauty of the world they dwelled in. They were also required to show love to others, the same love they desire others to show them.

Ruler Yahweh was happy to greet the new members of his family that his son King Yeshua had chosen to come live with them. He looked forward to showing them the mansions that his son King Yeshua had prepared for them.

The people flying into Paradise were very happy. They had come from different backgrounds. Some had survived homelessness since they were children. Some were physically handicapped. There were many who had been living with pain that medical professionals were unable to figure out. There were many who had suffered persecutions because of the different shades of their skin. Some had suffered persecutions because they chose to believe that King Yeshua had a better way for them to live and a promised beautiful future. There was no pain, no discrimination, no hatred in Paradise, only love. Today in Paradise marked a beautiful new beginning for everyone.


About the Creator

John M Edwards Jr

Born in San Francisco, CA. Son of a preacher. After committing my life to Jesus Christ, I noticed the letter I wrote to God had rhyming lines. That became my first poem.

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  • HandsomelouiiThePoet (Lonzo ward)6 months ago

    Great job ❤️😉Nice Storytelling 💯❗❗

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