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Fire Within

by Stephanie Hall 7 months ago in fantasy

Fight for those you care about

Fire Within
Photo by Max Kukurudziak on Unsplash

“Ma’am, we need you to step back!”

“Building is under lockdown.”

“They have a gun!”

I could the fire within me burning as I looked frantically around for someone, anyone, to tell me what happened and who was involved. Spying Dale off to the side, I pushed my way through, grabbing him by the shoulder.

“Who is still in there?” I questioned and his eyes darted around, clearly afraid to tell me the truth.

“Gibby is still in there,” he whispered, “and so is the rest of his team, as well as half my team. That’s all I know.”

My hands twitched as screams came from inside, my orange tinted eyes glaring around, spying some people running from the back of the building, trying to be as quick as possible. I ran up to them, ignoring Dale as he called out as I stopped short in front of Sarah.

“He is still in there,” she rushed out, knowing what I was about to ask, her dark eyes glimmering with unshed tears. “The gunman said he knows you and he is hunting down the one who took you from him.”

“But no one took me away from anyone,” I muttered and flinched when gunshot ricocheted around us.

I could feel eyes on me as I bolted to the side of the shed, peeping around the corner to quickly assess the situation. The gunman had his back to me and I met eyes with Anna, who slowly shook her head as an indication to stay away. The gunman stalked around, shoving his gun into some of the hostages faces. A hand on my shoulder pulled me back and I twirled around, almost smacking Violet out.

“Jeez woman,” I hissed out, “what are you doing here?”

“We are here to help,” she hissed back and I glanced behind her to see Sky and Marina smirking.

“Sweet,” I smiled and turned back, catching Ricks’ glance. “Let me distract the gunman.”

“Don’t use your powers,” Violet warned. “You know what will happen.”

“I know,” I answered before realizing they had powered up into their fairy form, powers heightened to the max.

Stepping in, I yelled out and the gunman spun around, gun pointed straight at me; my hands raised to show I don’t intend to fight.


“Yeah Jack,” I snapped. “Why are you doing this?”

“You’re mine first and mine alone,” he yelled out as I continued to glare at him.

“No, I’m not,” I shouted back, trying to suppress the urge to shoot fire at the guy. “I chose who I wanted to be with and that isn’t you. You don’t own me, nor can you touch me. If you hurt anyone here, you will go to prison.”

“Unless you kill him.”

Growling under my breath, I turned around to see ghostly form of Zephyr floating around, laughter erupting from him. Jack is just a puppet; being in control of air allows for some form of mind control.

“Why would I kill a friend?” I asked, hands on my hips.

“Because he could kill your loved one,” Zephyr zipped down to front of me cupping my chin as he sneered. “Because it’s the right thing to do.”

“No,” I jerked away, “the right thing is to let him go and then let everyone go.”

“Shoot,” Zephyr mumbled before laughing mischievously. “Oops.”

A loud bang, a scream and then gasps filled the air. As soon as Zephyr had spoken, I turned around in time to throw forth a fire capsule to capture the bullet; before it hit whoever it was aimed at. Letting my arms fall, I knew what would happen after this battle, but it was inevitable.

“Fire my spirit,” I called and the volcano inside erupted, fire exploding from my body as I heard Violet, Sky and Marina help the civilians escape.

The following fight will need me at max power, wings and all.


Stephanie Hall

Slowly getting back into writing, still trying to actually finish a story and feel good about it.

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Stephanie Hall
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