Fire Touch Fire Night

by Camille Tarver about a year ago in fantasy

Burn, die, restore

Fire Touch Fire Night

"Jupiter are we almost there?!" The cries of my little brother being lost in the howling wind as we ran through the dimly lit forest. My grip tightened around my little brother's small wrist pulling him. The rain had pelted our hair, the loose strand of hair stuck to my face as we raced through the forest. The clawing of the branches ripped and scratched at my wet skin and clothes. I didn't know where we were going, but all I know is that we must get as far away from them as possible. My legs began to turn into jelly, chest heavy with bricks as I kept pushing. Looking back to my little brother whose tripping over his little stubby feet. The forest was silent, the only thing we could hear was the harsh breathing of our breath.

A loud screeching howl reverberated across the forest, piercing our ears. Placing my hands over Phoenix ears trying to muffle the sound as it got closer. We didn't have a choice in being cold, tired, and hungry. I just couldn't let them keep us there in that prison, and I won't let them have Phoenix. Our life began there, but it wouldn't end there. My eyes darting from tree to tree watching for their hounds.

I need to calm myself down, me getting worked up won't help Phoenix.

"We're almost there Phoenix!" My voice is lost in the wind, hauling him along trying to distract him from the tearing of human flesh. This isn't the life I want for him, but what I didn't know was that I already lost him.

Cursing under my breath as the rain and dirt stung my open stretches, wiping away water from my eyes. Looking back seeing Phoenix eyes turn into a stormy gray. Shaking him to wake up, but I wasn't ready for what was written in his eyes.

"Don't do that Phoenix," hugging him tightly to me. "You scare me when you do that."

"I don't mean to," Phoenix said quietly, "but I saw you die, Jupiter."

Wiping away the tears in his eyes as my heart filled up with cement.

"You'll be able to control your powers, and nothing will—"

Phoenix froze, unable to move. Triple sticks of power abruptly erupted from my clenched fist as Phoenix tried to get behind me, tripping over his feet and falling flat into the mud.

A blurred figure of fur, fangs, and claws sprung from out of the shadows. The smell of decay dripping from its blood-stained fur, snarling, and hissing. Slowly circling us ready to pounce, bloodthirsty for us.

Leaping forward claws aimed for Phoenix. Before it could reach him, it was slung across into the tree as if it was batted from the sky. Picking up Phoenix and placing him on my back, as the hound howled for enforcement.

"We have to keep moving."

"What was that?" Quivering of his voice, "Jupiter?"

Pulling him along with me, not answering his questions, knowing that soon they'll not be far behind us.

I know his psychic manipulation was powerful, and shouldn't be in the wrong hands. Not even my powers, but these were a part of us the minute we were born. Though the collars around our neck damped our powers, to where it's hard for us to access them.

A cold chill raced down my spine, knowing that something bad would happen to us. But Fate doesn't control us, we control ourselves.

The rain hammered against our skin, moving my eyes from branch to branch knowing that they were watching us, and not far behind us.

The sound of rushing water was not far ahead of us, but a second pair of eyes stared right back at us, slowly walking out of the shadows. My heart jackhammering in my ears, my skin running cold with the knowledge of knowing that we may die here today. Phoenix picked up a rock and threw it but missed. Whirling around to comfort the hound, expecting another aerial attack as I unleashed a bright blueish gray light instead hitting the tree. This was smarter and different from the last one.

The coat shone like the deepest midnight with a hint of silver lightning in the depth of its thick, slick fur. The dew of the rain dotted his fur, reflecting the silvery moonlight, giving him a slick oil. It was tall and had a barrel-chest, and the rest of the body was ripped with muscles. A long, thick mane ranged from the neck to the shoulder. But it was the most beautiful creature I ever have seen.

Landing in a wet puddle, pacing in front of me, snapping its jaws showing its razor sharp teeth, going right to left then right again, looking for an opening, racing past me, biting on my shoulder, as it passed by. Then it disappeared back in the shadow, and I focused my blast on a wider range so it would be unable to shadow travel. The wolf tried to dart back into the cover of night, but the creature collapsed into the puddle of mud with a yelp, instinctively snapping its canines into my shoulder. The jaws of the wolf clamped around my arm, and an immediate burst of energy filled my arm. I released it into the creature sending it seven feet away into a thorn of bushes. Staggering and whimpering I notice that its lower jaw was gone, watching it slowly taking it last breath.

A sharp pain ripped through my arm and shoulder, feeling the adrenaline rush slowly fade away. Groaning and hissing out in pain.

"Let's go," I said, grabbing Phoenix's arm with my good hand, pulling him along. Away from the dead creature.

Camille  Tarver
Camille Tarver
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