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Finally ushered in the second half of the five constellations good luck!

by Mary T. Spangler 3 months ago in astronomy


This year, it is really hard, work hard, and many things have to bite your teeth. The epidemic has broken the calm life. At the same time, it has faced the retrograde of major planets in the first half of the year, and more tests have also brought different tests. This will continue until the second half of the year. But there is no need to negative, and there are still many things that we need to work, our life experience is also more complete. This time, come and see the next half of the year, which is the best constellation?

5th place: Capricorn

2021 Capricorn is very exciting. In the first half of the year, there are many good luck in the year. Although it is strictly tested in the middle of the year, the hard work of this time can get the price. The charm of the group has gradually increased, knowing how to show your leadership, and then being loved by everyone; personal strength is increasing, and talking is more artistic. The workplace has a hard performance, and the salary growth in the end of the year; usually there is investment and financial management, there is obvious harvest in the first half of the year; the more suitable for career new plan, the more it is more suitable for the future.

4th place: Sagittarius

In the second half of 2021, the sun, Venus, Mercury connected to the shooting house of the shooting seat, and made a situation of shots and boats for the fortune of the shooter. The work industry is slowly attached to the payment of the boss, promoted, promoted and salary; the salesman also has the opportunity to play their own eloquence, get a good bonus; the previous investment begins to turn to the profit, the Zhengzi industry can continue to turn, Especially at the end of the year, I have eaten sugar cane, as long as I can adhere to, I have a good amount of payment, and there is noble person to help, and take a bone.

3rd place: Cancer

At the beginning of the second half, the overall fortune began to climb and get rid of the first half of the afternoon. Have the opportunity to get your help, is the so-called Qianli horse encountered Bole, the ability to play in the workplace, and the device is heavy; if you start this business, you have owed your debt, you are expected to be ease, let you eat old live More opportunities to help relatives and relatives; feelings of good luck in Venus, so that love is more warming, approaching the end of the year, more likely to cultivate the fruit, form a sweet family.

2nd place: Virgo

Virgo rigorous personality, in mental stages and thinking, suffering a lot of regulations, and also become more stringent because of the retrograde of the planet, and many creativity cannot be performed. In the second half of the planet, the planet is gradually, whether it is communication or ideas, it has a breakthrough in work, career or group, and attracts the arrival of nobles and good luck. Flexible use skill knowledge, ushered in more The cooperation will have new places, therefore, there is a good year; the misunderstandings in life are improved, and they also have a complete change in family life.

1st place: Leo

The Leo in this many planets seems to be able to take this disaster smoothly. Mars entered the lion's museum, let the lion always maintain a positive attitude and enthusiasm, also represent unlimited hopes, more and more optimistic. Venus also added good luck, whether it is in feelings, career, and financial and group dating, including the resources of the body, which is also significantly increased, which is beneficial to find new work, get the object of the object and stable feelings, and the interpersonal relationship , More smooth achievements in my heart.


Mary T. Spangler

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Mary T. Spangler
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