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Feeling Witchin'

by Kennedy Rae 3 years ago in religion
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Reclaiming the word

For centuries women have been called witches for many reasons. They might possess intelligence a man doesn’t. They might be able to read. They believed in crystal healing. Or in my case I’m just plain spiritual.

The word witch was used for derogatory purposes to keep a woman in her place. Some just wanted to punish women in general. Today the word is still used to put women down, but now it's almost synonymous with being a female dog.

Wicca, in particular, is one of the modern Pagan religions that worships the Earth and nature, and it is only about 60 years old. It was created in the 1940s and 50s by Gerald Gardner. Gardner defined witchcraft as a positive and life-affirming religion that includes divination, herblore, magic, and psychic abilities. Wiccans take an oath to do no harm with their magick.

In this day and age women are taking the word witch back, and using it positively instead of a stinger against our behaviors. There is a new wave taking over the world increasing ones awareness of spirituality and the power that comes from the earth. If you look on the internet everyone is a fan of crystal healing from celebrities to modern day hippies like myself. There’s a reason for that.

Crystals harvest the earths most precious and natural resources in a concentrated and condensed form. Crystals can help realign chakras and improve moods. They work by using the earths energy fields to manipulate the desired effect. When using crystals one can manifest almost anything. The user can improve energy, get better sleep, harvest more prosperity or protection while traveling and working.

The other part of this wave is the earthly and worldly notion that we can use earths natural resources. When I say natural resources I mean dirt (earth), water, fire, even wind. Yes, these elements you see used in Avatar and much more. There’s truth behind that. Earth is an endless power source if used in the right ways to promote wellbeing, peace, and harmony within oneself and others.

Being a modern witch is not about being the antichrist or about hexing others and flying on a broomstick. Sorry to disappoint some of you. It's about giving a healthy, well connected lifestyle. You are in constant connection with the earth and its power. You get power from the moon, the sun, the stars. It's about realizing you are not the only being on this planet, that we work in a system. As modern witches we give back what we take from the earth. We ask permission before borrowing the earth's treasures. We are as whimsical as fairies and mermaids. We dance in the rain and celebrate the blessing of water to fuel life on this planet.

The concept that people can't seem to understand is that magic is everywhere and it's a lot more things than you would think. Magick isn't something to be written or saved in pages of fantasy books. Books and other references about witchcraft use the spelling magick rather than magic. While this spelling isn't in some dictionaries, it is the accepted spelling within Wicca. The alternate spelling is to differentiate what the witch does from what a magician does—in other words, magic that invokes a deity to channel power as opposed to illusion. In this article, we will refer to the magic of witchcraft as magick. It's in the things we look froward to and hope for. It's in fireworks, a rainstorm you've been waiting on, a baby's laugh. Magick is what you want it to be. It can be a feeling, a sign from the heavens or that job you've been wanting.

So go out there girl! Get the feelings and vibrations from the Earth. Elevate yourself and don't be ashamed. If they have anything to say about it just say, "Yeah, I'm a witch and proud of it."


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