Fearless 2

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The Making of a Superhero

Fearless 2

Morning came and just as promised I was able to go home. My whole family came. I was finally allowed to change into real clothes, but my clothes looked baggy and big on me because of the amount of weight I had lost since I was in a coma. I got into my dad's Volvo and we drove into the city. We then came to a community that had large black iron gates. My dad rolled down the window and punched in a code. Then the gates slid apart making way for the car to roll in. As soon as the gates were wide enough my dad drove the car forward. All the houses that we drove by had tall walls guarding them against the outside world. Then we came to a property where the walls were pink and had white trim on the edge of walls. A simple white gate held the people out of the estate. My dad punched in another code and an automatic voice answered: "Thank-you, welcome" and the gates opened so fast that it almost snapped the walls. We then drove down a curved driveway that was lined with trees. Then we came to a roundabout wherein the center was a large white fountain with a tacky cupid that sat on the top and shot water from its arrow. I then saw the largest mansion I had ever laid eyes on. There was a marble staircase leading to the house and large rectangle windows with silver frames. The whole house was pink and it matched the walls of the exterior of the house. There were white columns just beneath the balcony that had patio furniture set up. Two large planters stood on either side of the staircase. A man in a tuxedo stood by the car door and my whole family got out, including me, and the man in the tuxedo took the car keys from my dad and he drove off to park it.

"Welcome home," said my dad.

"Home?" I asked.

"We won the lottery, so we moved in here instead," explained my oldest sister. "Surprise!" she shouted loudly.

"What?" I asked, and without another word, I was dragged into our mansion. We walked through the foyer that had black and white marble tiles and the large staircase was also marble but covered in a red velvet carpet. My other sister, Amber, dragged me up the stairs and into my new room. I had my own private bathroom with a jacuzzi and a shower. My bedroom had a large balcony and my walk-in closet was the best thing I had ever seen. The closet held all my shoes and all my belongings in an organized order. My bed was a queen size like in hotels. It was absolutely great. My room was painted a mint green color that made the room look cozy despite its large size. Ashley then dragged me to her room and it looked like a fairy had thrown up in it. It was bright pink and had flowers decorated on the walls. Even her bed was pink. Amber then took me to her room, which was downstairs in the basement. The walls were blue and her walk-in closet had a large mirror, which was a sliding door as well. The colors in her room were a dark purple with a little bit of blue giving off a relaxed vibe to her room. It was so Amber to have a room like that. Everything was so much to take in, but then my family took me to the backyard where we had a patio and a large pool with a diving board and a slide going into the pool. The slide, however, was coming from the second balcony.

"Girls, let Asmerla res. She went through a lot," said my dad, and he was right. I was tired and needed to sleep again. My body just seemed to be shutting down all the time because my body was begging for energy and I did not have it. I went back in and I tried to remember where my room was. I walked down a few wrong hallways and I finally found it and I got into my bed and slept. Then I had the weirdest dream.

I was flying in the air and there was a very attractive guy. He was around my age. He had brown hair that swept over his eyes and he was falling into a large dark pit and he was screaming my name to come and save him. I tried to reach out to him, but I was traveling slow, almost in slow motion. Then I heard myself call out his name: "Jess!" and I woke with a start.

I felt hot and sweaty, my hands were clammy and I felt my own forehead and it was burning up. I tried to get up to go to the washroom, but my balance was off and I fell onto the floor. I heard someone calling my name from downstairs. I pushed myself off the floor and sat in a squatting position because I saw on the discovery channel that in order to stop your body from fainting you put your head in between your legs in a squatting position. Jon burst into my room.

"How are you feeling?" he asked as he put his hand to my forehead.

"Not so good," I said. "How did you get into my house?" I asked him.

"I got keys from your parents as a safety precaution," he told me. "Good thing too, we need to get you into the pool," he said quickly and he helped me up and he walked me down the stairs and then, without warning, pushed me into the pool. Now, I was convinced Jon was not a doctor but here to kill me.

"Are you trying to kill me?" I asked him once I resurfaced, but the burning sensation went away.

"No, I will tell you the truth about you soon enough. I am here to help you. I have been helping your sisters as well," he said. I got to the side of the pool and climbed out.

"What do you mean the truth?" I asked him.

"The truth about the plane accident," he said. "It was no accident. Someone is trying to kill you Asmerla," he said.


"The plane accident was planned, but things did not exactly go as planned, something went wrong and now your body is having reactions to the hit. Your sisters went through the same thing. You will be having odd reactions for the next week and then everything will make a little more sense and I am here to guide you through this," he said.

"What do you mean reactions?" I questioned him.

"I mean, you will have powers," he said. I let that information sink in. SO far he has not lied to me and it was true, he was trying to help me. But powers? I could not have powers. It sounded dumb in my head.

"I understand you don't believe me, but you will be great," Jon said. Will I be great? Did I have that potential?

To be continued...

Ada Zuba
Ada Zuba
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