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Fans Are Now Petitioning For The Sequel Trilogy To Be Removed From 'Star Wars' Canon

It's Time To Move On

By Culture SlatePublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Star Wars fans can be great, but some just cannot get over certain installments of the franchise. The sequel trilogy has been the target of much ridicule in recent years, especially after the last two instalments of the trilogy, which displeased some viewers for a variety of reasons. One fan in particular named David Evans started a petition to The Walt Disney Company with the title "Please Remove the Star Wars Sequels from Canon and Remake Them." On one hand, David did say "please." On the other hand, this petition just feels silly.

Judging from the comments section, the petition is at least eight months old. This petition has long been quiet, but a link to a GoFundMe page was added a few days ago. However, it seems to have been removed. The description on the Change.org petition speak for itself:

"Ever since Disney took over Star Wars, have failed to live up to it's potential with the Sequel Trilogy. Plenty of fans, including me have been disappointed with them. Force Awakens was dumb and could be boring at times but had potential for a great sequel which turned out to be Rian Johnson's dumpster fire known as "The Last Jedi". That not only let down millions of fans, but killed the Star Wars franchise, especially right after Rogue One's Success. I think it's time to revive Star Wars with the remake the Sequel Trilogy based on a script my uncle wrote, which would be completely different and aim towards a 2022 or 2023 release. It would have no Rey, no Finn, and no Kylo Ren. There would be the New Jedi Order and the against the Sons of Vader and the New Empire. Please sign this petition and tell all of your friends about it to save Star Wars. You could find my uncle's ideas on MyCast and see who I think should be cast as he wants me to play Luke's son and put me in charge of casting."

Grammatical errors aside, this idea is just plain silly. The sense of entitlement is strong with this one. I mean, come on. A sequel trilogy remade this soon, with its first installment coming out 2022 or 2023? We know that Lucasfilm is currently eyeing December 2023 as the release date for the next Star Wars film, after it got pushed back from the previous year. But why let the films of the 2020s try the sequel era all over again when we could just have new things? Maybe some people have become too complacent with the idea that "Star Wars rhymes," but there is such a thing as the possibility of NEW CONTENT.

At the time of this article's writing, it looks like there are less than 1,200 signatures on this petition. Not much momentum for something that has been around for at least eight months. I highly doubt that it will make any difference, and I am glad for that. If the sequels get remade, then that sets the precedent for the prequels and even the original trilogy getting made. Star Wars has been accused of dwelling on the past, and remaking the sequel trilogy would not be much different from that. Let us all just move on and focus on NEW STORIES set in different parts of the timeline. You can ask a chef to cook a dish all over again, but to have Disney and Lucasfilm shift their attention from new things so that they can spend several years redoing a trilogy would be too tall of an order. If a Star Wars movie got remade every time it did not live up to previous installments, we would have had remakes of the saga films since the 1980s. It is okay to critique movies, but do not spend so much time dwelling. Just. Move. On.

Written By Steven Shinder

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