Face The Martian Artifacts

Full Disclosure Is Imminent

Face The Martian Artifacts

2020 update to :

Face The Martian ArtiFacts - Disclosure is Possible

Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover -

Scheduled to take off on July 30th 2020.

Im now reconfirming Disclosure to happen in the timeline I predicted in

2017. Recently, things have been happening that have confirmed my belief to be accurate . For example: in June 2018,

Nasa announced "possible microbial life on Mars is more likely. “

Refer to this article:

The article above refers to the Perseverance Mission about to depart for Mars in just a few days .

I'm having a really hard time believing we can put multiple landers and rovers on Mars, yet after 42 years , we still have no definitive answer regarding microbial life ? Talk about spoon feeding the truth !!

Interesting thing about the latest article regarding the Curiosity Rover finding "new evidence " , It was stated that the Viking Lander test for microbial life, back in 1976 came up basically empty handed . Thats not true at all according to some scientists that worked directly on the project. At least one test came up positive way back then.

Please remember what I talked about in my first version of "Face" the Martian ArtiFacts, regarding microbial life on Mars. I predicted that Microbial Life on Mars would be proven without a doubt by 2026.

Based on recent escalations by Nasa , I'm sticking to my current prediction, even though it could happen much sooner. This is a fantastic confirmation regarding what I believe to be the absolute truth about what is already known to the "Elite" that control Nasa.





Nasa’s Rover Mission will also include a tiny helicopter to hunt for signs of life in 2020.

It sounds like this is basically a high tech drone with a camera that will take close up pics across The Martian surface.

This mission will probably inform the general public of what is already known. (This may finally be the mission that actually proves without a doubt that evidence of intelligent life on Mars has been there all along. Although, I would be very surprised if the proof was disclosed right away. They will probably sit on the actual evidence for at least 10 years.

This would push disclosure of ancient artifacts on Mars to the 2030s.

The Perseverance Mission won’t arrive at Mars until February 2021.


Most Intriguing and Most Recent Info Regarding Martian Anomalies

Most Recently, I found a video on Utube about The Martian Anomalies that directly relates to what I’ve been writing about. It’s a Mufon interview with John Brandenburg from February 2020.

This video is a must see for anyone interested in Mars and UFO Disclosure, and is the best most current evidence that Cydonia and multiple Martian Anomalies are definitely artificial. The Interview also contains intriguing information about how there’s strong evidence for some kind of nuclear explosion on Mars in the ancient past.


Update Regarding Chemtrails

Chemtrails in Wisconsin? Why ?

Interesting development based on personal experience. I recently moved to Wisconsin ,I've been here about 2 years and I see more chemtrails here than I did in California. (In all kinds of weather) - snowy and sunny. This leads me to believe chemtrails have nothing to do with controlling the weather, as Wisconsin gets plenty of precipitation without having to manufacture it. Is it possible Nasa was telling the truth when they said Chemtrails are there to help people with depression and bipolar disorder ? Even if that's true, it means our population is in deeper trouble than they would have us believe. (Are that many people suffering from depression and bipolar disorder ?) I think it's well more likely that the whole chemtrail agenda has to do with slowing down the effects of climate change. ( This would explain why I've personally seen chemtrails everywhere across the US and in other countries like Spain.) If that's true, we are all in much deeper trouble than they are willing to admit. I can quote one Nasa scientist that was willing to talk in an online interview but was not able to get into details . All he said was, "If you knew what we know, you'd never sleep again". This most likely means the world is under threat of some kind of catastrophe in the foreseeable future. Could be natural or unnatural. ( irreversible climate change, possible pole shift , super volcano, or actual alien threat from space or asteroid on collision course with earth ).

It is more likely that the real threat is natural ! In my opinion , the alien presence has been here all along and is not a threat us, and is actually helping perpetuate our future existence.


Media consistently On Board with Slow Disclosure of UFOs

Most recent show on History Channel concerning UFO disclosure

This is one of the most recent shows being aired on History Channel that’s clawing its way to the truth about UFOs, not to mention the newest versions of Ancient Aliens - Declassified, and new documentaries on The Travel Channel - UFOS The Lost Evidence.

Although certain cable channels have become very straight forward about UFOS and Aliens , the subject is still very illusive on the mainstream network news channels. It’s almost as if mainstream news is still being censored from anything related to the subject.

Aside from actual documentaries about the subject, there’s also a new ongoing series called “Project Bluebook” on History Channel from 2019 and 2020. It’s based on the actual government program and files from the 1950s and 60s that delves deeply into UFOs and government conspiracy.

 This is an exceptionally well produced dramatization of the UFO phenomenon. I see it as an attempt,by the media, to condition a larger crowd of people to the reality of UFOS and Aliens.


Psychology Behind The UFO Phenomenon

Based on all the factual information that's been verified by the most reliable sources, the world as a whole still ignores Alien life on planet Earth as though it doesn't exist. It's incredible how something so big can be hidden out of sight by the flow of news and disinformation.

Based on what's really going on with the mainstream news media

and how it's so obvious that a massive amount of information is being covered up for the sake of keeping the status quo , you have to at least consider that many conspiracy theories are more likely true than false, and when I say conspiracy, Im talking about the biggest ones like Aliens and UFOs . If you filter the internet correctly, there are many claims that are more likely true based on the redundancy of the same claim made by multiple reliable sources.

It's obvious at this point, the reality of it , is undeniable. The only thing holding back full disclosure is the world elites that stop all of this information from being talked about on mainstream news .

My Wife Saw a UFO

As I mentioned earlier, I moved from

California to Wisconsin about 2 years ago. My wife and I live about 30 minutes west of Milwaukee . One day she was traveling south towards

Chicago and saw what appeared to be a solid craft floating in the sky.

This occurred during daylight hours.

She said I know I saw it because the car next to me was also motioning towards it and we both knew we were

seeing something very strange.

The vicinity of the sighting was close to General Mitchell Int. Airport in Milwaukee. I -43 south bound and College. Sighting occurred in January 2020.

She drew a picture of it .

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