Face The Martian Artifacts

Disclosure Is Possible

Face The Martian Artifacts

Reintroduction to Martian Anomalies

This is an updated outlook on the artificiality of Martian anomalies and why disclosure is possible .

Contrary to popular belief, the "Face" on Mars is still very face like , even in the most recent up close enhanced images. Look closely. Detail as specific as nostrils in the nose are visible. Not to mention the near perfect symmetry of the whole face in relation to the eyes , nose, and mouth.

It's not a matter of finding more evidence, that's just a smoke screen for the truth. The verdict has been in for a long time. The "Face" was the first anomaly in the mainstream media that created a huge stir regarding Intelligent life on Mars.

There's enough evidence to prove that the "Face" is an artificial construct wether it was intended to resemble a face or not. The best evidence is the latest thermal images taken by Mars Reconaisance Orbiter that shows regular geometric blocks throughout the Cydonia region . This suggests a true ancient city laid out just beneath the surface.

To become truly confident that the "Face" and Cydonia are more likely artificial, you must have been exposed to the amount of technical information that was written about it. I can't get into all of it right here, but many lengthy books have been written specifically about The "Face" On Mars and Cydonia.

The authors are very credible with specific scientific backgrounds. These books lay out a very convincing case that these structures on Mars are artificial and not just natural land forms. The information in these books build upon the original information put forth by Richard Hoagland.

I'm pretty sure he was one of the first to bring these Mars anomalies into the mainstream.

Although, I believe a couple of other Nasa scientists, named Di Pietro and Molenar were the first to actually discover the "Face".

The "Face" itself is not the only artificial object in the Cydonian region. There are pyramidal and other large structures that are very questionable close by.

The Mcdaniel Report is a book written specifically about Nasa's behavior concerning Cydonia.


Ancient Aliens On Mars II and The Face On Mars are two of the most recent books written about the Martian Anomalies - 2015 and 2014.

The publication dates on these books are worth noting because it's not likely that these respectable authors would be still writing about a subject that was supposedly dead 20 years ago.

"Ancient Aliens On Mars II" By Mike Bara

This most recent book is very intriguing and is a must read because it confirms the most recent evidence for these Martian Anomalies and builds the case even stronger with valuable insight that hasn't been discussed in the past.

Aside from Cydonia and the "Face", there are literally hundreds or maybe thousands of pics on the internet of Nasa photos that came directly from Mars Rovers and Orbiters that prove the existence of irrefutable artifacts on Mars.

Here are just a few examples :

Image 1.1

Photos credit: Nasa

Image 1.1 is the most remarkable in my opinion. (If it is an actual photo of the Martian surface)

**Im assuming these photos were posted by reliable sources and are what they are claimed to be.

Other Martian Anomalies

Another interesting note concerning Mars has to do with a photo that aired on Nasa Unexplained Files.

The object in question appears to be a rectangular tower on the Martian surface. This looks too perfectly rectangular to be a natural rock. So why didn't it make it to the major news channels ? Is it possible that there's too much other surface trash in the media like politics , war, and threats of terrorism, that possible life on other planets is no longer important or interesting ? That couldn't be true , could it ?

Wether it was alien or human , there most likely was intelligent life on Mars at one time.

Aside from this evidence being so amazing , is the ability of Nasa and mainstream scientists to nullify it all , by labeling it as science fiction or what they call pseudoscience. They do it very subtly, by letting all the actual data leak out onto the internet, but don't really comment on any of it.

Then mix in some obviously phony pics with the real anomalies to create confusion. It makes the viewer question the validity of all the pics. Plus they (Nasa and Mainstream scientists) don't really post the best anomalies on their own websites. Or if they do, they try to debunk it as nothing important with a weak explanation of what they think it is. (Please understand that when I say Nasa, Im referring to elite individuals that control what happens within Nasa from the outside. Not the workers within Nasa. ) Just to be clear, I don't believe its just the U.S. government that's hiding evidence. The United Nation must also be involved in keeping a lid on this information because this reality doesn't just take place over North America.

I don't make these statements lightly and I'm not just pulling it out of the air. I have personally studied everything to do with Mars anomalies, Nasa and the mainstream media since 1992. Their statements and actions have been consistently geared toward a secretive agenda from the beginning , when it comes to the possibility of life beyond earth. There's a lot of evidence that supports this .

Refer to Books : The Nasa Conspiracies and Dark Mission.



Please bear with me while I speak about UFOS in order to set the stage for possible disclosure of artifacts on Mars.

Disclosure of UFOs has already begun in a way. The media is being allowed to slowly condition the minds of the mainstream public. (People that were not previously interested in or believed in aliens, ufos, or extraterrestrial archeology).

Think about how many shows on TV within the last 15 years have to do with UFOS, Aliens , or extraterrestrial archeology (artifacts on other planets or moons). I can name at least 7 that have been played constantly , where in the previous 15 years before that (before the year 2000) there were maybe 1 or 2.

Interest has exploded since the year 2000. People are slowly being exposed to the possibility of extraterrestrial life. But all the information that is covered still leaves room for question. So it can't be stated as fact, although some of the shows are getting a lot more bold and are essentially stating it as fact .

One example is Hangar 1.

This show is based on real government x files that have been exposed. Other recent shows are UFO Files, Ancient Aliens, Nasa's Unexplained Files, Unsealed Alien Files, UFOS Declassified, and UFO Hunters not to mention multiple documentaries. If you are familiar with these shows, you know that a lot of the information is very credible and backed up by reliable sources like military and ex-Nasa personnel . So you have to asked yourself, knowing that these shows are running constantly for millions of people to see, basically laying out the facts about extraterrestrials and UFOS, Are world governments and Nasa really hiding something ? Or are they letting all the facts come out through other sources and at the same time denying the information if they are directly asked about it ? Why would they do this ? Because, this keeps their hands clean of making claims about the existence of ET life. Nasa is an authority. If they say extraterrestrial life exists, the world would absolutely believe it. They (Nasa) believe this would cause panic and instability , So they're not willing to go there.

More recent tv show on History Channel

Another interesting fact to consider regarding the information on all these UFO tv shows is that the information being covered is not new . Its been around for a long time. Its just now making it into the mainstream. 30 years ago this information was only available in less popular media sources like books and magazines.

This fact contributes to the idea that the mainstream media has shifted big in what is possible fact and what is fantasy .

Pictures above refer to newer TV shows

So , I've established why I believe slow disclosure through the Media , concerning UFOs has already begun. But like I said, the authorities like Nasa and the government have to be very careful about what they admit to. So, it makes sense that true full disclosure will start with something much smaller than absolute proof of intelligent alien life visiting earth .

So, What's less shocking than proof of intelligent alien life ?

How about absolute proof of artifacts on other planets like Mars. This is way less threatening to our belief system and probably wouldn't cause any disruption to our present way of life because there's no real perceived physical threat . Its just proof that there was once a civilization on Mars.

Disclosure of this kind could be a great precursor to full disclosure of Intelligent Alien life in our solar system.

High definition photo of Cydonian region on Mars , including “Face” credit: Nasa

It will be less of a shock to our belief system , but will open the door for many questions to be asked concerning ufos and aliens.

Let’s Slow Down A Bit

Disclosure of any kind may not happen quickly at all. It's possible the authorities are going to take very small steps with all these ideas.

Nasa hasn't even confirmed microbial life on Mars as fact yet. Maybe this will be the first actual fact that gets the big ball rolling. This will be a baby step for the general public.

In 1996, it was announced that microbial life was found on Mars but was quickly retracted by other scientists saying there's not enough proof. We are now in 2016 and confirmation of this will be less than interesting because I think most people have already become aware that microbial life on Mars is more likely than not. But it will be a sign that the authorities are getting more serious about actual disclosure.

It's also possible that there will never be a plan to fully disclose this information. It may only come out if its forced out somehow.


Outline of possible events to bring about full disclosure :

1 . Absolute proof of microbial life on Mars .

Possible microscopic life found within Martian Meteorite

2. Absolute proof of artifacts on Mars or other planets and moons. (Face Cydonia etc)

3. Proof of UFOs and Aliens within our solar system.

Timeline For Disclosure

After putting all this information together and reviewing it. I truly feel as though full disclosure will start with the least interesting of the 3 listed in the outline above.


Proof of microbial life on Mars. I'm sure the proof already exists. But lets face it , when it comes to confirming information as controversial as this , you have to figure its gonna take at least 20 years to get absolute proof.

The first announcement concerning possible microbial life on Mars happened in 1996. We are now in 2016. It's been exactly 20 years.

Still nothing. Really !? And thats just to confirm microbial life on Mars ! Lets push out to 2026. I'm going to make a bold prediction and say we will know positively by this date if microbial life exists or ever existed on Mars. (Just a gut feeling)

Ok , let's just say for the sake of speculating this is true. If microbial life on Mars is confirmed by 2026, how much longer will it take to make the leap from microbial life to intelligent life that existed there in the ancient past ? Another 20 or 30 years ? And then another 20 or 30 years after that to finally confirm the existence of UFOS and aliens in earths atmosphere ? Well no , that's not how it would work. Once the ball is started rolling, the following confirmations are likely to happen much more quickly because the authorities know that once the first one is confirmed, many more questions will be asked and more interest will be generated about the second and third. This will force confirmation of 2 and 3 to come sooner.

Confirmation of #2 - Ancient artifacts on Mars ( "Face" on Mars, Cydonia etc.) could come within 10 years after the first confirmation. This would put us to the year 2036. It's interesting that I happened to come up with this date because it is also likely that Nasa will put a man on Mars around this same time frame according to their calendar.

Confirmation #3

I suspect confirmation of extra terrestrial life within Earths atmosphere would come very rapidly, once #2 is confirmed . Probably within a couple years. Because, at this point , so much interest in the subject would be generated within the general public that the Government and Nasa would be forced to show all the skeletons in the closet of the past concerning UFOs and Aliens ( Roswell + 100s of other incidents). This is what many have referred to as opening Pandoras box.

This is a conservative estimate. It could easily happen sooner than this because once #1 is confirmed by 2026 many people will ask why it took so long to confirm a simple thing like microbial life on Mars and will automatically suspect bigger things are also being held from the public like ancient ruins on Mars. This will force Nasa to "show their hand" sooner.

Sounds like poker right ? Well, it is. Nasa has always had to bluff and then finally be forced to show their true hand later. Same with the US government. (Freedom of information act). Bottom line is , they can only bluff so long before they will be forced to show their hand.

Forcing The Truth

Here is an example of how sensitive information can be forced out.

Prepare to be shocked if you have never heard of "chemtrails".

Nasa has admitted to spraying lethal chemtrails into our atmosphere - saying that lithium being sprayed into Earths ionosphere helps to treat people with manic depression or bi-polar disorder

News released on internet April 2016

Nasa was forced to release this information because enough people demanded it. They (NASA) were forced to show their hand because they could no longer hide the fact that unmarked planes were spraying huge "contrails" that would not dissipate. They would actually grow larger and turn into clouds.

How does Nasa justify medicating everyone with lithium when they claim it's to help just people with bi polar disorder and manic depression ? This makes no sense. How stupid do they think we are ? And by the way, why wasn't this plastered all over mainstream news channels ? The same reason why UFOs aren't. People would panic and disorder would arise. It seems the authorities think the general population can't handle the truth.

Over the last 20 years I have traveled to many different states within the U.S. I have personally seen "chemtrails" in every state that I have visited, including Florida, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah ,Wisconsin , and Alabama. Not to mention other countries like Spain where it was very obvious. So, this is more likely happening everywhere.

Most recently I had a very interesting sighting of chemtrails directly over the old mining town of Calico Ca. It wasn't a typical crossing of straight lines like I usually see, but a curved figure 8 type pattern.

As of right now, "chemtrails" are the one thing that is absolutely undeniable when it comes to what Nasa and our government are capable of hiding from us. If these chemtrails were expelled into the atmosphere for good and harmless reasons why didn't they just tell us the truth from the beginning ?

It was necessary to speak about "chemtrails" because their existence is absolute proof that The Government and Nasa are fully capable of hiding very big things from us without truly being accountable for their behavior. So, what's to stop them from hiding evidence of life off planet earth if it doesn't fit their agenda ?


I wrote this update without getting into too much detail and touching on key subjects as they relate to Mars and Cydonia in order to provoke thought about each idea. You might want to re-read certain paragraphs that sparked your curiosity, because even though this is an "easy read" , I wrote it in a way that doesn't give every last detail of what I'm trying to get across.

I know that the predictions I make about a timeline for disclosure are just opinion , but sometimes gut feelings, when based on solid long term research and thought could end up being somewhat accurate. I base this statement on personal experience and what I have achieved in my own life.

There's a lot more information about the "Face " on Mars that I could have talk about, but this update was geared toward the people that already have a little interest and background in the subject matter. After all is said and done, I really just wanted to point out that this shouldn't be a dead subject just because Nasa came out one day and flashed a bad picture of the "Face" on Mars all over the mainstream news channels.

Proof of intelligent life off planet earth and everything that comes with it , including possible advanced technology, could truly make the world a better place . If enough interest is taken in this subject , we will slowly but surly force the truth.

Most recent updates to this story from 2018 - 2020 are coming soon.


Martian Archeology VS UFOS

Extra terrestrial archeology is one science that is directly tied to intelligent life off planet earth that is not so illusive, like UFOs. After being exposed to so much information about UFOS for most of my life , it seemed actual artifacts on other planets or moons would be easier to prove or disprove than "flying saucers". But It turns out that the proof is being hidden away just like it is with UFOs. Wether you believe in Extra Terrestrial Archeology or not, you have to admit that although the "Face" hasn't been proven artificial within the mainstream yet, the tremendous amount of good evidence suggests that this Martian Anomaly may one day be back in front page news as a proven artifact.


Vintage Collectibles

Race For Mars ?

Concerning Cydonia and The "Face" On Mars , there's another interesting thing I'd like to bring up. I credit Mike Bara for pointing this out in his book "Ancient Aliens On Mars II. There's a vintage comic book from 1958 called "Race For The Moon" that contains a story called The Face On Mars. It's all about an adventure that takes place inside a giant structure on Mars shaped like a Face.

How is this possible when, the term Face On Mars didn't come into the mainstream until almost 20 years later in 1976 when an actual Face On Mars was photographed by Nasa's Viking probe. Seems like too much of a coincidence to me.

Is it possible that speculation about a very early secret mission to Mars is actually true and somehow the author of this comic book tapped into the reality of this mission ? I admit that's really reaching and speculative but it's interesting to think about.

I guess the only other explanation is that the comic book author made up this fictional story about a Face On Mars and 20 years later the scientists that discovered Cydonia slapped that label on the actual "Face"On Mars. Maybe remembering the story subconsciously ? Either way, it seems unlikely.

Sierra Leone Exploration of Mars Stamp Set

In 1990 a stamp set from the country of Sierra Leone was offered through the World Hunger Foundation. It salutes the Exploration of Mars. One of the mini sheets specifically features

The "Face" on Mars.

It's a really nice set of stamps for collectors but there's been a lot of negative controversy regarding how this set was marketed to the public because the sellers were claiming it would be worth as much as $10,000 dollars if the "Face" was ever proven artificial. Because of these over exuberant claims the actual selling price has gone as low as $5 per set. At this price it's an extreme value.

According to : Stamp World Catalog, the current value of this set is $122 USD. - 4 sheetlets - 9 stamps per sheet - plus 1 mini sheet featuring the "Face" on Mars .

So , because of the very negative press this stamp set received back in the 1990s , people aren't willing to pay anything close to its actual value.

*** It's interesting how prices can be determined based on the perception of a future outcome.

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