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Extraterrestrial Disclosure Petition

If you want disclosure you have to ask for it, correctly!

By Richard Van SteenbergPublished 6 years ago 4 min read
Before you get distracted reading the article do the most important thing and go to discloseETUFO.com and/or discloseHETLAU.com and sign the petition to get full disclosure now.Where do you stand on the position of the ET & UFO phenomenon? If you're reading this article then you probably are at least beyond what might be described as the first group of people who either don't think ET & UFOs exist or certainly aren't going to spend any time researching them.

Are you in the middle, or what might be described as the second group in the sense that you believe ET & UFOs exist, and you're willing to research the subject matter? You may even find it interesting and hopeful someday there will be disclosure. You aren't willing to push the issue any further though and take a proactive measure to resolve it like signing a petition.

Refusing to believe the narrative, are you in what might be described as the third group, convinced the possibility exists that the Government and Military are withholding information from the public and you are determined to see a resolution to this coverup? Something as easy as signing a petition is exactly what you're looking for. Even going a step further and telling others about it is more your style.

If you are in the third group, the answer to what is going on is actually already out there. The possibility exists the problem is twofold. First, it is so difficult, almost impossible, for people to believe that Hetlau are at war with EA, and have been enslaving us (EMSR) the whole time mankind has been on Earth. Right there, people simply skip it and see it as a delusional disorder and/or schizophrenic break from reality and unknowingly play right into the Hetlau's hand.

By creating this sense that the possibility of what could be real is so far beyond the false norm that has been perpetrated on Earth the whole time, unaware EA won't go there for fear of not fitting in socially. This is the plan that has been put in place on Earth, not a natural evolution that created it. Second, trying to get disclosure is more complex than it seems. The problem lies in what actually is disclosure. Many petitions have been put forth trying to get disclosure but they suffer from the same mistaken agenda. They continually ask for the Government and Military to reveal they have knowledge of ET and UFOs. That is like asking someone if they have knowledge of themselves. The possibility exists that it is obvious the Government and Military have knowledge of ET and UFOs. Who do you think really created the Government and Military and how do you think they got here?

The key is the possibility exists the public needs to get the Hextocracy and Hextary to reveal that HET and CTVs exist. In other words, the people putting forth the disclosure petitions either don't understand what is really going on or they are just doing it as a form of subliminal dissemination knowing it will get rejected yet bring about a little bit more infringement of ET & UFO information into societywithout their awareness.The possibility exists that what basically needs to happen is that people who want disclosure need to ask for it. When they are asking for it they need to ask the correct representation for the correct information and use the correct terminology. So realizing the possibility exists the Government is a Hextocracy and the Military is a Hextary mean you are not going to be asking the Government or Military you are going to be asking the Hextocracy and/or Hextary.Next realizing that Hetlau means you are going to be asking for disclosure of HET instead of ET. Also, realizing Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft don't fly that they vectate (vectored levitation) and that you can not fly in outer space means the term UFO is not applicable to Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft. So you are going to have to use the correct term CTV for Celestial Tach One Vehicle. (Note: Tach One is the speed of light.)So with the realization, we are going to be focusing on the correct interpretation and/or representation of the HET on Earth you might wonder what organization are the Hextocracy and Hextary. They are still the Government and Military per se but you have to recognize their true form, not the purported form. At this point, the only thing that needs to transpire is the public need to take action and sign the petition and get the word out to get others to understand its format and get them to sign it. There are URLs designed for the two levels of awareness to make it easy to find. For those that are still learning the concept of Hetlau, they can be advised the petition resides at discloseETUFO.com which will make it easy to remember. For those that are more versed on the concept of Hetlau, the petition resides at discloseHETLAU.com They both lead to the same petition. Make sure to take the time to sign the petition and get the word out about it. If people just read the article but won't take action and ask for disclosure society will just sit here and the Hetlau will be able to act on their timeframe with their agenda as to how much information to release.

Become a voice for change and sign the petition to reveal the presence of HETLAU at DiscloseHETLAU.com.

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