Extra Terrestrial Master Slave Relationship

ET Master Mind Faster EA Slave Slow Behave

Extra Terrestrial Master Slave Relationship
Does the possibility exist there is an Extra Terrestrial Master Slave Relationship (EMSR) with the EA? EA ponder the reason they can not figure out if ET exist, a myriad of possibilities are present. The primary reason stems from the fact that human nature causes humans to like to look for the best case scenario first and avoid the worst case scenario until last. When trying to comprehend ETI the possibility that the worst case scenario is reality is the easiest way to see and understand them, unfortunately.Embracing the possibility of Hetlau and ET War is not something EA look forward to. Looking back at Earth's history, slavery is predominant throughout it. Whether as the cultural norm or due to capture in a war, groups of people throughout history have been and are still being used as slaves today. So why wouldn't the possibility exist that activities on Earth mirror activities of ESH? Would ESH use EA as their slaves either as a cultural norm or as prisoners of war slaves?Just because it's not what we want or not pleasant to think about doesn't mean it should not be evaluated as a possibility. Right now the state of the art in searching for ETI is SETI. Somehow the majority of people who are regarded as the foremost experts in this field have concluded beings from other planetary systems will send us radio signals as the introductory way to communicate with each other. Is it possible they are completely wrong and or this is really just HET performing misdirection and subliminal dissemination among us?Is it possible that as part of the ET Architecture and War with the EA they are using us as slaves to complete their objectives on Earth? Posing this as a hypothesis can we look for evidence of it on Earth. Would they leave clues behind that they plan on revealing when there is disclosure? Would finding those clues ahead of time provide a preponderance of evidence to help us better understand what is going on and be able to recognize ETI so we don't need to keep searching for it?Right away one of the most obvious things that stand out is the terms, Master and Slave:MASTER - MIND FASTER (porpheme)SLAVE - SLOW BEHAVE (porpheme)If the possibility exists that ET exist, doesn't it stand to reason they might be smarter than EA? Wouldn't it make sense that someone whose mind was faster or could think quicker would be smarter and would inevitably fill the master role? Wouldn't EA essentially be less intelligent and their minds be slower or unable to think as fast and be forced to behave as slaves? Aside from the technical debate about what constitutes intelligence the problem most people have understanding this is they expect that in order to be a slave you have to be placed in shackles. They can't imagine the possibility of beings from other planetary systems living among us in humanoid bodies and controlling society constitutes slavery.

Rather than going through history and itemizing each incident of where it is possible an EA was a slave to a HET master it is much more effective to just look at the big picture. In other words, if the possibility exists that throughout history the majority of powerful people who controlled Earth were HET and the EA basically built out the planet for them without being aware of it, wouldn't that constitute one huge case of slavery? If that example is not imaginable and comprehendible there is no point in trying to figure out if working an entry-level job makes you a slave. Tying together hundred of instances of menial instances combined with the fact there are people in slavery on Earth means it should be pretty obvious if HET have been here the whole time then EA are their slaves. The key to understanding the concept of EMSR is physical versus psychological slavery. Basically, physical slavery is the form we are all familiar with. If you are trapped and restrained by shackles you don't need to do any intellectual analysis, you know you're a slave. Psychological slavery is far more difficult to detect. For example, if you were an EA and were wealthy and had a wonderful life and just didn't know the possibility HET live among us and are at War with us, are you still a slave? The problem lies in the perception of what a slave is. To the EA, they may not think they are a slave. That thought, though, may be exactly what the ESH are counting on. The key to their plan is to maintain a system where the EA aren't aware they are slaves which in turn would make them far more productive.Imagine how much work it takes to manage a slave that is a physical slave. Now imagine if you could figure out a way to get the slave to do all the same stuff but you as the master don't have to make them and the slave wants to do it. On the contrary viewpoint, if ET doesn't exist and they are not here performing an EMSR, then it certainly wouldn't hurt to just evaluate the option of its possibility. Ever wonder why no one will do that? If they do exist and the possibility of an EMSR exists then evaluating it would reveal what they are doing and they would want to avoid it at any cost. Maybe we should be more concerned about who the individuals are who won't even allow it to be a point of discussion and or describe those who want to discuss it as delusional or schizophrenic.Follow me on Vocal Media for more stories at:HumanoidExtraTerrestrialsLiveAmongUs.com

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