Experiments to Prove the Earth Is Flat

How to research the flat Earth

Experiments to Prove the Earth Is Flat

So you've seriously considering that the Earth may be flat and that there is a global conspiracy to hide the truth from an unsuspecting public.

First of all, let me say congratulations on developing some critical thinking; unlike most 'sheeple,' you're willing to research the matter yourself and obtain the evidence you need to prove one way or another, the true nature of Earth's shape. I'll list some simple experiments that you can carry out that will build a case to proving the flatness of this domain.

1. If the Earth is flat, the sun will be seen by everyone on Earth at the same time, so when it's daytime where you are, it will be daytime for everyone else. If you live in the US and know anybody in Europe or Africa, call them at 4 PM in the afternoon and ask them if it's daylight where they are.

Now some people say that the sun is in fact a spotlight three thousand miles above the Earth that shines on part of the ground and then moves on. If this is the case, you will see the sun moving across the sky, but always at the same altitude, and it'll get smaller and smaller as it moves further away until it can no longer be seen. Just observe the sun before sunset and watch this happen before your very eyes.

2. Do you seriously believe that people in Australia are standing upside down? For this experiment you will need a long haul flight. Observe a full moon where you are, taking photos of the markings and then get a flight that takes you to the opposite 'hemisphere.' The further, the better, so if you're in North America, fly to South America, or from Europe to South Africa or Australia and vice versa. Observe the full moon in the destination of your choice. If you were standing upside down then the moon would also look upside down, wouldn't it?

3. The night sky is a dome rotating above our heads with the centre of the dome fixed on the North Star. You can combine this experiment with the one above. Do the first part at the same time, which is to observe the rotation of the stars and the constellations. Then, when you've travelled to the supposed opposite side of our 'globe,' watch the movement of the stars and record the constellations that you see. The Earth being flat, you will see the dome rotating around the North Star and the very same constellations circling around it.

4. This next one doesn't involve a long haul flight, but you will need a very flat expanse of sea. Go to a beach looking out to sea. Take a pair of strong binoculars or a telescope with you. Watch for any ships moving away from the coast out to the horizon. Watch them getting further and further away. They will just get smaller and smaller but will never drop below the horizon. If you use your telescope or binoculars, you'll see the ship come into focus and if you're somewhere like the North Eastern coast of the US, you'll also see the European coast in the distance with the peaks of the Alps just beyond that.

If you personally carry out these experiments, then congratulations, you have actually carried out some physical research rather than relying on YouTube videos. The key phrases here are research and experimentation, the backbone of all scientific endeavor.

And, should you find that your results don't tally with the current scientific consensus, then please publish your results and change the world.

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