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The Umbrella Academy revelations: PART FOUR

By Steve HarrisonPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 10 min read

The third and fourth members of The Umbrella Academy are Allison, known as The Rumor, and Klaus, known as The Seance… and their powers also fall within the framework of the CIA's Project Stargate, although Project MKUltra and Project Artichoke were others set up to explore the mysteries of the mind.

Number Three exhibits telepathic powers by controlling people’s thoughts by whispering the words “I heard a rumour”, while Number Four can see and communicate with the deceased.

Both telepathy and psychic channeling, as well as remote viewing, were fundamental areas of research under Project Stargate, while MKUltra was more focused on the use of drugs and other stimulae to affect the way the brain functions. Project Artichoke focused on whether subjects could be involuntarily induced to perform missions, such as assassination attempts.

Stargate focused on psychokinesis and extrasensory perception and explored topics such as reading someone’s thoughts, telepathy, predicting the future, and the ability to view a place or time remotely, without actually being there.

Originally the project was established in 1978 but incorporated various other studies referred to by codenames such as Gondola Wish, Grill Flame, Center Lane, Project CF, Sun Streak and Scanate until they were consolidated and rechristened as "Stargate Project" in 1991.

In 1972 funding was released for a programme known as Scanate, which was also a collaboration with SRI International. It was run by Harold Puthoff who had formerly been an analyst at the National Security Agency (NSA) and SRI physicist Russell Targ.

The goal of this project was to test the effectiveness of psychic “remote viewers” at obtaining information from target areas deep inside the Soviet Union. In these experiments, psychics would be provided with geographic coordinates for places of interest and asked to describe what they psychically “saw” there.

Puthoff was also a member of the Church of Scientology and most of the purported psychics he tested were also Scientologists. Some of the psychics used tarot cards, while others would concentrate their mind on a faraway location and draw sketches of what they saw.

The psychics were brought to Fort Meade in Maryland and assigned targets that ranged from Red Army bases, to Kremlin bunkers and Soviet research centres. At one point, when an American Army general was kidnapped in Italy by the Red Brigades terrorist group, a psychic was asked to try to locate him by remote viewing. The project also recruited renowned clairvoyant Ingo Swann, who was tasked with the training of military recruits to act as psychic spies.

The project produced a steady stream of information, with claims of a success rate of more than 65 per cent. But after the project was exposed in 1984, a review was carried out by the National Academy of Science which concluded information produced by the remote viewers was vague and contradictory with some of the subjects, including Swann, even claiming to have remotely viewed UFO bases on Mars and on the far side of the moon.

One of the best-known subjects to take part in Scanate was Israeli-British psychic Uri Geller who was tested over eight days while detained in a locked room in August 1973 as various experiments were done on him to test his supernatural abilities. The studies tested Geller’s ability to “see” hidden drawings, find buried metal and bend spoons with his mind.

As a result of Geller’s “success” in this experimental period, the CIA concluded he had demonstrated his “paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and ambiguous manner”.

This apparent success attracted extra interest from the military and after Geller’s initial tests University of Oregon psychology professor Ray Hyman was asked to go to SRI personally to evaluate him… Hyman apparently concluded that Geller's abilities were ambiguous and of little interest.

From 1991 Scanate became a component of Stargate until 1995, when the whole project, some 270 pages of reports, was declassified and released to the public.

Over the years analysts from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) joined the experiments through studies such as Gondola Wish which focused on out-of-body experiences, Grill Flame which looked at parapsychology, Center Lane which studied astral projection, and Project CF and Sun Streak which concentrated on psychic spies.

In the late 1970s the study of ESP was transferred to Project Grill Flame and one of its documented success stories involved a young recruit named Rosemary Smith, who was given a map of Africa and asked to locate the crash site of a Soviet Tu-22 bomber outfitted as a spy plane.

The plane had gone down in the Central African Republic, now Zaire, and despite pointing multiple satellites at the continent to locate it nothing had been found. But, using her remote viewing, Smith was apparently able to pinpoint the wreckage, even though it was completely covered by the jungle canopy. Map technicians converted her notation into geographical coordinates, which were sent to the station chief in Zaire, and two days later the Soviet plane was found.

The project continued to recruit after its success with Smith and another notable addition to the team was army veteran Joseph McMoneagle, who took part from 1978-84 and was involved in some 450 missions.

McMoneagle specialised in near-death experiences, out-of-body travel, and unidentified flying objects; with one of the most bizarre experiments he participated in being a 1984 “trip to Mars”. During the experiment McMoneagle was presented with a sealed envelope containing information about Mars with the time of interest being “one million years BC”.

Without knowing the contents of this envelope McMoneagle reported seeing obelisks, pyramids and large, thin people wearing strange clothes. Afterwards, on learning what the envelope contained, McMoneagle believed he genuinely did travel back in time to Mars.

So, how does all this correspond to the powers exhibited by Allison and Klaus in The Umbrella Academy? Psychic channeling covers everything from quite simple communication to complex relationships between a channeler and a spirit guide that can last for decades.

Often the entity will take total control of the channeler and speak through them, with the channeler having no memory of the event once they return to consciousness. In some cases, there may even be physical manifestations of paranormal activity in connection with the channeling event.

While both mediumship and channeling are defined by the same basic activity of communicating with entities beyond the physical world, there are subtle differences between them. Mediums generally are called upon to communicate with a specific person, usually deceased, to establish a line of communication. Channelers, on the other hand, specialise in communicating repeatedly with the same entity or entities, establishing a relationship with them and deriving esoteric wisdom regarding the spiritual realm.

So, at least as far as Klaus is concerned, communicating with the dead or guides tuned into the astral plane has been extensively researched with some documented success. The notion of there being an Akashic record of all events in the universe is a widely held paradigm of many religions, so who knows what else could be accessible through the astral plane if one has the power to tap into it.

It’s certainly not a skill we all possess but it is certainly within the realms of possibility that some people have the ability to access this higher level of consciousness.

There are several recognised forms of these psychic experiences ranging from deep trance channeling, where the channeler enters into a deep meditative state in an effort to block out the physical world and establish a connection to an entity by tuning themselves to the same vibration or “frequency” of the astral world; to physical channeling, which can manifest as phenomena such as spirit lights, moving objects, ectoplasm, voices or cold spots.

There are also psychic healers who are allegedly able to draw upon formless energies that exist all around us and can be channelled to restore a subject to physical or mental health.

In fact neurological studies conducted on subjects who claim to be mediums or channelers show brain activity changes significantly when they enter a state of meditative trance. SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) imaging of the average human brain shows scattered electrical activity over all regions, but in subjects entering a psychic trance while attempting to connect with the spiritual realm the activity decreases as if the person is shutting off their own consciousness in preparation for another consciousness to speak through them.

While this does not constitute proof that psychic activity is occurring, it does show there is a measurable change in the brains of those who are functioning in the capacity of spiritual channeling. When a channeler claims to undergo a shift in consciousness, these claims can be tested and verified.

With regard to Allison the phenomenon is different in that she is able to control the actions of others by manipulating their thoughts.

Telepathy covers the transmission of information from one person to another without using any known human-sensory channels or physical interaction but it does not constitute the control of a person’s actions by mind manipulation.

This type of phenomenon however provided the focus of Project Artichoke, which studied whether subjects could be involuntarily induced to perform tasks or covert missions, such as an attempted assassination, by the power of suggestion.

Like many projects that preceded it, Artichoke was primarily set up to research interrogation methods but what made it different is that it also studied hypnosis, forced morphine addiction (and subsequent withdrawal), the use of chemicals (notably LSD), and total isolation to cause amnesia and other vulnerable conditions in human subjects to see whether they could be involuntarily made to carry out predetermined tasks.

One documented experiment was to examine whether it was possible to create a “Manchurian candidate” like the one depicted in Richard Condon’s 1959 political thriller about a soldier who has been placed in a hypnotic state by Communist forces and returns home as an unwitting assassin.

A declassified memo relating to this states CIA operatives could have put this theory to the test on a foreign national who had once been an agency asset. At first, the agents used a variety of drugs such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, mescaline and peyote, but in the end they saw LSD as the most effective and promising drug to manipulate the mind. Such experiments were also core elements of Project MKUltra.

After the experiments, the subjects were clouded with amnesia, which resulted in faulty and vague memories. By 1952 the subjects, without realising it, had been given LSD in increasing amounts to find out the drug’s effects on unsuspecting people.

They once conducted an experiment where the subject was an unidentified Caucasian girl between the ages of eight and 10 years old. The subject underwent six months of treatment using LSD, electroshock and sensory deprivation. Subsequently, the subject’s memory was erased and her brain’s condition became that of a newborn.

Clearly much research was done on this phenomenon with events such as the assassinations of John F Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald and John Lennon suggesting Manchurian candidates may have been created, with some mental message triggering their killers into action.

But, on a more basic level, simple hypnosis is widely believed to induce people to involuntarily perform actions, while subliminal messages in advertising or military intelligence programmes is also used to change thought patterns through the power of suggestion.

In 1957 social psychologist and market researcher James Vicary claimed to have conducted an experiment on 45,699 moviegoers in a New Jersey cinema who were exposed to flashes of phrases during a movie to see if concession sales increased. The phrases were: Hungry? Eat popcorn. Drink Coca-Cola.

Vicary claimed his experiment actually increased the sale of popcorn by 57.5 per cent and Coca-Cola by 18.1 per cent. These results prompted the CIA to write a report, The Operational Potential of Subliminal Perception, about their own plans for research with subliminal messages.

Later Vicary denounced his experiment as being fraudulent but perhaps that had something to do with authorities wishing to play down this aspect of mind control.

In a declassified document from 17 January 1958, the CIA stated that in their subliminal projection it might be possible to include a subliminal message such as “obey” and added that subliminal messages achieved some success in commercial advertisements!

No-one knows if the CIA ever finished their investigations into subliminal technology, or if it continues to this day, but its use as a self-improvement tool is growing every year. So, there must be something in it.

There is little question that subliminal messaging plays a huge role in modern advertising trends, so if someone had the ability to tap into our subconscious through electromagnetic interaction then mind control is not a difficult concept to imagine.

So could there be people out there with the powers displayed by Klaus and Allison? I’d say there’s a distinct possibility of that being the case. But, the next band of of Hargreaves' family powers... time travel, changing form and sound manipulation… may be somewhat harder to explain. Check out Part Five for more on them!

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