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Everything you know is wrong. (Part 1)

by Mark Davies 2 years ago in intellect
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The nature of reality

What if everything you'd ever been told was a lie? Have you ever wondered to yourself what 'all this' (life) is really about and how the universe works? Suppose I told you you can create the life of your desires, no matter what that is? Just by reading this article, your life will change dramatically for the better. Today you start your awakening process . But don't just accept everything you're told by ANYONE- do your own research and decide for yourself. Before I start it's important to have an open mind and no ego for only that is capable of expanding its consciousness. It's vital we accept that, perhaps we don't know everything there is to know. As Socrates said "Wisdom is knowing how little we know."

Famous genius inventor, Nikola Tesla said "If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration". The universe is electromagnetic, visible light, the only light we can perceive with our eyes is 0.005% of what exists in the universe. Everything in the universe, including you and everything around you, is made of energy or frequency. Einstein said that time is an illusion. Only the present now exists. Nothing exists as physical matter until it is observed or paid attention to, and then wave (mind) collapses into particle (matter), known in quantum physics as the observer effect or collapsing the wave function. Everything, and everyone is also connected, to a unified field of information which knows everything and connects everything known as the quantum field. There is an invisible field of information all around us and within us that we cannot see with our senses that we can connect to. Sound familiar? The internet and wifi you might say, is the same thing. With the internet and wifi, this information is all around us that we cannot see, it is only when our screens decode this information can we see it as the football or a youtube video or whatever. Our reality works in exactly the same way, only we are the screens or our technological devices. Our individual reality is made out of our perception, which comes from information received. The collective world we live in is made up of everyone's collective perceptions and their interaction with the field. Quantum physics and the actual model of reality states that in this field we live in, ALL possibilities exist SIMULTANEOUSLY, matter and mind are directly related by quantum entanglement. We are constantly interacting with this field by transmitting information through our thoughts and feelings and then we receive by what we then perceive in our external environment and also through intuition and that type of thing. Every thought and feeling is a frequency. A Japanese scientist studied water that he spoke to with certain words or felt different emotions and then instantly froze the water to see what they impact would have on the water .Many of Einstein's quotes back up what i'm saying about the nature of reality.

What i'm saying is, you have the ability to create your own life, and nothing is impossible, you are only limited by your own beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, feelings and your imagination!!!. When you understand you create your life, you take back control, the power is within you, within each of us, to take responsibility for our lives and not blame or be victims. After all, we created it, and we can change it as infinite potentialities exist. This is how yogis can levitate, they understand they are not "physical", they are energy, and energy is not bound to the laws of conventional physics (gravity etc). The universe works by reflecting back to you what you send to it through your thoughts and feelings. Emotions are vibrations, the highest and fastest vibrations of energy are love, wholeness, joy, freedom, and the lowest and slowest are hate, envy, self pity etc. The higher your vibration and energy, the more you become more wave and less particle, more energy less matter. You may have heard of the law of attraction, the idea that like attracts like. This is how the universe works, the thought is is electronic signal we send out to the universe and the feeling associated with that thought we have is the magnetic charge that draws that thought back to us and shows up in our external environment of the 5 sense reality. If you are vibrating happiness, the universe sends back to you more reasons to make you feel happy, a feedback loop if you will. In the same way, if you are vibrating a frequency of hate, fear, sadness, the universe sends you more reasons to make you feel that way. Similarly, if you are vibrating the thought that you can or can't do something or something is possible or impossible or you're a victim of your life, the universe must send you more reasons to prove to you that this is true. This is how there are many examples of people who have won the lottery intentionally, many more than once. They believe they have already won it, and they FEEL as though the experience has already happened, and in the quantum model of reality, every single possibility imaginable has ALREADY happened, it's just waiting for you, the observer, to pay attention to it, and then it manifests into reality. It is a scientific fact that a clear intention combined with an elevated emotion changes matter. You will see if you search youtube for law of attraction countless accounts of people manifesting the lifes of their dreams, many people who have done seemingly "impossible" things such as girls growing their breasts extra cup sizes despite staying the same weight or changing their facial structure, changing their eye colour etc. Bottom line? Think about what you DO want and feel good! Even if you've got no reason to, because if you're feeling good, the universe will give you a reason to match what you're feeling!

There was an experiment done where a group of men who did not work out at all were asked to imagine doing bicep curls for an hour a day for 12 weeks. At the end of the 12 weeks they had developed a 13.5% increase in muscle strength without ever lifting a weight. The body as the unconscious mind does not know the difference between the imagined thought and the actual experience. . A hypnotist on stage asked a man from the audience to come up with their daughter. The man came up and the hypnotist put him in a trance and then said to him "you will not be able to see your daughter when you come out of this state". He comes out of the state and the hypnotist asks if he can see his daughter who to everyone else is standing opposite him, he says no. The hypnostist goes behind the daughter and asks him to read the piece of paper in his hand. The man goes right up close to his daughter, seemingly looking through her and says what's on the paper, to the astonishment of the audience. How is this possible? If everything was physical, it wouldn't be, however, we live in a holographic reality of energy, which is malleable.

A fundamental law to live by is the fact that; where you place your attention, is where you place your energy. Consciousness simply means being aware, the more aware you are, the more conscious you are. The act of expanding your consciousness is just to become more aware. The problem we have is we each think around 70,000 thoughts each day so how can we possibly see that our thoughts create reality, how on earth can we remember what we've even been thinking about! This is where meditation and learning to be present in the moment come in, if you can quieten your mind and not have constant thoughts then you can start to see how the thoughts you do have have an effect on your reality. This quantum field of everything i talk about, it exists beyond space and time, that is, beyond our 5 sense reality and all in the present now and it creates order and harmony and is a loving intelligence. The more you can emulate this field and connect with it, by being present, by meditating (which simply means to become familiar with), by being loving and happy in your life, the more you become it. You at some point have most likely had a dream or nightmare so lucid and real that you thought it was real and it felt fully real. Well if the eyes see and the body feels and was in that experience but you were actually fast asleep with your eyes closed and your body immobile, then how can this be? Perhaps you visited a place in your dreams you'd never been before or saw a person you'd never seen before? When we sleep, we go unconscious and we disconnect our body from the 5 sense reality, this is when we really can connect to the quantum field of being everything in every place at every time, because we are not our body, we are consciousness, therefore when our body is asleep or even dead, as with people who died and came back to life, we can have experiences that are not bound to our body and senses. There is a skill called remote viewing, which secret operations use, in which you go into a meditative state and can see any place or anything in the world in real time. It was used by secret intelligence agencies to spy on opposition. People have become so adept at this skill that they can do it with their eyes open. Learn how to do it: It is well known how to communicate telepathically and if you youtube this phenomena you will get many tutorial videos on just that. How is that possible? We are all connected to the same universal consciousness, all connected to this field of information electromagnetically, much like i was talking about earlier, with our technological devices all being connected to a massive wifi network, you can send a whatsapp to someone through this, in the same way you can send a telepathic message to someone as we are all connected to this field by our thought (phone). Technology today merely mimicks the simulation we live in.

Know that what you do to someone else, how you treat someone else, you're actually doing to yourself, because we are all connected, and we are all part of the same infinite consciousness, although different points of attention within that same shared consciousness. If you know this, why would you ever harm anyone or see something mean to anyone. You are not who you think you are, the labels assigned to you either by yourself or the people around you, that is not you, that is just an experience. The labels are just ego of a self that doesn't really exist and are used to separate us from each other and make us think we are not all one consciousness when in fact we are. Love is all there is, it is what we are in our very essence of being, when we are in our natural state, that is what we are. That is why when you feel down or sad, it's not nice, it's not the way it's supposed to be. Never settle for feeling mediocre, you're oh so much more than that.

A lie is still a lie, even if everyone believes it and the truth is still the truth, even if no one believes it. In a meditation workshop, a woman was meditating, eyes closed, yet she could see not only what was infront of her, but also behind her, without moving her head. The person running the workshop stood behind her and waved to her, and she sitting facing the other way, waved back to him. In the same workshops, people have made random objects they invented that purely existed only in their mind that they have been imagining/visualising in their mind literally appear from nothing to exist in physical reality so they could pick it up and hold it. In these very same workshops, people have healed from all sorts of conditions and diseases from stage 4 cancer to Multiple Sclerosis, in some cases INSTANTANEOUSLY after getting up from their meditation. How is it that you can give someone a placebo pill and they get better? They accept, believed and surrendered to the thought/belief that they would get better and the body as the unconscious mind processed this thought for them and healed them. On Youtube, type in Dr Joe Dispenza, a neuroscientist who explains things simply for it is in his workshops that phenomenal happenings like these that have happened. Watch his videos and you will be astonished and led into a world of possibility. Here is a video of him telling the story of his daughter manifesting a free shopping spree! Woman manifests money spewing out of ATM

Mahatma Gandhi when asked what he thought about education simply replied "I think it would be a good idea". Indeed.

In part 2 I will explain the truth about health, and the factors that make us sick and therefore can make us well.


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