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Every Single Scene From Order 66 In 'Star Wars'

by Culture Slate 12 months ago in star wars
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Order 66 was Palpatine’s coup de gras in his, and the Sith’s, plan to defeat the Jedi Order and take over the Republic. The scenes following Palpatine’s order were some of the saddest for the Jedi and Star Wars fans alike.

By issuing Order 66, Palpatine triggered a chip implanted in the clones’ brains which made them attack their Jedi commanders. The response to Palpatine’s order is shown transpiring across the galaxy as we visit famous, and not so famous, Jedi on a diverse array of planets. The variety, drama, and spectacle of Order 66 for the scenes from Revenge of the Sith, gains further depth thanks to the Order 66 scenes from Jedi: Fallen Order, The Clone Wars, and, most recently, The Bad Batch.

Obi-Wan Kenobi on Utapau (Revenge of the Sith)

The initial Order 66 reveal is an eye opener as Commander Cody order his clones to fire on Obi-Wan Kenobi and his varactyl. To so quickly shift from Commander Cody returning Obi-Wan’s lightsaber to attacking our light side protagonist signals a major shift in the Clone Wars.

Ki-Adi Mundi on Mygeeto (Revenge of the Sith)

The action then goes to Mygeeto, where we see Ki-Adi Mundi gunned down by his own clone troopers. This scene, which is slightly longer than the later Revenge of the Sith scenes, highlights the surprise and the betrayal that the Jedi feel. Ki-Adi Mundi's a powerful Master Jedi on the Jedi Council, and while he fares better than others, he's entirely caught off guard and showed that Jedi cannot dodge every blaster bolt.

Aayla Secura on Felucia (Revenge of the Sith)

The beautiful planet of Felucia is where we see the clones take Aayla Secura by surprise. This is the first time seeing Felucia in the Star Wars universe. And its inclusion shows that there is no limit to the geographical diversity Star Wars planets can have. No longer are they limited to the differing terrains and climates of Earth.

Plo Koon on Cato Neimoidia (Revenge of the Sith)

It’s great to finally see the homeworld of the Trade Federation and Nute Gunray. The beautiful planet is even Naboo-esque with its scenery and architecture. It’s sad to see Master Plo Koon get shot down, but seeing another Jedi Council member of a more infrequent Star Wars race (Kel Dor) on a new planet exhibits how big the Star Wars galaxy is.

Stass Allie on Saleucami (Revenge of the Sith)

Star Wars loves its callbacks and this one brings us right back to the Return of the Jedi speeder bikes on Endor. This is the first mention of Saleucami in the Star Wars movies, but the planet is revisited in The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch.

Yoda on Kashyyyk (Revenge of the Sith)

A delight, it always is, to see Yoda in action. Yes, we know he survives because he is in The Empire Strikes Back. But with all the preceding Jedi deaths and not knowing about Obi-Wan’s fate, it is still suspenseful. The way in which Yoda can sense the deaths of the other Jedi and anticipate his own attempted assassination shows how powerful in the Force he is. And yet he's still fooled by Palpatine until the last moment.

Jedi Younglings on Coruscant (Revenge of the Sith)

Giving the most powerful fallen Jedi the easiest prey makes for the most saddening, but compelling scene of the Order 66 series. It truly shows how far father-to-be Anakin has fallen on his path to the dark side.

Zett Jukassa on Coruscant (Revenge of the Sith)

This is the Bail Organa scene! Asking to name the Jedi in this scene would be tough even for a Star Wars trivia night. This scene, especially when comparing it to the two prior Order 66 scenes, shows the evolution of Jedi training from Youngling to Padawan to Master. The Younglings can’t do much but pull on our heart strings; the Padawan has some skills and can save himself for a time; and Yoda is one of the few to escape the Order 66 onslaught.

Jaro Tapal & Cal Kestis on Bracca (Jedi: Fallen Order)

The expanded materials is such a luxury and asset to Star Wars. And it’s great to see how they have jumped into Order 66. This scene goes into much more detail than Revenge of the Sith is able to. To be able to show a Master and Padawan creatively get out of a jam that we know destroyed so many of their people is a fun evolution from the older Order 66 scenes.

Ahsoka Tano on Tribunal (The Clone Wars)

Although this isn’t likely to be the first Order 66 scene that anyone sees, it may be the most striking. The clones attacking in this scene were Ahsoka’s own battalion, to the extent that they had an outline of her face painted on their helmets. We can even see Rex struggling with his programming, which hits one's emotions even deeper. And when compared to the other Order 66 scenes, you can also see Ahsoka’s ascendant prowess as a Force user through her ability to sense the deception as well as fight her way out.

Maul on Tribunal (The Clone Wars)

It’s wonderful to see the insight that Maul has on Palpatine’s plans. At one point, he was “in the know," but not far enough to see this far ahead. Evil appreciates evil and he can see the genius and foresight of Palpatine in this move.

Depa Billaba & Caleb Dume on Kaller (The Bad Batch)

To have Order 66 reach all the way to The Bad Batch further shows how impactful the moment is to the whole Star Wars canon. It may have been a stretch to include Caleb Dunne/Kanan Jarrus and the Rebels connection, but it makes sense to build bridges across the different Star Wars series.

Is this the last we will see of Order 66? There are other Jedi whom we have not seen officially perish that could appear in later Star Wars installments. Did they survive or will we see their Order 66 fate in the down the line?

Written By Dave Sacca

Source(s): Nerdist

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