ET Denied or Secretly Alluded to?

Read the article title carefully.

ET Denied or Secretly Alluded to?

A recent article published tries to claim that UFO sightings are just Top Secret Military Aircraft the public may not be aware of.

The National Interest

The article mentions the statement, "Some of those close encounters probably involved secret military prototype front-line pilots didn’t know exist." What they would like to have us believe is that our Military is producing top secret aircraft whose performance envelope is outside that of conventional Military aircraft. The logical follow up from that is that all the sightings of UFO's are just aircraft we're building and there is no need to pursue it any further.

From that, you see the public go in three different directions:

  1. Most people don't have the time to pay any attention.
  2. Those that pay attention lack the expertise to dispute it.
  3. The Military offers no assistance in solving it.

What is interesting is if you read the headline of the article it says

ET Denied: Many UFOs Are Just Super-Secret Military Aircraft

Is the headline actually alluding to the possibility UFO's exist? Note that it says "Many" UFOs are just super-secret military aircraft. Most people reading the article will surmise that means that UFO sightings can be explained away and are not Extraterrestrial spacecraft. The fact that it says "Many" leaves open the possibility there are Extraterrestrial spacecraft. The article does not want to pursue that direction, though.

What is also interesting is that if our Military has discovered the ability to achieve vectored levitation, or vectating as it would be known there, is not one word of it in the public sector. Thousands of stories come out of individuals claiming to have worked on or seen Extraterrestrial spacecraft out in the Nevada Desert at Area 51.

Area 51

Why then has no one come out and even suggested that there are new terminology and concepts to explain how these supposed Earth-evolved Military aircraft are achieving instantaneous velocities above Tach One (the speed of light)?

Tach One

Currently, the only person to publicly try to explain how vehicles might be able to achieve this is:

Bob Lazar

So why is it that everyone is so quick to discredit the possibility of Extraterrestrial spacecraft? If you go back and look at the three reasons from above:

  1. Most people don't have the time to pay any attention.
  2. Those that pay attention lack the expertise to dispute it.
  3. The Military offers no assistance in solving it.

You can see another trend that is developing. Basically, even if you can find individuals in the public sector that have the interest level and time available to pursue the "ET" and "UFO" phenomenon, they lack the requisite knowledge to tackle the subject matter at the level the Military understands it.

Once an individual gains insight into what is going on from the Military level, they no longer will discuss the subject in the public forum or if they do they do, it at such a rudimentary level it is of no use. So it makes you wonder what really is going on in the Military that no one is willing or able to come forward.

What is also interesting is the that public has not picked up on the fact that Military fighter pilots would be our front line of defense against Extra Terrestrial spacecraft, yet they are unable to defend themselves against them. No Military fighter pilots are making this an issue and the public doesn't seem to care or is just oblivious to it, as well.

What would really be interesting would be if the writers of these articles would approach organizations like the Navy and Air Force Fighter Tactics Training Schools and ask them why there is no discussion about how to intercept and defend against vehicles from other planetary systems. At least that would bring the discussion out into the open instead of just keeping it contained in the development of top-secret aircraft at Area 51.

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Richard Van Steenberg
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