Ep. 106 - Living Without Earth Part 1

Living on a space station with artificial gravity is going to be tough!

Ep. 106 - Living Without Earth Part 1

We've all heard of this concept. Elon Musk has big plans revolving around this. Can we survive without our home planet? The place you have never ever left. It's like your hometown that you can just never get out of. How would we achieve it? Is it just science fiction to leave our planet and colonize the stars? We aren't sure but we make some wild speculations as well as maybe bring you a little knowledge this week. Grab a beer, your most elegant space suit, and settle in as we bring on the weird!

If everything was in place and all the precautions were taken care of would you sign up to be a pioneer to be on one of those massive space stations to live without Earth or would you keep your feet on good old Mother Earth? Born here, die here or be part of something literally out of this world?

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