Enhanced UFO Video Over Poland Only Deepens the Mystery

by Reid Moore about a year ago in extraterrestrial

A UFO watcher in Poland uses high tech video tools to analyze a mysterious unidentified flying object.

A skywatcher in Poland, who regularly trains his video camera on the Moon, has caught a mysterious unidentified flying object as it zooms overhead.

The UFO video, captured on August 8 and posted to YouTube, starts out as a telescopic shot of the daytime moon when, suddenly, an unusual object zips diagonally through the frame at high speed.

The second part of the video uses various enhancement tools in an attempt to more closely examine the strange object, but only ends up adding to the mystery.

What is it?

The short clip has no audio or written commentary, as the cameraman, Marek Slade, lets the video do all the talking.

In it, Slade adjusts the zoom lens and trains it on the crescent moon rising in brilliantly clear daylight. Apparently, the view overlooks an airport as, at one point, a commercial jet is seen climbing to altitude in the lower part of the screen.

The takeoff provides context for the next flying object speedily crossing the screen from the upper right to the lower left. The fleeting image reveals only that the UFO is spherical, white in color, highly aerodynamic, extremely speedy, and displays no wings, aviation lights, or exhaust plume.

The opening sequence of the raw video shows the object in real time as it happens to pass the lens. The rest of the video runs the image through several enhancements, including motion stabilization, tracking, slow-motion replay and, finally, magnification.

It's this last sequence which reveals the most detail and the result is what is so mystifying. The object appears to be split in two and flying in tandem.

Mystery UFO flies over Poland.

A White Orb UFO Zooms Over The Skies of Poland - Image Courtesy of YouTube

The lack of any spoken or descriptive commentary seems unusual, until a look at Slade's channel shows he regularly (and wordlessly) films the skies overhead and that it seems the moon is of particular interest to him.

Also, his videos often capture snippets of aircraft taking off and landing, so it's likely the camera is near an unidentified airport.

It's well known that UFO sightings around landing strips and airports have a higher incidence of frequency. Could it actually be some kind of secret military aircraft not yet unveiled to the public?

Whatever it is, it's definitely not like any known type of aircraft normally seen flying through the skies over what appears to be a commercial airport.

However, this type of UFO has been filmed many times before in different locations all around the world.

In fact, white orb UFO videos have been popping up on the web for at least a decade, and most can be explained away as birds, drones, or an image produced as a result of forced perspective, an optical illusion which makes an object appear closer, or further away, than it actually is.

In this instance, none of those qualifications seem to fit, adding to the mystery of what this unidentified flying object might be.

What makes this sighting so compelling is the accidental nature of capturing the incident and the unusually high quality, stabilization, and enhancement of the sequence.

The video doesn't suffer from the usual jittery camera work of most UFO sightings, and, because the lens is capable of powerful zoom and high quality recording, this incident is of particular note. Hopefully, it will be scrutinized by experts with even more precise image enhancing tools.

Meanwhile, it seems Marek Slade remains dedicated to filming the word around him where, increasingly, we are all finding out there are some pretty mysterious objects flying overhead in all parts of the globe.

And, the more we point our lenses at the heavens, the more likely it will be that this confounding UFO mystery will one day be solved.

How does it work?
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