Energy wawe

Introduction to the novel 'Space Sugar'

Energy wawe
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Kaylee woke up with a sudden start. She was dreaming of bombs going off. Three of them.

One in the Vatican – right in the court yard. One in New York – Times Square to be exact. The final one she wasn’t sure of. Possibly in London. She saw buildings she wasn’t familiar with. She turned her attention to the first one. It was a bomb big enough to wipe out the entire Vatican City. Whoever had placed it was very serious about the outcome. Only something was strangely peculiar. The bomb started out with a quick flash, but the shock wave moved in slow motion. Huge pieces of the ground were rising in the air, slowly ascending to the sky. The entire motion was in fact slowing down. People were seen running around it in shock and disbelief. Warning bells were ringing and the Vatican was being evacuated. A giant crater could be seen and a cloud of smoke had started to develop, but was ground to a halt. The entire blast was frozen in time.

She had no time to ponder the meaning. It was already getting light out. She looked at the clock on the bed side. It was blacked out. No power. She reached for her cell phone. Dead. Just as she was putting it away she noticed the light on her hand. It was red. “Like a sunrise in the mountains, but even brighter” she thought. She looked over on the other side of the bed. Mark wasn’t there. This was his week out. She ran out in the kitchen to look at the analog clock on the wall. It had stopped at ten after two.

“This can’t be.” she thought. How could she have slept until two in the afternoon? It must have stopped in the early morning. A creepy feeling of being still in a dream washed over her. She glanced at her hands. Nope; all ten fingers and no shaking. She must be awake. She walked slowly out into the living room. All the electronics were dead. The laptop wouldn’t turn on at all. She knew her battery had been at least half full when she went to bed and she always left the computer off. Her pulse started beating faster. “This must be it!” she thought. “The Breakthrough is here!”.


Mark looked down into his white coffee mug. The coffee seemed to have changed color from just a moment ago. Had he fallen asleep? He took a sip. It had cooled off slightly. He looked around at his co-workers. They were all knocked out except for a couple of them who were starting to wake up. It was quiet. Way too quiet. None of the computers were buzzing anymore. The control panel was black. Not even the spare generators were running. What just happened?

He reached for his cell phone even though he was already sure it would be dead. Yup. It was. Grateful for the small windows that would allow him some view of the outside, he walked up to one of them. Something wasn’t right. The light was a deep red, almost purple. It wasn’t supposed to be. Not here on the moon. On Mars maybe, but not on the moon.

Susan was the first to speak. There was irritation in her voice.

“How long have we been out?” she asked.

“I have no idea.”

“Is there any more coffee?”

He nodded towards the kitchen.

Unless something else had changed, there should still be some coffee left.

Mark left his workstation and went to check on the petri dishes he had been working on. In the bio luminescent light he could see that they had changed – significantly! The embryos were at least three times bigger since last time he checked on them – about twenty minutes ago. Well, at least that was what he remembered. At this rate, at least a couple of hours should have gone by. Obviously he had no idea what time it was. He wanted to call Kaylee but it would have to wait. He looked outside again. The light was shifting. Now it was a deeper purple color, shifting slowly into an azure blue. “Energy wave.” he thought to himself. “Major energy wave.”


Kaylee looked at her hands again. Now the hue was more purple, making her skin look a bit like play dough. Her eyes had a hard time adjusting to the changing light. It had a strange effect to it, as if it was penetrating objects rather than reflecting off of them. Or was it just stronger, making everything shimmer? Yes, she had heard that the wave would be like a giant aurora washing over the Earth multiple times. She had imagined before that it would be very bright, maybe blindingly so. Now everything looked like she was in a dream world. It was like those special effects she had seen on TV when people were under the influence of drugs.

“Creepy” she thought, but then gave up a hearty laugh.

It had a subtle echo to it. This made her laugh even more.

“So what? It’s breakthrough! It’s going to be awesome!”

She wasn’t just giddy because it was finally here. The energy wave also increased her dopamine production. In other words, she was a little high. Not nearly enough to feel drunk or unstable. Just enough to feel calm and happy. But celebration would have to wait. There was much work to be done. It may take months – even years – before things would start to feel “normal” again. Not that the new “normal” would resemble the old status quo by any means. It would just take over and melt away the memories of what the “old” world would feel like. Kaylee knew this would be a shock to the majority of the population, but it was one that couldn’t be avoided. The dynamics of everything – light, energy, even gravity in subtle ways – had changed. A major force holding our dense world together had been removed.

Was it about to fall apart? Not at all. Buildings would still stand firmly on the ground. Cars would still be able to drive (as long as their electronics hadn’t been fried) and people would still be able to walk and run. They may just feel a little bit lighter – if they paid attention. It was more of a metaphysical change than a physical one. One that would be felt in your senses and emotions rather than under your feet.

Sadly, it wouldn’t be the same for everyone. For some people it would be a very fearful experience. Those were the ones with much darkness inside. The ones with a lot of skeletons in their closet. It was not about Karma and payback, it was just that emotions were intensified and brought to the surface. Those who had made peace with their past would have a much easier time at it.

Kaylee certainly felt it. She wanted to laugh and cry simultaneously. Tears of joy of course. She wanted to party and hug the world and shout out to humanity how much she loved everyone and how amazingly grateful she was to be here at this incredible nexus of space and time...!

Her heart felt like it was about to explode with love and happiness and her head felt lighter than ever. In fact her whole body felt like she could just spread out her arms and float away on the gentle wind outside...

She wasn't sure how long she had revelled in these fantastic feelings, but once again reminded herself that she had to get going. She ransacked her mind. What was she supposed to do? Check her mental state. No panic. Good.

Next, alert authorities that the Breakthrough had happened. She smiled again, but now with her lips curled crookedly to the left. Without any electronics there was no easy way of doing that. She was pretty sure the people who needed to know already knew – perhaps not in a good way, but they definitely knew.

Her green eyes sparkled, throwing off a light that gave them an almost hazel color. She pulled back her blonde hair from her face and let it fall out of her hands onto her back and shoulders. It was her classic way of resetting her mind when trying to sort out the situation at hand. She noticed how the hair touching her skin felt different now, so sensual she almost got goose bumps. Strangely, it also worked exceedingly well. She suddenly had amazing clarity of mind!

“Does it make you smarter too?” she thought, but quickly pushed the notion aside.

Such small details as who knew what seemed to matter little now. The saga she had heard about for the last eleven years had finally materialized – and she got to be in it! She got to be part of a magnificent turn in time that may be recorded in history as something bigger than the discovery of electricity! The change of an era. New rules and regulations would be brought in. Much healing would commence. Wars would be ended. Poverty and strife would be erased. Not all at once of course. This was only the beginning. There would be much turmoil while the world was adjusting to the new reality.


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