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Signal through the stars

Many space stories told on Planet Earth involve communication across the vast universe.

In perhaps our first well-known space movie, Star Wars, an important message was stored by robot, R2-D2.

Today's messages still involve, to some extent, basic themes found in the Star Wars series of movies: space war, space government, space business, and our collective desire to understand our history, faiths, etc.

The Star Wars movie series, including The Empire Strikes Back, has been developed into a nine movie series. The original Star Wars movie is actually considered Episode 4 of the nine part series.

After Episodes 4-6 were released, the Star Wars series creators provided background movies in Episodes 1-3, including the youth of key character Darth Vader; who incurred an injury at a young age, fathered key characters Luke Skywalker and Princess Laia, and experienced a conversion back to the side of light in a future episode, upon his death.

Other Star Wars episodes include The Return of the Jedi.

We ask ourselves, in relation to Earth government, whether our lives are improving from day to day, who the likely political leaders will be, and what our values are with regards to our personal lives.

One basic concept is the irrevocability of loyalties.

Anything might happen to a gentleman or a soldier during wartime. The question is, did the person in question change his personal beliefs/values/preferences over the long run, or even in the short term.

For example, American President, Donald Trump, was previously a registered Democrat who supported controversial policies such as abortion rights.

His current presidency is grounded in Republican Party values, including restrictions on infanticide. Traditionally, in the United States, the Republican Party has been represented: law and order, faith, constitutionalism, and business.

Many people have been repeatedly tested each day on loyalty matters; often by new people asking old questions.

We reaffirm our fundamental right to improve our lifestyles, from a lifestyle that promotes death, towards a life-affirming value system.

Those who are in the business of repeatedly testing the loyalties of such valued travelers as our President must ask themselves: Have I even begun my own journey?

As the Western United States transforms its economy to the commercial space travel industry, we are often uncertain whether we are addressing conflicts endemic to Earth history, business competition, politics, or, in fact, the basic struggle between 'good' and 'evil;' described in the Star Wars series with the slogan "May the force be with you," representing the ebb and tide between forces of life (represented by light) and death (represented by darkness).

Many artists, including LDS Church member Lindsey Sterling in the attached video, have participated in creating music related to the space industry.

I first heard of Lindsey Sterling as a diagnosed bulimic (eating disorder patient) who was a skilled violinist, dancer, and breakfast cereal consumer. At that time, probably in 2015, the LDS/Mormon Church, which I had recently joined, was experiencing a transition, as our elderly and beloved Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, was ill.

By January 2016, President Monson had passed away. Our new prophet is President Nelson.

Last month, I met in Bakersfield/Oildale, both Lindsey Sterling's fiancee and Prophet Nelson's grandson.

As difficult as life can be in these parts, we always look for some new positive experience each day, to keep us going until the sun rises in the morning.

For business enthusiasts, whether young business graduates seeking employment or more senior members of the business community who initiate and develop their own business ideas, such as myself, the possession and/or expenditure of funds brings some form of happiness.

I cannot say what makes Democrats happy, but would be interested in any kind of scientific studies conducted on that particular question.

As some readers know, the author of this article specializes in oamuamua commerce and studies. Our latest proposed project is called "16 psyche;" an asteroid mining project in the asteroid belt just beyond Mars, where oamuamua lives.

Because of price fluctuations in mined minerals, including gold and platinum, the author is proposing a mobile trading post to orbit asteroid 16 psyche, with the proposed name "SOM Trading Company" to maximize profits and provide necessities to space miners.

Samir Goradia
Samir Goradia
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