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Dust Devil Dimensions

by Robert Taylor about a year ago in fantasy
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Chapter 6 - A New Power

A New Power

Chapter 6 - A New Power

We retired to our room sometime later, well-fed and watered, although the 'water' was a strong alcoholic mead. It took us less than a minute to fall asleep, after both of us acquainted ourselves with the 'facility'. In fact, we reacquainted ourselves several times during the night.

As sunlight streamed through our window a few hours later, we awoke with somewhat mulled heads. A morning pint of mead, eggs and bread soon helped us to clear our foggy brains.

“There is nothing like the hair of the dog that bit you,' offered Jinek as we joined him at a table.” I have been thinking about that dust devil and why it sent you to me. Yes, I have no doubt that it was me to whom it sent you. The power to understand different speech makes perfect sense. If you do not have that ability in the future, some higher power out there must believe that you should have it and has thus sent you to me.

He looked at me as he asked, “Do you want both of you to have this power or only one?”

I looked over at Shirley. “Hon, do you want to be able to understand what other people are saying no matter which language they are speaking?”

“I am not sure if I like that idea or not. Perhaps not. Hmm... No, I don't want it.”

“I could not guarantee that you would have it anyway. That is up to the power that sent you both to me. All I can do is to acknowledge the request, add the strength of mu abilities and powers, and see what happens. These things are often hit or miss.”

“Well, let's hope it is a hit this time. It would put a new perspective on thongs back home, for sure. I can't wait to try it out when we get back to 2021.”

The wizard said his incantation and waved his hands in the air. Blue light flashed out of his hands and I closed my eyes as it covered me from head to toes. When I opened them a minute later, the blue light was gone and so was the wizard.

But he returned shortly. “Oh, I just went to get a sip of water. So, that is it. My work is done and I wish you well. Now, I have something I must attend to in town. You know your way up the hill and down the other side, The top is hard to miss. Peer over the edge and you should see your, what do you call that thing you came is anyway?”

“Car. It is a car. It used to be called an automobile, as in something that moves by itself.”

“Yes well, we all do that, don't we?”

“Come to think of it, yes we are all auto-mobile. Thank you for your hospitality and your assistance. It was a pleasure to meet a genuine Wizard. We'll be off then.”

Shirley took the opportunity to visit the 'facilities' one last time before the climb. Outside, the sun was shining brightly. Several people were standing at the bottom of the hill waving and calling out. We waved back as we started our slow climb up the remainder of the hill. It was slow going but eventually we made our way to the top. Being almost a head taller than my wife, I was the first one to look down the other side to make sure our car was still there. It was but, believe it or not, it was turned around and pointed back up the horse path ready for our return journey.

“Will you look at that. The car is facing east again. The dust devil must have come back and I suppose it is a signal to us that it has accomplished what it set out to do. Well, we won't know that until we get back on our way, will we?”

“I will be glad to see the last of that devil, I'll tell you. I don't trust them. No, I don't.” She started down the hill.

“Go slowly, Shirley. No need to rush and I don't want you falling head over heels all the way to the bottom. Here, give me your hand. We'll navigate the path together.”

Holding onto each others hand, we slowly made our way safely to the bottom. I patted the car as we came to it.

“Hello car. Did you miss us?”

“That foul brew they forced us to drink last night has affected your brain. I can see that. Not that you took much forcing, I might say.”

I opened the car and we got in. The car was pleased to see us. I could see that in the way it started up as soon as I turned the key.

There was a faint haze off in the distance and am sure it was the dust devil, making sure we got off safely. We still had to hope that it would reappear as we got a little farther from the hill, do it's swirly thing around the car, and put us back on the real road headed towards Billy and Jo's.

Watch for Chapter 7 coming soon…

©May 2021 Robert W. F. Taylor


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