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Dust Devil Dimensions

by Robert Taylor about a year ago in fantasy
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Chapter 3 - Medieval Times

Transported back to medieval times

Chapter 3 – Medieval Times

I could not believe my eyes. There was a town at the bottom of the other side of the hill. A medieval town, I should mention. It had a wooden wall around it and a single gateway in the front. Probably, here would be a get-away tunnel or other type of exit in the back. I suspected they closed the gates at night. I know I would. In medieval times, you never knew who or what could be lurking in the dark of night. I was not even considering the possibility of there being dragons around. I certainly wasn't going to say anything about dragons to Shirley.

I wondered what time they closed the gate. Not that it mattered with a group of townies hurrying up the hill towards us. I actually looked at my watch then forgot about that. No point really, was there. I had no idea where we were or what the time was. By the look of it, they were still using sundials here.

Why were we here anyway? Was there a reason? Why did the dust devil bring us here?

“Did you find a toilet yet, Harry?” I heard Shirley call out from halfway up the hill.

“I don't think you are going to be too happy, when you get up here, Shirl? I don't think you will find the kind of toilet you are used to for quite a few centuries yet.”

Puffing and panting, Shirley finally reached the top of the hill to stand beside me.

“What kind of a town is that?”

“Around 10th or 11th century, I should think? An outhouse is about as close as you are likely to find for a toilet, if they even have those yet.”

“Look what you have gone and gotten us into, Harry. How could you? We were just having a nice drive towards Billy and Jo's when you went and got us hopelessly lost. Is that a movie set down there or what?”

“No, I think we somehow got transported back in time.”

“Sure we did Harry. They must be making a movie or something down there. That's what I think. They must have some food and toilets down there. Come on. Let's go and see what they're doing.”

“I'm not sure that's such a good idea, Shirl. Listen to me for once, will you? I am not kidding. Those two guys we saw earlier on horseback were carrying swords – not guns. That town or village down there is at least 1000 years behind where we are in time. I have no idea how we got here.

“Well, I do, actually. I am sure that dust devil wanted us to come here and I am curious as to why. I can't think of any reason why and I suppose we will have to go down there to find out. I have to say I am not keen on the idea of just dropping into a town that is 1000 years old and the people don't speak English – probably not even Old English.”

“I am sure they speak American, Harry. Whatever gave you the silly idea that they wouldn't?”

“Did those horsemen speak English?”

“Oh, they were probably just passing through, Harry. Why you always have to make things so complicated is beyond me, Harry. It really is.”

My wife has an answer for everything and, as usual, it was my fault if they didn't have toilets.

She started down the hill lading to the town. As she did, people in the town started looking up the hill and pointing. Soon several were running up towards us. At least they were not carrying swords or bows and arrows. In fact, some of the half-dozen of them were smiling and waving. I didn't think we had much to fear from them.

Watch for Chapter4 coming soon…

©April 2021 Robert W. F. Taylor


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