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Dragon Lance - Chapter 7

by Christine 'Kitabug' Cates 4 years ago in anime
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Chapter Seven

About twenty minutes later, Celty was dismounting and leading her horse through the small village of Slycrest. She thought with the way Kirito explained it he was at the East entrance, but apparently not. Then again, he could have gone to check something out or ran into trouble. She hoped that the latter of the two was not the case, not that she had to worry about Kirito he could very much take care of his own. She just knew the type that hung out in the village and she did not want to draw too much attention to herself with her long absence. She was sure some people might be looking for her. One in particular. Creed.

She walked slowly through the village heading to the other end. If he was not at the East entrance he had to be at the West entrance. There was only one road in and out of this village, and she was on it. There was no way she would miss him if she kept her eyes on the lookout for him.

As she walked down the street some of the villagers’ gasp, some whispering her name then quickly made their way indoors. Others that did not know her smiled and some waved. Though there were more whispers and gasps then smiles and waves. Thus, meaning their village had not grown much in the few months she was MIA. She sighed as another softly called out her name, turned and made themselves scarce to her when she turned to look who it was.

The whispers and gasps did not bother her much anymore. At first, she hated it, she did not understand why some disliked her so much. It’s not like she was a bad person. Some of the things she has done even helped the people, but in time she grew used to it. She had made the name for herself she needed and with it, she could find things out that Tanya or the others could not.

By the time she got to the other end of the village the street was almost barren compared to what it was when she started down it. Celty just shook her head and pushed on. There in the distance, sitting to the stone wall she saw Kirito. She picked up her pace as a warm feeling washed over her. At least someone here did not hate her.

“Kirito?” She called out to him. He looked up from the object he held in his hand. She had to admit he looked good as an Elemental Alchemist, dressed all in black. She chuckled lightly. His normal game attire.

“Celty?” He asked as he looked at her blinking a few times. A Moon Elf?

She nodded, smiling brightly she walked up to him as she offered her hand. “It’s nice to meet you. Tanya has told me a lot about you.”

Kirito looked around the girl. “She did not come with you?” His eyes widened as his other hand came up and he pointed behind her. “Hm, we got company, and he doesn’t look happy.”


Kirito watched as the woman turned to see who it was that called out her name. Her attacker, another Moon Elf, already had his blade up over his head ready to come crashing down on her. Reaching to her hip she grabbed for her weapon that was not there, or at least, Kirito thought was not there. She quickly went into a defensive block as metal against metal cried out around them. A fully formed sword shown in her hands for a split second.

“What the--” Kirito blinked and watched the two as the guy growled out the woman’s name again.

“Ceellty! How dare you!”

“Creed. I’m sorry. I had other things I had to take care of. I didn’t mean to be gone so long. Honest.”

“BITCH!!” The guy, apparently called Creed, turned his blade and pushed down sending Celty into the stone wall behind her.

She grunted with narrowed eyes. “Fine, you want your ass kicked, then so be it.”

She pushed up off the wall with great speed and countered his attack pushing him back, her blade coming into view again for only a second. Kirito blinked as a bead of blood trickled down the guys face over his dark purple eye.

“How?” Kirito looked to the woman. “She is fast.” His eyes flashed back to the guy as he was laughing.

“You have gotten stronger and faster.” He continued to laugh as he lowered his blade and looked at Celty. “Where the hell have you been?”

Four others then ran up behind the male Elf, calling out his and the woman’s name. Celty lowered her blade, remaining in her stance to block if the guy decided to attack again. Kirito only watched in silence as they talked.

“I told you. I had things to take care of IRL and to the East.” She shrugged. It’s not a total lie. She thought to herself. “Are you done trying to take my head?”

Creed laughed sheathing his blade as he stepped toward her. Celty sheathing her blade as well. He smiled warmly at her as he quickly grabbed her and pulled her into a tight hug.

“I thought you were dead,” Creed told her.

The other four that ran up to them all excited were all talking at once, asking her questions of where she had been, how she was doing, and why was she gone so long. They told her how much they missed her and how badly they could have used her or needed her.

Celty smiled brightly and hugged each one as they laughed and shared a little light conversation. After a few minutes, they were pulling her away to wherever they had appeared from. Celty looked back at Kirito.

“Guys. Wait. I can’t. Not right now. I am in the middle of a job,” Celty told them.

Creed looked to Kirito then back to Celty. “What? You need him dead? That’s easy enough.” He looked back to Kirito starting a path toward him. “Give me a sec.”

Kirito’s eyes widened, and he drew his blade as Celty ran up and grabbed Creeds arm. “No. I don’t need him dead I need him alive.”

Creed stopped walking and looked at her as Kirito sighed in relief, his shoulders slumping and his sword dropping to his side.

“I have to transport him to the Central Guild. The Guild Master of the Knights of The Mystic Dragon is waiting for him,” Celty explained to Creed.

His hand lifted as he combed his fingers through his long dark hair. “So Lady Tanya wants him.” He grinned madly. “You must have gotten paid a handsome price for this job.”

Celty shrugged with a small smirk. “Good enough.”

Creed chuckled and tossed his arm over Celty’s shoulders turning them back toward their path as he looked back to Kirito. “Come on kid. You’re with us for now. Can’t travel that distance without a full stomach.”

Kirito hesitated for a moment then moved forward when Celty looked to him and nodded. He didn’t know why, but he followed them to a nearby Pub called ‘The Eatery and Inn’. Apparently, this was where the rag-tag group was sitting around eating and drinking when they heard that Celty was in the village. He guessed he followed because Celty said Tanya was the one that asked her to retrieve him for her, but why would Tanya pay the girl to do this, and why would a high-ranking Guild Master be associating herself with thugs like them? He shook his head and sat down at the far end of the table letting them all talk and eat. Celty made sure he ate as well. He guessed she was making sure he was cared for because if he wasn’t she would not get paid for delivery.

After an hour past, Kirito seemed to be getting annoyed as they sat and laughed and talked of old times and what happened while Celty was gone. He was here to see Tanya not sit around and listen to these thugs talk about their crimes and mishaps. He stood quickly as his chair scraped loudly across the stone floor. All eyes at the table went to him as his hands shoved deep in the pockets of his black trench.

“I am not here to sit around all day while the bunch of you reminisce about old times.” He stepped away from the table. “I’ll find my own way.” He growled.

“You're not going anywhere. You think after the few months she has been gone, we are just going to let her walk off that quickly?” Creed returned with his own growl as he stepped in front of Kirito.

“Creed! No!” Celty exclaimed as she quickly stood as Kirito laid his hand to the hilt of his own blade. “He is right. We need to get moving. Lady Tanya is waiting for him. I can come back after I get him dropped off.”

Creed growled as he looked on at Kirito. He towered over him a good foot as Kirito looked up at him, the two exchanging some dirty looks.

“Hey! I know!” A small, dark blue haired boy sprung from his seat. “Why don’t we go with Celty? Then we don’t have to break up the reunion.”

Creed looked to the boy and grinned as he slapped him on the back the boy almost falling over the table.

“That’s a great idea Eowyn!” Creed bellowed. “I will pay the bill. Everyone go get their things together.”

Celty was trying to object as they all scampered around the table gathering their things. As they all disappeared her head dropped with an exhausted sigh. “Great,” She replied. She looked quickly to Kirito then gathered up their leftover food that would not go bad on the trip. She looked to Kirito again and motioned with her head for him to follow. As they walked out she buzzed past Creed.

“You will find us outside with Cloud.” Creed nodded to her as she exited the Pub in a rush, Kirito right behind her.

Out in the street, Celty whistled for her horse as he walked around from behind a barn into view. “Come on,” She told Kirito as she started toward her horse.

When they walked up on the horse Celty motioned for Kirito to come closer. When he did Celty started rattling off what he believed to be a spell.

“Mystic Hands of Silence I invoke you.” She looked to Kirito and spoke, “Don’t move too much. The field of silence is not very large, and it only covers the three of us.”

Kirito looked at her horse then back to her as his hand rested to the horse's neck. “What’s this all about?”

“Kirito.” She looked into his eyes. “It’s me Tanya’s player. My real name is Ashley. I have two avatars.” He blinked a few times as he went to step back, Celty catching his wrist, keeping him in place. “I am telling you the truth.”

“I believe you, but why?” Kirito asked her.

“To find out information like we talked about last night. No one would dare tell Tanya anything I need to know. Celty is a great cover for that.” She looked the way of the Pub then back to Kirito. “You can’t tell nobody, and I mean nobody about this. Not even Klein or the others from ALfheim. If this gets out Celty will be an outcast and what I use her for, will be worthless.”

Kirito nodded. “I won’t tell anyone. I promise.”

She nodded and quickly dropped the barrier around them just as Creed and the others walked out of the Pub. She watched them as fond memories of her rag-tag Clan of The Unseen walked toward her and Kirito. There were six in the Clan counting her, and they had been together for three and a half years. They were one of the very reasons she decided to start the Guild, Knights of The Mystic Dragon. However, once she started it she could not get them to join. No matter how much she talked they just would not do it. Though it was probably for the best, if they did join, Celty would have to be retired. Because Tanya was the one that ran the show within the Guild. Pulling her from her thoughts as Nema giggled, Celty watched Karith playfully bumped into Nema. Celty chuckled softly as she watched them.

Karith was the second male to join The Unseen, and one of the two humans in the group. He was around seventeen give or take a month or two. He was the true prodigy among them. Always, keeping them out of harm's way when they got themselves in too deep. His unfortunate past made him very protective of his Clansmen and he had to be the most patient person in existence. He had blonde, curly hair that clumsily hung over a thin, time-worn face, and small gray eyes, that could tell stories of the life he lived. And his well-trimmed goatee beautifully complemented his eyes and cheekbones. He stood towering above others, despite his subtle frame. Nonetheless, people tend to befriend him quite easily.

Then there was Nema, the second female of the group and the third to join The Unseen. She was a Tinker Fairy. She was about sixteen years of age, her shoulder-length straight pink hair hung over a soft cheerful, comforting face. Glistening silver eyes set appealingly within their place as she playfully bumped back into Karith. Her fair skin handsomely complemented her nose and mouth and left a delightful memory of her fortunate survival of this world. Nema was a true daredevil amongst them. Always rushing into things head first without thinking of the consequences at hand. Not to mention always fixing and creating things. There was something bizarre about her though, perhaps it was her persistence or perhaps it was simply her good will. But nonetheless, people tend to ask her to tell stories, while thinking of ways to top hers.

Legan was the third male, and the fourth overall to join The Unseen, he was the other of the humans. He was nineteen with chestnut colored short hair, neatly coiffured to reveal a strong lived-in face and sparkling black eyes, set gracefully above his high cheekbones. Though, he had a scar stretching from just under the right eyebrow and ending on his right cheek. It left an unpleasant memory of a battle with a Sorcerer that struck him down with a fire whip. Legan was a true warrior among them like their leader. He stood common among others, despite his bulky tone frame. Though like the others in the group he was different, perhaps it was his presence or perhaps it was simply his sense of humor. But nonetheless, people tend to share local gossip with him, while helping him out in any way they can.

Eowyn was the baby of the Clan and the first to join, he too was a Moon Elf like Creed and Celty. If he was lucky he was a total of fourteen years and even luckier if he was four and a half feet tall. He had short messy dark blue hair with a streak of light blue toward the front in his bangs, his eyes so golden in color you would swear he was the spawn of a demon. However, his sweet, loving personality told you he was all human. The others loved picking on him but thank goodness Eowyn knew it was just them playing around and did not mean it. Even though he was the youngest and the smallest Eowyn was not one to be taken lightly on the battlefield. His levels in skill and power sat just under Creeds. Making him the second strongest in The Unseen Clan.

And last but not least; there was Creed. The leader of The Unseen, with long dark blue hair that pulled back at the sides to reveal a long, stoic face and dark purple eyes. His smooth skin delightfully compliments his eyes and warm features of a fascinating memory of his luck in battles. He was an amazing leader, and there was something inexplicable about him, perhaps it was his sense of camaraderie or perhaps it was simply a feeling of sadness. Whatever it was he could not be more loved than he was by their group. He stood towering above others, despite his thin but, brawny frame.

It had been months since these memories and people had entered her thoughts, and she had to admit. She missed them very much. It was she and Creed that started The Unseen. The group being named after the sword she wielded. Celty was not sure of this, but Creed insisted, saying to her.

“Like the sword, our Clan would be unseen unless in battle.”

Creeds words echoed in her mind. The sword in question was granted to her by a Water Dragon in the East when Celty protected its baby from poachers. The Dragon, so grateful to Celty she granted her with the possession of The Unseen Sword. One of the many swords Dragons can bestow upon people they deem fit to wield such an elite weapon. The weapon was an amazing sword and held more power than any blade she had held in her hands as Celty or Tanya. The hilt of the blade was made of solid white ivory with silver and teal inlays of waves from the sea. The star-shaped guard was pure silver titanium. It had a silver pommel. The blade, even when not in the wielder's hands was virtually invisible and made of the crystal possessed by the water dragon. When in the wielder's hand the sword was completely invisible until struck by another object and then it would only be seen for a split second. The scabbard was pure white ivory like the hilt. It held powers of the sea and could be called on whenever in need by its wielder.


A softly spoken voice pulled her from her thoughts as she looked to Kirito now standing beside her horse. She had to look slightly down to see him since she apparently had mounted Cloud at some time while she was deep in thought. She smiled warmly at him and offered her hand.

Kirito looked at the horse then back to her. “You want me...To ride that thing?”

“It’s not a thing. It’s a horse, and yes,” Celty told him. The look on his face was unsure as he looked to Cloud again. “You’ve never ridden a horse before have you?”

Kirito looked back up at her as the others were putting their packs on their horse and getting ready to go. “Yes, I have. It just…” He rubbed the back of his neck. “Well, it just didn’t turn out too well.”

She smiled gently at him and grabbed his hand. “Come on, you will be riding with me, so it will be easy peasy.”

Her foot moved from the stirrup as he slid his foot in and pushed up with his one leg, swinging the other over Clouds back. He was shocked to see how strong and coordinated Celty was as she helped him balance and she herself stayed on the horse. Once Kirito was sitting behind her, Cloud neighed, sidestepping slightly as he quickly wrapped his arms tightly around Celty. Celty chuckled, her arms slightly lifting as she looked back at Kirito.

“Easy there, fella. That’s my woman there you got a hold of,” Creed told him leading his horse their way. He stopped beside them and grabbed a handful of Kirito’s jacket. “Your hands go anyplace I don’t like, and I will cut them off. Got it?”

Kirito blinked a few times looking at Creed. “Hm, sure. Sorry.” He loosened his grip on Celty relaxing some as Cloud stood in place.

“Creed! Knock it off,” Celty told him slapping the flat of her hand down on the hindquarter of his horse causing the animal to jolt forward. This causing Cloud to sidestep again and causing Kirito’s arms to tighten around her torso as well. Celty softly chuckled again shaking her head as she clicked her tongue and got Cloud walking.

“Come on Kirito, I need to breathe here. If you keep this up I will pass out before we get to the other end of the village.”

Kirito’s grip loosened up slightly. “Sorry, this is just all new to me.”

“It’s fine. Just try to relax.”

“Right.” Kirito looked slightly back over his shoulder as Creed and the others came quickly toward them. “I got your boyfriend wanting to kick my ass every ten minutes.” He heard Celty chuckle. “And you got me on the back of a horse. Something I have never been on before.”

“It’s no different than being on the back of a bicycle and Creed is not my boyfriend.”

“A bicycle doesn’t have four legs and a mind of its own,” Kirito retorted making Celty chuckle again. “Well, it doesn’t.”

“Just relax…” Celty repeated.

Kirito tried the best he could to relax as they rode through the village. By the time they reached the East end, Kirito was a little more relaxed. His hands now resting to her hips rather than him crushing her ribs with his arms. At first, when the group left the village, they rode in a clump of a mess as they talked and caught up a little more on lost time. After about a mile or so out from the village, they broke up in a uniformed pattern. Two staggered in the front riding a few yards ahead. The three in the middle also staggered slightly and spread apart and one in the back a few yards behind. Celty and Kirito were the ones in the back. They were traveling through a rather large wooded area. Their staggered riding formation was a good thing so to keep a lookout for attackers. Be it wild animals or humans.

This helped with Celty needing to talk to Kirito. They were far enough back that when they talked, they could talk rather normally without the others in front of them hearing what was said between them.

“So what are you going to do? We are kind of going the wrong way to get the information you need,” Kirito informed her.

Celty’s head turned and looked to Kirito her eyes holding an annoyed look. “Thanks for playing, ‘State The Obvious’, Kirito.” She turned back watching ahead of them. “I am trying to figure that out.”

“Well hopefully, something comes to you sooner than later. The longer it takes you the further away we get from the Western Guilds.”

Celty flicked the reins slightly, causing Cloud to side step, rearing his head slightly. Thus, caused Kirito to spook and wrap his arms around Celty tightly again. Celty grinned with a mischievous look in her eyes as she looked to Kirito.

“Not nice,” Kirito told her.

“Then stop telling me things I already know.”

About ten more minutes past on their ride as an idea finally came to Celty. “I got it.”

Kirito looked to her from the landscape. “What is that?”

“I need you to message me.”

“And how do you propose I do that with us on horseback? I need room to open my panel.”

Celty thought for a second then pulled Cloud to a stop. “Hold up guys! Kirito needs to use a tree.”

“I what?!” Kirito spoke softly with his head hung behind her.

As the others turned and looked at them and without moving her lips, she spoke to Kirito. “Just get off and go hide behind a tree like you need to go pee. From there message me.”

Kirito blushed at the thought of the others thinking he had to go to the bathroom as he slid off Cloud and looked up at her. “And what is this message supposed to say?”

“It doesn’t matter what it says, I’m the only one that is going to see it. Just go.” She spoke softly as she shooed him off. “You’ll see what I am going to do once I get it.”

Looking from Celty to the others, he combed his fingers through his dark hair. “Sorry guys this will only take a minute.”

They all nodded as he disappeared behind a small grove of trees and bushes as Creed road up beside Celty.

“What’s he trying to pull? No one has to take a piss in a VR.”

Celty looked to Creed and rolled her eyes. “He needed to use it IRL. With him riding behind me he can’t open his panel to sign off.”

Creed sighed. “True. Fine, we'll wait then.” He rode back up to the front of the formation.

After a few seconds, a soft chime sounded as a small window popped up in front of Celty. Kirito waited a few more moments before he stepped out from behind the tree. Celty now checking her message. She looked to Kirito then to Creed.

“Creed, how far is it to the Guild of the Illusions of the Serpents?”

“It’s about a three-hour ride that way.” Creed pointed the opposite direction they were traveling. “Why?”

“We got a shorter ride ahead of us now. Lady Tanya wants me to drop my cargo off with a troop traveling to the Western Guild.” Celty looked to Kirito. “I was told you have a friend, Klein. He is in this so-called group moving toward the West.”

“Yes, I do. Why?”

“I was told to tell you to message him and find out their whereabouts, so I will know where to meet them to hand you over.”

Kirito nodded. “I will message him then.” With that Kirito opened his panel and messaged Klein. He told him in detail what was going on. Leaving out the detail that the woman Celty, was actually Tanya, he did tell them that he would explain more in detail when they met up. When Klein finally messaged back he looked to Celty and told her what he had to say.

“He said they are still a good three and a half hours to four away from the Guild’s stronghold. They are traveling on the main road coming from Whitehaven Castle.”

Celty nodded. “Tell them we will meet them on that road about a quarter of a mile from the Guild.”

Kirito nodded in return and messaged Klein back. His return message was answered rather quickly. “He said that would work fine and they would meet us there.”

Celty extended her hand to Kirito. “Get on so we can get moving again.”

Kirito grabbed her hand as he was hoisted onto the back of Cloud once more.

“Hang on,” Celty told him as she tapped her heels into Clouds sides and he took off at a run. The others falling in behind her as their horses took off in a run as well.


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Christine 'Kitabug' Cates

I am a writer, or well, I would like to think I am. I have enjoyed writing since I was very young. I guess you could say since I picked up a pencil. I have had many good comments on my stories, so I hope you enjoy them as others have.

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