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Doomsday Device

by Ocusan Mi 20 days ago in extraterrestrial
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The train had no destination, yet it kept going like a bat out of hell in the surreal mountain ranges. Why the conductor separated the caboose from the rest of the rail cars was uncertain. The station got a telegram of a distress stating that it was headed towards the dark region, in a snow covered country that had been at war for centuries. It was only spotted from a satellite in the zero visibility of pounding snow. Like a bad dream that wouldn't stop it wound around mountains and tunnels as the snowstorm intensified- not slowing down as if it had a mind of its own. The above satellite kept watch, a beacon of hope. The message it sent to the station was not received since everyone had fallen asleep in the fairytale atmosphere they called home. IT was headed to a small town where the people had a small outbreak of reye syndrome, a reaction from eating stale bread. The mold upon the bread made everyone hallucinate, running through the streets with primitive weapons, getting into fights. It was like the dark ages. The beacon realized in its android mind that no one was capable in their right minds to stop the situation. The above probe decided to send a array of distress signals to electronically scramble a emergency. It sounded like a high pitched space chatter. Other satellites picked up the signal and joined in making more noise that sounded like the tv test sound the government puts out. And yet the sound wasn't able to stop the train since it wasn't connected to anything electronic-how it remained in auto pilot was uncertain. That is until a saucer was spotted flying above that the satellite missed before. Who was flying the craft was also unknown-the beacons then sent another distress signal to the army. They too were asleep at their bunkers-some passed out from drinking. There wasn't anyone who could respond, like a soldier falling on a grenade, he was already dead. Science in the sky was smarter than the lifeforms below. What no one knew was that the railroad car was carrying a secret doomsday weapon that the Government didn't know about- Little did they know that it was set to self destruct-in a manner of minutes the entire world annihilated. The little planet that was part of a vast solar system was no more. The moon too was silent-as no one has built a base their, looking sad without its sister planet. The satellites reprogramed and drifted out in space finding a revolving space station with a small crew that had been desperately trying to communicate to their country they now had lost. Inside the capsule the crew realized they would need another planet to exist-rations of water & food were running low. Their computers were no longer needed, as they gathered around a candle lit table, holding hands, saying silent prayers. They had no engines, no shuttle car, just a shell of rocketship holding its own in the arms of the galaxy. They told stories together of how they had survived the war underneath the city in subways where little water trickled through the piped in tunnels. Until they had escaped to the space station to steel the rocket. "What is better-to die in a tunnel or to die in space?" They asked each other in sweating clothes- a band of survivors. There was a signal from the orbiting bots..A distress call was picked up by nearby star-its battle cruiser was transmitting a message through the intercom-they were to be rescued.. Cries of joy replaced tears of doom. Old memories of lost loved ones faded away as a new hope for a brighter tomorrow emerged like the sun that was still their shining its morning rays through the glass.


About the author

Ocusan Mi

I write surrealist settings & a bit of supernatural, influenced by mostly my cat. A cat isnt just a animal to hoard & make fun of, cats are psychic creatures. Deep in thought, i imagine a plot while my cats mind can link with mine.

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