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"Save the planet", "Protect the Earth" … are popular slogans in environmental protection campaigns. But are we humans qualified, in other words, capable of saving the Earth?

By PiousPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

To be honest, wildfire is an activity of nature, without fire, never dead animals and plants decompose 100% to turn into nutrients for the next generation of plants and animals. 

Forest fire is clearly harmful to humans. It is important for humans to have somewhere to store co2, to rebalance emissions. Living plants, microorganisms, live fungi are all such entities.

Not to mention nature has a way of balancing itself when the ecological balance is misaligned, Australia has been so kangaroo so far that it has lost control, now the forest fire is probably a way to rebalance itself.

The Earth does not need to be saved from plastic waste. It only takes about 1,000 years from now to roughly decompose all plastic waste. The Earth has existed for 4,543 billion years, thus another 1,000 years will be nothing more than a drop in the ocean.

The Earth does not need to be saved from climate change. The planet was once covered by snow in the ice age, flooded with water during the cataclysms and also suffered from record-breaking heats several times. Why is climate change the problem?

The Earth does not need human resources. Once the oil has run out, it would be filled up again in the same way it was made. And the same is also applied to coal, metal and other natural resources. Even if some things are totally exhausted, the Earth will still be fine.

Forest and mammals also need no protections. Dinosaurs and thousands of other species once appeared, prospered and disappeared. Animals nowadays seem far different and far less grandiose than that during ancient times. Still, they can even be less awesome in the future. Nevertheless, this is none of the Earth's business, either.

The Earth does not need humans.

It is humans who need to solve the problems of plastic waste, before the plastic floods all over their homes, get in their way, sunbaths on the beach they resort or even sit still in their stomachs.

It is humans who need to tackle climate change before the Earth becomes unbearably hot, nor too cold to survive. It is people who need to reclaim every inch of land with rising sea levels.

It is humans who need to save the resources they are feeding on. They have grown so much that even one small news about oil can make global politics and economy shudder. We have gone so far, so fast that we cannot calmly imagine the prospect of "all gone". (in fact, it's still a long time).

It is people who need to preserve forests and mammals so they can study, watch, exploit or admire. If the lions, tigers, leopards, elephants, dolphins, squid, turtles, cranes disappear, is it okay that we still have mice, mosquitoes and cockroaches to watch?

The Earth is not afraid of dirty water, dusty air or CO2. It's the US who are freaked out of these.

In fact, the Earth does not need people to protect, and it seems that "protecting the Earth" is just an excuse for people to protect their own race. 

All the people call for are just braking the vehicle that has dropped and the brakes cut off. The problem is not to protect someone or something, the problem is that we are selfishly protecting our species through self-employment for others.

After all, even without humans, the Earth will operate in its own orbit the way it has existed for billions of years.

So, instead of calling people to care and protect the environment, look at yourself and protect yourself first.

Earth is not afraid of destruction. But people are afraid.

Don't protect the Earth, better protect yourself.


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