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Don't I Know You?

by Erin Montgomery 4 years ago in extraterrestrial
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Dirty Little Secret Continued

Abductions are not a solitary experience.

My husband is a musician. As such, I often find myself tucked into a corner somewhere, sending messages to the universe that I hopefully go unnoticed. Tonight, I am seated in a small room, in a chair pushed up against the wall, at a birthday party full of people I have never met. I stay in this room, surrounded by dancers who keep stepping on my feet and bumping into my knees, all because I refuse to leave the familiar faces of the band members because they are the only people I know here. It is the perfect setting for me to pull out my notebook (is it really? I am already sticking out like a sore thumb) and begin my article on familiarity as it manifests in the contactee phenomenon.

These small connections are so important. I am not the type to mingle with strangers. I tend to be shy and withdrawn, and these few people I know (especially my husband) bring a much needed sense of comfort to this really uncomfortable moment.

Honestly, I was at a loss for my next topic until the other day when I was taken again. Having been a contactee (someone who is contacted and often abducted by extraterrestrials) for as long as I can remember, it isn’t often that I am awake at the start of the experience. On this particular night—October 27, 2018 to be exact—I was asleep in bed with my husband. I was dreaming that I was in a haunted house. I was trying to clear the spirits from this house we just purchased and decided to use Reiki (an energy-based healing method) since nothing else was working. As soon as I felt the energy flow from my hands, I was awakened by the covers being pulled off of me.

Now, I am sure many couples have that cover struggle and fight to keep control of their edge of blanket. However, the blankets were being pulled away from both of us. My eyes popped open to see three beings in the room with us. One was what I would call a “typical” grey—about three and a half feet tall, large head, and huge wrap around, almond shaped eyes. The second was a type of being I have never seen—it was a brown color and looked maybe half-formed, or like he was made out of clay and his face was starting to melt. I remember specifically the drips around his mouth. Maybe that is just how my mind made sense of what I was seeing. But the third being—that third being—as soon as my eyes rested on him (instinctively knew he was a male) I said, “Oh, hi! It’s you!”

The tall being resembled ET.

He looked at me and I heard in my head—or just understood, “Of course it’s me, don’t be silly, human. I expected more from you.” He was tall, probably about six feet tall. He was certainly taller than I. His skin was chalky white. His eyes were round and wide set. His face reminded me of ET from the movie (especially when he is sick and pale). He was wearing a uniform—long sleeved, blue—but I don’t remember any other details.

But what is significant here is that sense of familiarity. “Oh, I know you.” I took his hand and willingly went with them. I had no sense of fear, no hesitation. I let them lead me out of the bedroom, into our living/dining room, straight through the large window behind the dining table, and into the front yard.

I was led to a strange contraption I have no recall of seeing before. They instructed me to stand under what to my human mind looked like a large, round, light fixture with handles inside that I grabbed onto. It reminded me of an amusement park ride. Maybe it was some sort of transport system—I remember the feeling of being swept off my feet, turning upside down, and the next minute landing in an enormous room, tiered, with people all around me, below me, above me. Rows and rows of humans of all ages from small children to the elderly, and all races—every color of person you can imagine I saw around me.

As my awareness became more focused, I looked more closely at the people seated near me. Directly in front of me was a red headed woman, probably in her mid-thirties. We caught each other’s gaze, and we recognized each other immediately. “I am so glad to see you here!”

“Me too! Feels good to see a familiar face.” Just like at this house party. My shoulders dropped. I relaxed even more. I took a deep breath, feeling much more secure since there was someone that I knew close by. I then searched the room for more people I may know.

The stadium-type seating held hundreds of people.

And this is when I blacked out. Or blanked out. Next thing I knew I was back in bed and trying to grasp every possible detail that I could recall from the experience. What sticks with me the most is the sense of relief at seeing those familiar faces—both the alien and the human. It’s like being in school on the first day, entering the room for the first time, and looking for a friend you can sit with. How surreal it was to have this feeling while being abducted. The thing that really blows my mind is that I have absolutely no idea who that woman is. I do not know her—except that I do.

I do have conscious recall (or recall of an experience that did not require hypnosis) of seeing someone on ship during an abduction that I had met before. I could see him through a small circular window. I sent him a message the next morning, and he confirmed that he had been taken, too. So this idea of seeing people I know on ship isn’t completely foreign to me.

The opposite has happened to me as well. I find that I will someone for the first time that I feel I have known for ages. The most profound moment of recognition I have had was this past summer at the Roswell UFO Festival. I was attending the “Experiencer Session” led by Yvonne Smith. I make sure to attend that every year, not only to support Yvonne and other contactees, but to help begin the process of normalizing our experiences with the rest of humanity. This year Yvonne had asked me and one other contactee to participate in a television interview after the session. I had not yet met this man, Terry Lovelace, but I was excited to do so.

Since we had such a large crowd, around 75 people, we decided it would be best to stand at the front of the room with a microphone to be heard by everyone. Knowing I needed to be brave and ready for the TV show, I made sure to get up and speak. I walked down the center aisle, gathering my wits about me, grabbed the mike, took a deep breath, and turned around. I can’t even remember what it was I spoke of. What I do remember was settling my eyes on Terry and feeling my heart swell as a deep and intense feeling of recognition bloomed inside me. Terry and I have talked about the feeling. It was a relief that I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. It was like being reunited with a long, lost uncle or cousin—someone whom I feel completely comfortable with and miss dearly when we are apart. This isn’t something that really translates into our daily culture—perhaps thinking of past life relationships or perhaps soul mate or soul family concepts. How else can you explain the feeling of knowing someone you have never met. However, since these are fellow contactees, it is more logical for us to think we must have been abducted together often, perhaps for decades.

The other side of this, as mentioned earlier, are the familiar alien beings. This guy isn’t the first ET I have recognized. I have a regular “handler” (for lack of better term) who is often with me during more disturbing abductions, specifically the invasive, fertility-based examinations or extractions. This is a female, small grey type, but her eyes are warm, and she is always very loving and caring towards me.

The other being I have interacted with often is what I would label a mantis type—very tall with a triangular head and large bulbous eyes that resemble a praying mantis. When I encounter him or recall him I ml always reminded of a strict school administrator. I believe he has overseen some sort of training—which I need to consciously work on remembering. My last hypnotic regression with Yvonne Smith led me to this character, and I hit a block or a reluctance to remember my experiences with him.

Some beings resemble a praying mantis.

I often end my articles with a series of questions, and this won’t be any different. Why am I taken? That will always be my first question. But, who are these abduction mates? How long have I known them? Do I need to find them? And how do I make sense of these illogical emotions when I do meet them? What are the agendas of these beings? Do they understand the basic need for humans to feel safe in their environments? Do they care about us? Or is this just a way to preserve the integrity of their test subjects? I want to think they have our best interest at heart. But, as of right now I do not have that information—which makes my lack of hesitation during my recent abduction really disturbing to me. To blindly, and willingly go with alien beings onto a ship--do I understand what is being done on a subconscious or unconscious level? At least I know I am not alone in these experiences.


About the author

Erin Montgomery

Erin Montgomery works as a counselor by day and works as a psychic, energy healer, and clears both places and people of spirits any time she can.

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