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Domino: The Awakening—Chapter 3

by Dominick Piaquadio 4 years ago in fantasy

The Soul Awakens!

While the Undead protagonist and his Shadow Army pave the streets in red, Pyropolarnite infiltrates the media and manipulates the masses with words of Justice and Public Safety. "Citizens of New Burgandy. It is with great pleasure to inform you all that as of now, will take down the Underground Consortium! No longer will you need to give in to the extortion and terror these wicked men and women impose upon you all. Tonight, we'll drive away the Consortium so you may walk the streets without fear! To demonstrate the strength of our Resolve, see before you the Mafia Don Emiliano Vencetta. This is the leader of the Consortium crime syndicate. Now under arrest, he would like to make a public statement for you all."

Emiliano Vencetta spoke with humility and tears falling from his eyes, "I'm so sorry for the pain I've caused each and every one of you. I know no amount of apologies can make up for the lives of those you love I took, but know that I will no longer be a threat to you. You'll never see me again, nor will my name strike fear into your hearts."

The camera turns back to Pyropolarnite, "See before you the descent of your worries and strife. Know that you'll be safe under my watch. Thank you, New Burgandy!" Once the transmission ended, Pyropolarnite cast Emiliano into her personal mini-coliseum and watched as his flesh was torn apart by a horde of her Undead foot-soldiers. She laughed while he screamed and begged for his life, listening to his cries as if it was a soothing orchestral piece. When the horrific act of cruelty ceased, nothing was left other than bones and a pool of blood.

Elsewhere, Domino located the last of the twelve Consortium members. Famine (the name given due to binding and starving his victims to death whilst keeping them awake), tried to take down Domino. Alas, his efforts were in vain because Domino couldn't be neutralized. The Dark Magic in his hands disintegrated the Consortium member into bits of dust. With the Consortium finally destroyed, Pyropolarnite's voice filled his mind. "Now that the Consortium is annihilated, conquer this City," she said using telepathy. There was a strange sensation flowing through his undead body, as if a little more of himself was starting to return. Members of the Consortium were all wicked beings, and their darkness has been slowly piecing him back together. His skin became more reinforced whenever someone evil was taken out. Though something was missing still, he felt a unique power which made him stronger mentally. Despite all this, he still couldn't resist Pyropolarnite's control. As a result, he obeyed her command and began spreading terror in the streets.

The Shadow Army was about to meet their destruction at Washington Park. On the outskirts of the City is an open park where a battle took place during the Revolutionary War. The ruins of Colonial structures would become traps for bottlenecking these Satanic zombies. The Zombie hunters were none other than Fuegonon and Seto. They set up a war zone area to prevent the Shadow Army from leaving the City and infecting the next town over. "Fuegonon, do you have the explosives ready?"

"Yes, Seto, the bombs are set."

"No one innocent will be harmed, correct?"

"I have a friend of mine who's a cop. He's ensuring that no one will go in the park other than the zombies. Also, I've checked the entire perimeter and no one else is here."

"Good, we need to end this madness, not cause more." As expected, the Zombie Hordes led by Domino arrived and the Undead Battle commenced. One by one, the undead fell. When all was said and done, there was but one group left. This was the elite of the zombie hordes (including Domino). Seto's eyes opened wide and memories of taking his life clouded her thoughts.

"You...you...you're dead! How can you be alive?" she trembled in fear and was momentarily frozen.

"Seto, snap out of it!" Fuegonon tried to slash Domino with his scimitars, but couldn't sever the flesh. "What are you?"

After snapping out of her frozen state, she yelled, "Fuegonon, use your Fire magic! He's no ordinary being."

"You know him?"

"He was the one I killed centuries ago to save humanity."

Fuegonon tapped into his power so he could cast a fire blast. His skin burned, but instantly healed before his eyes. "Fire blast isn't working. What should I do, Seto?"

Seto conjured an Ice Blade and thrusted it into his heart. "Be gone!" Tears fell from her eyes just as they did long ago. A beam of light shined down from the heavens into his open wound. The Ice Blade shattered and Seto was knocked back. The Devil's mark disappeared from his head and Pyropolarnite's influence was no more. The very thing missing from Domino was his soul, which was now returned. He now could speak, plus grew stronger from the mixture of dark energy from his previous Consortium kills and the virus delivered by Seto. He turned to Seto and asked, "what happened, Seto?"

"Domino, is that you? I missed you so much, and I'm so sorry for causing you harm," she ran to him, held him close, and continued to speak. "I never should have listened to the Prophet. Since you've been gone, the world has sunk into Darkness. I was deceived. Can you forgive me?"

"Of course, it's not your fault. You did what you felt was right," Domino replied. "You've done no wrong, please don't feel guilty for my passing..." Before he could continue to speak, the remaining horde drew near. "Hang on, let me get rid of these fallen lackeys." He held out his left hand and consumed their dark life force. Then, with his right hand, he crumbled the entire horde into dust."

Fuegonon stood in confusion as to what he just witnessed.

"So do you fight in the name of Righteousness or Blasphemy?"

"I am a Servant of the Lord, " Domino replied.

"Will you fight beside us?" Fuegonon asked.

"Of course, I'd be honored. By the way, my name is Domino. You are?"

"Fuegonon al-Asif."

"So you're the Powerful Fire-wielder?"

"How did you know?"

"al-Asif is Arabic for 'the powerful,' and Fuegonon comes from Fuego or Fire."

"You seem well-rounded with Islamic knowledge."

"I try my best to be Catholic by definition."

"Meaning Universal?"

"Yes, it seems we three will become the best of friends. Please forgive me of my trespasses against Humanity. I wasn't myself."

Seto intervened, "I'm so happy you're alive now! But my question is how?"

"Your virus activated dormant genes in my DNA for Immortality. I don't know exactly what's been activated other than Immortality. I guess this is what my Prophecy meant as the Immortal Dark-Bearer."


"Yes. Prior to the downfall of the Ancient Pharaohs in Egypt, there were two warriors and an evil King. The two warriors were Scarab and Ahmed. The evil king happened to be the one who tainted me with his blood. Apparently, when the King and Ahmed died (four years after Scarab died by the King's blade), a prophecy was lain before the two combatants. King Black III would rise again three more times before dying forever. Ahmed would be reincarnated twice more. The second incarnation was Benedicimus Domino (the werewolf), and the third one was a Dark-Bearer. That's where I get the name Dark Bearer. On the transitioning line between Scorpio and Sagittarius in 1989, the Dark Bearer would be born on the day of War..."

Seto interrupted, "so you were born on Tuesday, November 22nd, 1989?"

"Yes, you're very intelligent. But then, I wouldn't expect anything less from the likes of you."

"Wow, in the eight-hundred twenty-eight years I've known you, I never knew your birthday..."

"Eight-hundred twenty-eight years?! You're telling me the it's 2835?"

"Correct, and I've been bearing the guilt of your death for a long time." Seto began to cry, but Domino hugged her and told her to let go of her guilt. Once he was able to calm her down and convince her that her actions were necessary, Seto was able to focus on the task at hand. "Domino, do you know where Pyropolarnite resides?"

"Yes, we need to stop her before she dominates the City," Domino, Seto, and Fuegonon left the park and headed downtown for the Final Battle against Pyropolarnite.


Dominick Piaquadio

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