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Domino: The Awakening

by Dominick Piaquadio 4 years ago in science fiction

Chapter 2: Rise of the Dark Bearer

Eight-hundred twenty years have passed, and the City has succumbed to wickedness. New Burgundy has always been the third-most dangerous city in America, but is now the most treacherous in the World. To survive, new gangs were formed to protect themselves from the existing ones. As a result, (king/queen)doms were forged, along with the Underground Consortium to ensure territories were clearly marked. New Burgundy became a haven for crime syndicates. The rich and toughest profit from extorting the poor, and those who resisted were slaughtered. Every night, the City would flood in crimson from Gang Wars, Resistance fighters, and the unfortunate citizens who couldn't pay their weekly "taxes." The City was in desperate need of a Savior.

In the midst of all the Evil, two good souls stood vanguard for the Pure. Seto (who has a lifespan of several millenia) and an Islamic fire warrior named Fuegonon protect the inhabitants from the City's corruption. The young twenty-seven year old, Fugeonon, spent a part of his life fighting extremist terrorist cells, for these groups violated Allah by taking His name in vain and killing the innocent. Despite his efforts of spreading Islam in a positive light (as it was meant to be shared) and annihilating those who are truly black-hearted, even he was deemed by society as someone to fear. It was only those protected by his scimitars who understood his loving heart and knew he was truly the Lord's hand of righteousness.

One of those people saved by his dual-wielded weapons happened to be Seto. Since she took Domino's life, her interpretation of the Wiccan creed became loose. She began to understand the Creed in a way a doctor would understand the Oath they take to practice medicine. Even though a person's life is saved when a doctor cures a disease, the virus / bacteria / fungus that does the damage is killed. Applying this knowledge to her own personal beliefs, taking the lives of the wicked were the equivalent of healing sicknesses. She grew to love ranged weaponry and underwent firearm training to become the best gunslinger in the City. In one of her battles with a gang, she ran out of bullets and was about to get shot, when Fuegonon killed the assailant. Since then, the two became friends and fought along side each other.

In the Shadow Empire (located downtown New Burgundy), the Empress conscribed her army of darkness via Necromancy. Pyropolarnite's special power was reviving the dead. She'd practice her power on newly dead victims of New Burgundy's nightly slaughters in order to acquire the ability to resurrect Domino. Although her mind was clouded with cruel thoughts, she still bore compassion for her deceased Love. Consequences were irrelevant to her, thus making her the most powerful woman in the City. She couldn't be defeated by the other gangs due to the combination of enemies knowing her foot soldiers were already dead and the fact that her minions were fallen lackeys of all the gangs, thus causing trauma to those who dared to dethrone her. The one thing about Pyropolarnite which kept the Consortium from joining together to take her down was that she never attacked anyone from the other territories, nor has she attempted to conquer. In fact, she was always on the defensive and never recruited anyone but the dead. To the Consortium, she served as a dumping ground for casualties of gang violence.

In the spring of 2835, her stance would change as she took the offensive. The convenience she offered to the Consortium would become their downfall. This was the year she mastered the art of Necromancy and was ready to attempt the Resurrection Ritual on Domino. Upon his grave, she extended her right hand so her energy could be transferred into the soil where his corpse resided. The skies darkened, lightning was cast, and thunder boomed in the air. This was it! Her heart pounded faster and faster as her adrenaline kicked into high gear. Excitement pulsated through her body knowing her Knight in Dark Armor would serve as General in her Shadow Army. With the essence of her being, she yelled, "rise above, my Love! Take your place by my side, and let the Blood of Satan flow through you!"

A hand rose from his grave, then the rest of his corpse followed suit. His body reconstituted into its original form, but he was an empty shell. The ritual partially worked, but something was missing. Regardless, she rejoiced and completed the ritual by painting 666 on his forehead. Without a mind and soul of his own, Domino was under her control. For years, this is what Pyropolarnite wanted. Everything she's ever done was for this moment. "Now, my Love! You belong to me, forever! I will never let you go. You will never be taken from me again," she said. Embracing the operating system-less organic machine of her dreams, it seemed her hunger was satisfied. Unfortunately, she was under the influence of Lucifer, meaning the void in her soul yearned for more. Gently pushing him back, she commanded, "Domino, take our Army and lead them into battle. Tonight, we'll take down the Consortium and rule this City!" He couldn't speak (for he wasn't himself), but acknowledged her wishes. The Satanic Undead Army marched into the streets of New Burgundy and began the bloodiest campaign the world had ever seen.

science fiction

Dominick Piaquadio

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