Domino: The Awakening

Chapter 1: Deal with the Devil

Domino: The Awakening

The year is 2007. In the heart of the ghetto stands a high school full of diversity, struggle, and concepts beyond the fathomability of typical society. Underneath the facade of 'hood life', a subculture of magic and the metaphysical reside. Among the students attending this school, there are three who'll play a pivotal role in shaping the future of humanity. The catalyst of change derives from a mysterious blind prophet. It is this being of unknown origin who foresees a future of chaos and destruction by the coming of the Beast.

Within the school, a young seventeen-year-old boy named Domino studied performing arts and had his own music project. He struggled a lot up until this point, while being raised by a single mother (due to his father dying during the Gulf War) and ridiculed by classmates at his old school until he became a Dark Bearer. This was caused by a conflict between himself and a Dark Sorcerer called King Black III, where he was tainted across his left eye with the Sorcerer's blood. The Dark magic coursing through his veins gave him the power to create himself the persona, Domino_KOI. Of course, he never used his magic (unless necessary) due to his belief in God. Although his music persona Domino_KOI was an electronic rock project, every culture from the head banging to the urban communities enjoyed his works and loved his carefree attitude. Whenever he could, he'd help anyone out and show compassion (even in a world fueled by hate). Domino's the type of person who would never impose his beliefs upon others, thus he was even liked by Atheists, Pagans, and Anti-Christians. It was known that his actions were non-judgmental and genuine.

There was one girl in particular who'd follow him around in secret. She was his personal guardian whether Domino knew it or not. Since the day they bumped into each other en route to their classes, all she could think about were his deep blue eyes, his genuine smile, and the extension of his hand to lift her off the ground. Before their encounter, she felt alone and that no one liked her. No one gave her the time of day. To the rest of the school, Selena Cambridge was just a British foreigner on a student visa who wore all black and bore pale white skin. She felt different about Domino, and couldn't deny her chaotically biochemical reaction towards him. Her mind, body, and soul wer set on making him hers. However, she couldn't muster the courage to express her feelings towards him. Domino was always nice to her by waving back, smiling, and saying "hi." She didn't want to risk the chance of him rejecting her, so her feelings remained secret in the depths of her mind.

Elsewhere, a female friend of Domino sat under the spring sun enjoying her lunch. This was a bit of a contradiction, being as Itsuki Seto was a Vampire - Ice Demon hybrid. Luckily, the unique combination within Seto's DNA allowed her to satiate her blood cravings with red meat and her ability to manipulate ice kept her cool under the sun. As a result, she possessed the Day-walker strain. Her eclectic genetic information also allowed her to practice the Wiccan creed of doing as one desires, as long as none are harmed. However, this particular day would force her to break that specific rule. The blind prophet sat next to her and unraveled a prophecy.

"The Dark Bearer must die so humanity can be saved," said this unknown entity.

"The Dark Bearer? You mean, Domino?" she asked.

"Yes, you must find him and bite his neck."

"But, Domino is my friend. You can't expect me to kill someone I care about. You can't expect me to kill anyone at all."

"If you don't, humanity will fall and their blood will be on your hands. If you truly want to live by your belief, you must bite him," the prophet stated. Seto (now in tears because she could sense destruction if she doesn't heed his words) fell to the ground. Logically, she knows that Darkness is mostly used for harm, so it makes sense to loosen Domino of the mortal coil as a course of prevention. However, Domino aligns with God and follows the teachings of Christ by spreading love. She knows that he would never cause harm to others. In fact, his seemingly infinite compassion was why they're friends in the first place. After a long moment's thought, she understood what had to be done.

After school, Seto pulled Domino aside. "Domino, we need to talk."

"What is it, Seto?" Domino sensing pain and sorrow in her soul, "Is something wrong?" Seto grabbed his arm and led him to an isolated staircase where only the custodial staff go during normal school hours.

"I want you to know that you are one of the most kind-hearted, open-minded individuals I've encountered, Domino. I'm blessed to be your friend."

"I feel the same way about you, Seto. In fact, you're my best friend." Unaware of what's about to unfold, he thought his fear was getting the best of him, and that he would get the chance to have a relationship with the girl of his dreams. "You're the most amazing person I've ever been friends with. You possess so much love in your heart, even for someone like me. Seto, I'm glad to have met you!"

"I'm so sorry, Domino," she said with overbearing weight in her heart, "I'll miss you." She drew Domino close to her, kissed him on his forehead, then on the lips, and finally the neck. She exposed her fangs and pierced his carotid arteries to deliver her demonic virus throughout his body. Upon completion, she fled. In the distance, Selena witnessed Domino's murder and rushed to him. She watched as the light in Domino's eyes extinguished. Selena called for help, screaming over his corpse, and breaking down mentally.

Two weeks later, the school held a memorial service for Domino where everyone of different cultures came together and shared their stories of how Domino has impacted their lives. A plaque was erected upon the wall of those who've contributed towards benefiting the school and community. Later in the evening, Selena locked herself in her room. On her computer, she listened to every song he ever made, crying over the fact she would never see him again. In her drawer, she had a bottle of whiskey she snuck from her father's private bar and a few aspirin pills. She wanted to join him so bad, despite her believing religion is for people without individual thought. At this point, she humored the idea of a higher power existing as she downed aspirin and whiskey. Her exit plan was to cut her wrist. Because alcohol and aspirin are blood thinners, she knew it would be a quicker death. Just as she put the blade to her wrist, another entity appeared. This was the Beast himself. The Light-bearer, Usurper, most-unclean. Satan appeared to her and prevented the suicide attempt. In her despair, he offered her an answer. "There is a way to see Domino again."

"How? I watched him get murdered, and his life fade," she replied.

"Domino is an Immortal. He cannot die. He's simply comatose. There's more to him than you know. Your Knight is a bearer of Darkness. I can give you the ability to revive him."

"I'll do anything! Please, if there's a possibility of seeing him again, I'll do what it takes!"

"You must do two things for me. Put down the blade, and swear your allegiance to me." He further went on, "I will give you the ability to manipulate ice, fire, and darkness. With these powers, you can create your own domain on Earth and resurrect the one you love."

Inside, she knew there was a catch to this offer, but her love for Domino outweighed logic and instinct. In desperation, she accepted Lucifer's proposal. He performed a demonic ritual and gave her supernatural powers. From this point on, she would never age, succumb to disease, nor be held down to mortal limitations. This was the night Selena Cambridge became Pyropolarnite.

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