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Does the Word Government Mean Mind Control in Extra Terrestrial?

by Richard Van Steenberg 4 years ago in extraterrestrial

Govern = To Control : Ment = Mental = Mind

When looking at the possibility of Hetlau we have found the EARTH methodology and wormation effective tools in trying to understand what their ETA is designed to look and function like here on Earth. One of the easiest things to see yet most difficult to comprehend is the possibility of the concept of Mind Control. When EA hear that term they immediately think of the sci-fi image of beams of energy being projected into someones head to place them under mind control.

Mind Control Image

The possibility of mind control is actually a lot easier than it sounds. The problem is when the subject is non-complicit it can get quite messy. The first thing to see is using wormation where the word mind control appears on Earth. If we look at the word Government:GOVERNMENTGOVERN = TO CONTROLMENT = MENTAL = MINDGOVERNMENT = MIND CONTROLSo you can see how the possibility exists the word Government can easily be translated into mind control. The more difficult part is trying to understand how the possibility exists that the Government is mind controlling the public.The key is to first realize the possibility you can have two types of mind control.

  1. Active Mind Control
  2. Passive Mind Control
The possibility of active mind control is the one most people are familiar with. Slavery is probably the easiest example to give of it. The key to active mind control is force is going to be used to motivate the subject to comply with the desired demands. The subject is given two choices: either perform the desired tasks or face physical and/or psychological punishment which usually involves some sort of pain. The pain is usually enough motivation to control the subject's mind and/or decision making process and get them to perform the tasks without further resistance. Thus the subject is under active mind control. The possibility of passive mind control is much more subjective and difficult to discern. Basically, passive mind control uses physical or psychological methods to motivate the subject and there is usually pleasure, not pain, as a reward for completing desired demands. The reason it is so subjective is unlike active mind control, most times the subject is unaware they are completing any desired demands and therefore do not think they are under mind control.To see the possibility of mind control and how the government would be behind it, you have to look at a spectrum and measure everything from the ends of the spectrum. So if the ends of the spectrum are pain and pleasure you can then look at the options the Government gives you and see the possibility of the mind control realm. The possibility then exists that depending on how much the government wants to achieve, they employ a risk-reward strategy as to how much freedom they are willing to give the subjects in order to try to accomplish as many goals as possible. Note free subjects tend to accomplish more than imprisoned subjects. They feel the freedom is a form of pleasure and are willing to voluntarily accomplish more than subjects who are imprisoned either physically such as being in jail or psychologically such as being in more restrictive governments such as socialism or communism.The risk is that by giving the subjects too much freedom in order to achieve more goals, the subjects may just choose to do nothing as it's their right since they are free and/or they may decide they don't like their freedom for whatever reason and choose to revolt. So the government that risks more to achieve more may risk their system as well.Back to the spectrum concept. What it all boils down to is the possibility exists the subjects have two choices. They can live their lives under the social structure the government has provided for them and receive the benefits and/or pleasure depending on how they perceive it. An example of pleasure would be life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Fail to comply with the concept and risk imprisonment or death by use of force from the government which would be an example of pain.The possibility exists the only part the subjects (public) don't pick up on is the concept of their freedom is the passive portion of the mind control and as such they don't draw the connection of the use of force as the other side of the spectrum of the possibility of an active/passive mind control system being implemented right in front of them of which they are the subjects.The other concept that alludes them though not directly connected to the Government but still part of the possibility of the mind control scheme is the concept of free will. Most EA living in societies with governments who proclaim the subjects are free believe they have free will. What they don't understand is the concept of the extra terrestrial monkey in a cage.The extra terrestrial monkey in a cage concept uses the typical monkey you might find at a zoo. In the monkey's cage, in order to demonstrate the monkey has free will, they give him 196 bowls with different meals in them and allow the monkey to eat whichever bowl he wants. Then the zookeeper proclaims "see, the monkey has free will." Obviously to any EA the monkey does not have free will he is merely a pawn undergoing physical and psychological suffering as he is being held in a cage for the benefit of the zookeeper.

What the unsuspecting EA does not realize is that the possibility exists extra terrestrially that same analogous concept can be portrayed of the relationship between the EA and the ESH. Known as the extra terrestrial EA on a planet, if you place an EA on Earth and allow them a choice to travel to any one of the 196 countries on the planet, the ESH (Government) can declare "see, the EA has free will." What the EA doesn't realize is that Earth is a cage they are trapped on and the ESH are the zookeepers employing mind control via governments on Earth.Recent popular articles: Is Trump's Military Parade Extra Terrestrial Misdirection?Seth Shostak Extra Terrestrial Op-EdDid Extra Terrestrials Cause the Deadliest Accident in Aviation History?

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