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Disney Teasing Darth Revan For Possible Return Into Modern Canon

Could He Be Back Soon?

By Culture SlatePublished 3 years ago 3 min read

As I have said many times, Darth Revan is one of the greatest Jedi/Sith that has existed in Star Wars, and he is an absolute fan-favorite character. He is one of the characters fans have clamored to be put back into canon since the division between canon and Legends. Unfortunately, that meant that Darth Revan along with most characters and events from Knights of the Old Republic and the subsequent games in the series were thrown into Legends purgatory. However, Disney and Lucasfilm seem to be inching ever closer to giving us Darth Revan in canon, and we may have gotten our first real hint at that through The Rise of Skywalker.

One of the biggest twists in The Rise of Skywalker was the reveal that Darth Sidious had actually survived his fall down the reactor shaft and had returned to wreak havoc on the galaxy. In the movie, we see that he has actually been behind the rise of the First Order. He also created Supreme Leader Snoke and was manipulating him from behind the scenes. Later in the movie, we learn that Sith cultists on Exogul had been hard at work creating a new army of troopers and planet-destroying Star Destroyers, which the Emperor calls the Last Order. However, we now have new information in regards to this plan, which comes to us from The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary.

In the visual dictionary, each legion of the massive armada is labeled with a number and a name. The name is the important part, because attached to each legion is a name of Sith importance. Some of the names included are Andeddu, Tanis, Tenebrous, Phobos, Desolous, and Revan. This would be the first real mention of Revan in relation to the canon movies, and it would seemingly confirm that this canon version of Revan was at one point a great Sith Lord. However, that is the extent of knowledge the book gives about him. The book says that each name holds great significance, but it also says, “this history was hidden from the rest of the galaxy, only the Sith Eternal cultists know the significance of these names.” This could imply that perhaps no one in the Star Wars universe besides Sidious and the cultists has known about Revan and the others for many years. Of course, this could also just mean that they wanted to put a clever reference to a fan-favorite character.

While it does seem like fans will have to wait to get more from Darth Revan, there is still hope for him in the future. As fans know, there is a deleted scene of Darth Revan in the The Clone Wars cartoon where he speaks to The Son. This means that Dave Filoni wanted Revan in the show at some point. With how much success Dave Filoni has had with Star Wars in recent years and how much he has contributed to the new canon of Star Wars, I would not be surprised if we saw something from Revan in the future. Disney has also announced The Acolyte, which people speculate may follow a Sith at the end of the High Republic era, and since the High Republic looks to be the new Old Republic, there is the possibility that Revan may show up in it. It is a lot of speculation, and nothing with Darth Revan has even been remotely hinted at outside of the visual dictionary. However, Darth Revan is an incredibly popular character with a great story, so I don’t believe he will lurk just on the edge of canon for much longer.

Written By Alex Lenzini

Source(s): CBR

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