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Did A 'Star Wars' Comic Foreshadow Hayden Christensen's Return And Hint At Character Arc?

by Culture Slate 2 months ago in star wars

How Will He Appear?

It has been confirmed for a while now that Hayden Christiansen will be returning to his role as Anakin Skywalker in the upcoming Star Wars Disney+ show Ahsoka, alongside Rosario Dawson. Anakin Skywalker was deemed to be The Chosen One who was a central figure in a Jedi prophecy that would bring balance to the Force and destroy the Sith. The prophecy also said that The Chosen One would become the strongest Force-sensitive in the entire galaxy. It has long been a matter of debate as to exactly what bringing balance to the Force actually meant to the Star Wars universe and it has never been truly clarified.

Anakin Skywalker’s story came to an end on the second Death Star. As Darth Vader, his love for his son made him turn on his master, Emperor Palpatine, which both resulted in the death of Palpatine and completed his own redemption arc. With the Sith now defeated and Darth Vader turning from the Dark Side (thus bringing balance to the Force) Anakin became one with the Force and appeared before his son as a Force ghost along with the spirits of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Master Yoda.

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During The Clone Wars animated series, Anakin and Ahsoka had a strong bond beyond mere master and Padawan learner. How will this story develop in the upcoming Ahsoka series and what will Anakin’s story arc be? Given the time period that the Ahsoka show is in, it is logical to think that Anakin will either appear in flashbacks or as a Force ghost. A recent IDW comics mini-series Star Wars Adventures: Ghosts of Vader’s Castle may well have given us a clue as to where things might go.

Star Wars Adventures: Ghosts of Vader’s Castle mini-series starts off at Fortress Vader on Mustafar where Darth Vader’s old servant Vaneé is trying to resurrect his master through the Dark Side. He lures the heroes of the story to Mustafar in order to execute his plan. The final issue ends with some of the team making their escape through the Mustafarian smog by following the bright glow of a blue lightsaber which they believed was being wielded by another team member. It turned out that this was not the case. It was revealed that it was in fact the lightsaber of Anakin Skywalker’s Force ghost which had led the way.

Anakin Skywalker’s redemption was confirmed in Return of the Jedi when his Force ghost manifested in front of Luke. The Last Jedi revealed that Force ghosts can still manifest years after their death and can also manipulate the environment around them.

In Star Wars Adventures: The Ghosts of Vader’s Castle, Anakin Skywalker’s Force ghost very clearly showed up and allowed his lightsaber’s glow to be seen when it was needed. It also demonstrated that they can appear to anybody rather than just those who are strong in the Force, as had been hinted in the past. From the story here, Anakin Skywalker is redeeming the legacy of Darth Vader, now that he has shed the shackles of the Dark Side, by ensuring that nobody falls foul to his old servant.

This could well be a set up for the Ahsoka series on Disney+. The show may be going the direction of our seeing Anakin Skywalker as a Force ghost rather than in flashbacks scenes. It makes sense for Anakin’s Force ghost to manifest around his old friend Ahsoka and continue on the path that started in Star Wars Adventures: Ghosts of Vader’s Castle. He could use this opportunity to mend the fractured relationship that they ended with after their duel in Star Wars: Rebels, as well as rebuild their relationship and assist and guide her on the upcoming journey.

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Written By KT Glitz

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